truth is simple

Truth is simple. Lies are complicated.

Lies deliberately intended to socially engineer our nation are complex and deeply rooted, and have been systematically planted into the subconscious through controlled media and education systems for decades.  

Now we’re seeing results of this Deep State plan being triggered into action to overthrow our Constitutional sovereignty in favor of a globalist agenda that is rooted in the most heinous crimes against humanity this world has ever seen.  

Mass mind control, human trafficking, pedophilia, and paid violence are proliferating while elections are being stolen to further that criminal agenda.

Truth makes us free.  Knowledge is our defense against mind control, which is why truth has been systematically suppressed and distorted.  

Armed with truth, we are empowered to reclaim our personal and national sovereignty.  Truth is available to those who can think to embrace it.

Did you know…

NAFTA was rooted in open borders for ease of drug and human trafficking, both of which are primary funding mechanisms for the Deep State globalist agenda?  

CIA cocaine ops were referred to as ‘Clinton Coke Lines’ back when President George Bush Sr., his buddy Bill Clinton, and Mexico’s Vice President Salinas de Gortari colluded on NAFTA.  

Clinton Coke Lines spanned Haiti, the Caribbean, South America, Mexico, and the US. Numerous journalists were murdered in their determination to publicly expose it, including Danny Casolaro and Gary Webb.

Did you know…

Common Core, previously termed Global Education, was originally designed to “increase the children’s learning capacity while decreasing their ability to critically analyze” through MK Ultra mind control methods and harmonic technologies?  

Education Secretaries Lamar Alexander and Bill Bennett ushered it in while US Senator Robert C. Byrd (Appropriations) imposed dependence on Federal Funding into our school systems.

Did you know…

History has been rewritten in our education system?  

We all formulate our thoughts, opinions, and actions based on what we “know”- and our knowledge base has been deliberately altered.  With knowledge controlled and MK Ultra used in our school systems, our children are taught what to think rather than how to think.  

We now have several generations educated to trigger into conditioned emotional actions and reactions with no basis of reason or logic.

Did you know…

CIA’s motto ‘the best lies are rooted in truth’ was used to anchor the Deep State globalization agenda into innate human desire for world peace?  

Globalization, like many other words and history itself, has been deliberately redefined to divide and conquer rather than unite.

Did you know…

Global Ed/Common Core conflicts with true history’s monuments, which is why they are being torn down?

Did you know…

NAFTA criminal ops extended to Canada’s Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, who also supported MK Ultra’s Global Ed mind control technology in school systems?   

Mulroney was furthering former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau’s collusion with CIA/Catholic mind control ops.

Did you know…

MK Ultra mind control and Human Trafficking have been sanctioned by the highest levels of government my whole life, and I was born in 1957 ?!  

My father not only was granted immunity from prosecution for pedophilia and child pornography of me, he was awarded lucrative military contracts due to his relationship with then US Congressman, former President Gerald Ford.

Did you know…

Cardinal Law, of the infamous Catholic child abuse scandal emanating from Boston, Mass. trained pedophiles including my father on how to mind control abused children? 

Systematic abuse of children was prevalent within the Catholic Church due to collusion with the CIA to create robotic compliance for ushering in what George Bush and Adolph Hitler termed New World Order (now referred to as Deep State).  

When rampant abuse of children finally reached public attention, Cardinal Law was promoted to Rome due to Catholic complicity with globalization through mind control.

Did you know…

Hitler/Himler research determined that abuse of children prior to age 5, multi-generational incest, and trauma at any age, produce a prime basis for robotic MK Ultra mind control?

Did you know…

A slave society of robotic compliance is the primary goal of Deep State globalization through sanctioned pedophilia, human trafficking, and violence?

Did you know…

Sanctioning pedophilia, human trafficking, and mind control for ‘Reasons of National Security‘ redefined law and ultimately our whole justice system to support Deep State crimes, which includes ‘legally’ placing children with their abusers?

Did you know…

Former Michigan Governor George Romney, supported by US Senator Robert C. Byrd, was a strong proponent of individual and mass mind control in school systems?  

Romney was instrumental in promoting Mormonism for a ‘more high tech version’ of CIA/Catholic child abuses in order to have a recruiting ground for future MK Ultra “Manchurian Candidates”.

Did you know…

NAFTA was the first major step towards implementing this slave society globalization agenda?

Did you know…

NAFTA’s open borders were also a crucial move to appease local, state, and federal law enforcement’s outcry that drug runners and human traffickers caught crossing the border were systematically turned loose for “Reasons of National Security?”

Did you know…

These powerful truths have been censored since 1995 when National Security was invoked on Congressional testimony, now available in TRANCE Formation of America?

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TRANCE Formation of America

TRANCE Formation of America is the documented autobiography of a survivor of government mind control. Cathy O’Brien is the only vocal and recovered survivor of the Central Intelligence Agency’s MK-Ultra Project Monarch mind control operation.