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We The People Reunion

We The People Reunion

We the People Reunion event held in rural Kentucky over 9-11-21 drew thousands of people together to share truth among

Live the Love You Are

Live the Love You Are

My daughter, Kelly, was being confined and abused in an ignorant and corrupted mental hellth and criminal justice system, and

Deep Sleep

Covid “Deep Sleep” Delta

C’mon, man… really? Covid “Deep Sleep” Delta? Have you noticed that the more frantic New World Order perpeTraitors become the

Think About It

Think About It

Is Trump in or is he out? We-the-People know Trump was elected by a landslide, yet we allowed elections to

Being Authentic

Being Authentic

Spin the clock back before tv and imagine for a moment what it would be like to formulate your own

Make it Right...Write

Make it Right/Write

Religiously following leaders that we did not elect simply because their big government overreach extends into their media voice that

Eyes to See

My name is Cathy O’Brien. I did not know my own name when Intelligence insider Mark Phillips rescued my daughter

Learn to discern

PerpeTraitor Bill Bennett

Be Aware and Beware! Bill Bennett is currently sliming his way out of the Wash DC swamp into patriot circles.

Mask down and wake up

Face Facts

Let’s face it, China mastered controlling their population with masks long ago. Research and see for yourself. Masks used for

One Light of Truth Can Dissipate a World of Darkness

One Light of Truth

Positive change seems as slow to emerge as the awareness of truth that inspires it. Negative change appears to happen

Common Senses

Common Senses

It is common sense that our physical senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste and feel are sacred. Yet we have

Choice is Yours

We-the-People have been empowered, and it is up to u.s. to choose to live free. No one can take freedom

It's Not Over Til We Win

Arm Yourself With Truth

It is easier to believe we have been invaded by aliens or etherical demonic forces than it is to grasp

Revolution Evolution

What We Can Do

What can we do?  In order to reclaim national sovereignty, we must first reclaim our personal sovereignty.  Knowing our Election



  Waiting on Big Government to stop the Coup and stop the Steal of Elections is oxymoronic. PerpeTraitors of the

3 Red Banners

Are You Aware?

Forced deep in the Wash DC swamp with perpeTraitors under their MK Ultra mind control, I learned their inner operations

A Thousand Pieces Documentary Featuring Cathy O'Brien

A Thousand Pieces Project

Treason is NOT our “new normal” regardless of how the media masks and promotes it.  We-the-People rose above the spin

UnRig Elections

What an amazing time to be alive! I wish Mark was here to witness this #GreatAwakening with me, as we

Protect Our Children

Pedophile Agenda

Pedophiles thrive on the adrenaline of tortured children, while we are being socially engineered to accept their idea that “children

Rise Above

Above The Storm

The more you know, the more you see. The View from the Top is Bright! Having been forced into the

The Great Unmasking

The Great Unmasking

Masks are an obvious mind control device, and I am disturbed so many people are complying on a global scale.

Free At Last!

Free At Last!

Seeing the negative of my past turned into a positive that helps others is uplifting and empowering.  I know what

Take a Stand for Sports

Mind control is prevalent in all Major League sports, from baseball to the Olympics. Until we address this harsh reality,

Tri-Partisan Politicians Will Try Anything

Tri-Partisan Will TRY Anything!

How many Republicans have stood by u.s. and our sacred Constitutional values like our elected President has? How many old-school

Silenced Majority

Securing elections 2020 poses a challenge unlike anything our country has ever faced before. It requires waking up from mind

Clintons & Cloning

“When people learn what is behind aliens, cloning, and mind control, they’ll know what on earth is going on,” Mark

Rise and Shine!

Rise and Shine!

