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Your donations make it possible for Cathy to continue shining her light of truth. Additionally, donations help offset the cost of providing the PTSD Time to Heal eBook free for those who are unable to afford it. 

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A note from Cathy

While I am appalled at the money being raised in my name that I never receive, it is those who extend their con to offering advice that disturb me so deeply.  It is truth that makes us free, and my biggest challenge is securing integrity of information.

Not only are all of my books pirated and altered to fit political agendas, they are posted as free eBooks all over the internet high up on certain search engines.

Pirated altered content not only dilutes truth, it also hinders my finances.

Financial struggle has remained a way of life for me due to deliberately imposed undermining, stealing/pirating my source of income, and imposters masquerading as me stealing my voice. 

It is most disturbing when I hear from therapists and coaches who use altered books of my information as a basis for helping others. Since I am a fully healed vocal survivor who cannot be triggered to switch from the integrity of my truth, many therapists are incorporating the healing methods I used to reclaim self control and inner peace with their patients. 

Please help me ensure the integrity of information by referring any/all counselors directly to me/my site for truth!

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Thank you so much for supporting Cathy, and spreading her message in light of truth. Your help is pivotal, especially in these times of extreme censorship at all levels. You continually elevate Cathy’s voice to new audiences and help her overcome censorship. Together, our light can outshine any darkness!

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