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Integrity of Memory

Filling in blanks to connect the dots while writing out memory can result in jumping to the wrong conclusions. 

 Our brains want the whole picture now, which is why artistic illusions trick our minds so well.  When it comes to retrieving repressed memory, compartmentalized or otherwise, be aware that in order to heal you must focus on what you know from experience.  

Only truth heals.

Integrity of Memory for PTSD Healing

1. Remove Distractions

Consider, too, that if memory is repressed from trauma, it leaves the conscious mind highly suggestible and easily led. Mark taught me to turn off tv, cell phones, and music while writing out memory in order to avoid intrusive outside input. 

It is far too easy for our lazy, suggestible brains to connect dots or gaps in memory with whatever input is available at the moment.

A powerful example may be that in an effort to identify an abuser, the suggestible mind gravitates to whoever is prevalent in the news at the moment.  This creates an artificial ‘me too’ that further disrupts the healing process rather than lighting the brain’s path to truth.  

"You must know your own truth in order to heal."

2. Heal Before Voicing Memories

You must know your own truth in order to heal.

And you must heal before voicing your memory.  Integrating compartmentalized memory into consciousness is the basis of integrity for voicing truth.  Integrate for integrity!

Time to Heal

It is actually faster to write out truth according to the otherwise classified methods described in PTSD: Time to Heal than it is to fill in the blanks with intrusion.  

Because this healing information has been deliberately suppressed for decades, our mental health communities and society as a whole are ignorant as to how our brains heal with truth.  

Now is our Time to reclaim these effective and proven healing methods, recall our own truth, and Heal without further distortion from controlled media capitalizing on ignorance.

3. Conscious Decisions About Subconscious

When a single PTSDed military veteran or MK Ultra victim of sexual abuse is deliberately programmed and triggered to further a political agenda, we all suffer media distortion away from true understanding.  It is imperative to recognize intrusions on subconscious suggestibility and the many sources from which they come.  

There are video games and movies, for example, that are deliberately designed to trigger violence that must be PURGEd from society.  If you are PTSDed, consciously choose what you expose your subconscious to in order to avoid adverse triggered response.

4. Focus Within

Focus within where truth is abSOULute.  Only true healing will incite necessary change in overcoming ignorant mental health and criminal justice systems that are archaic in recognizing or addressing PTSD and/or mind control.  

5. Take Your Time to Heal

Blurting out what you think you know before healing is a conditioned dissociative response from the need to hurry and say it before you forget again.  Instead, take your Time to Heal.  Allow disjointed bits and pieces to filter.  Truth never goes away, and Time is on your side.

6. All Memory is Significant

When I was deprogramming, Mark often emphasized not filling in blanks because, not only was my memory disjointed, I hadn’t been privy to the whole picture anyway.  I still have memory that has no meaning beyond my small role. Writing it out anyway proved to be very healing, and I learned to let go of trying to draw a big picture conclusion.  

7. Know Your Truth, Write What You Know

Once I freed myself from having to fill in the blanks to make sense of it like my lazy brain wanted, I focused on writing out everything that I did know, and subsequently regained self control over that otherwise vulnerable-to-trigger brain space.

Only when fully healed was I able to testify in court, withstand the kind of deliberate subconscious manipulation (NLP) attorneys use, and tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth—with integrity.

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PTSD: Time to Heal

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