Time to Rise and Shine! It is up to each and every one of u.s. to rise – no one

Follow the Roots

Follow the Roots

This overview history of criminal infiltration barely scratches the surface on how deeply swamp roots of corruption have been planted

Dick Cheney UnMasked

Dick Cheney and torture are synonymous to me and to many others acquainted with his penchant for brutality. Whether Cheney

Purge Mind Control

Mind Control Unmasked

Mind control is a sliding scale, and therefore wears many masks. Many of u.s. are on to the reality that

New World Order's Youth

New World Order’s Youth

Masquerading as social protests, today’s violent riots are intended to traumatize our nation into compliance with Deep State/New World Order

Breathe and Heal


Are you feeling adverse effects of controlled media’s deliberate onslaught of lies and negativity? Give yourself Time to rejuvenate. Walk

Trust in Truth

Trust in Truth

Learning to Trust in Truth again was monumental to me in my healing process. It came naturally once I knew

Trump: One of US?

“Trump is not one of us,” my MK Ultra handler Alex Houston warned as he dropped me off inside the

U.N.due Influence

While my testimony regarding Reagan is absolute, it must be considered that George Bush, Sr. took control of Reagan’s Administrations

To The Future

2020 Vision

Mark always said, “You have to know where you’ve been to know where you’re going.” This statement is so profoundly


For Reasons of National Security

Under MK Ultra mind control, my daughter, Kelly, and I were forced against our will to work Deep State black

Fake News

Media’s War on Truth

Controlled media has been socially engineering this country ever since New World Order/Deep State began using it as their propaganda



Dick Cheney was a dreadful person.  Yet under MK Ultra mind control I had no capacity to think to dread.  Systematic torture and


Federal Bureau of In-TERROR-gation

“Why does the FBI protect Aquino?” the children’s signs read as they picketed the Marin Childcare Council with their parents,


MK Ultra Minion Mitt Romney

MK Ultra mind control knows no party lines!  Mitt Romney is another Manchurian Candidate marching to New World Orders in a

Plead the fifth

Plead The Fifth!

“No person… shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life,



From within the highest realms of Intel mind sciences, Mark aspired to positively affect both prison and mental health systems


It’s an outrage that Hillary Clinton has yet to be locked up for her crimes against humanity, which include human



The need to secure our borders has been a ‘National Emergency’ my whole life!  I was born into human trafficking and

Justice For All edited

Justice For All

It is time for We-the-People to restore Justice for ALL to our criminal justice system. Systematic erosion of our justice system has

integrity of memory edited

Integrity of Memory

Filling in blanks to connect the dots while writing out memory can result in jumping to the wrong conclusions.   Our

truth is simple

Truth is simple. Lies are complicated.

Lies deliberately intended to socially engineer our nation are complex and deeply rooted, and have been systematically planted into the

MK Ultra’s Deep State Roots

At a time when slander is promoted as free speech, I am grateful that the fine legal line I’ve had

Spook by it's cover edited

Perpe-Traitors and Their Deep State Roots

Vote this Historical Midterm election with free thought awareness. Step back from controlled media, contrived polls, and political rhetoric. Arm

Cathy2 edited

PTSDed! By Cathy O’Brien

Since Mark passed away September 6, I have been deliberately taking time to heal from the trauma of losing my best

Monument small

MonuMental Deep State Semantics

Truth unites.  Whether it is compartmentalization resultant from trauma in the human brain, or socially engineered divisions intended to divide and

Reagan's war edited

Reagan’s Star Wars

Reagan is iconic, and I am often questioned about my experiences with him that are detailed in TRANCE Formation of America and ACCESS

triggered edited

Triggered: NLP An Inside Perspective

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is the language of our subconscious and is a primary component of mind control and Psychological



Psychological Warfare is being waged against u.s. all in an effort to divide and conquer

crisis edited 2


Mark and I predicted today’s opiate addiction crisis over 2 decades ago.  No, we are not psychics ‘propheting’ from inside

inside swamp wars edited


The swamp is draining and it has leaks! Worse, lawless obstructionists continue to clog the drain with their unforeseen numbers

govern your own thoughts edited


Do you know what it takes to think free?  Or are you naturally lazy-brained as perceived by Global Elite/Shadow Government

More to free thought edited


When I woke up from decades of mind control, I was astounded to see how strong a hold social engineering