Justice For All edited

Justice For All

It is time for We-the-People to restore Justice for ALL to our criminal justice system.

Systematic erosion of our justice system has been going on for decades while Deep State globalists cover up and perpetuate their black budget funding mechanisms of pedophilia, drugs, and human trafficking.  Every day I hear from numerous victims/survivors of traumatic abuse who survived the impossible only to be further victimized by the courts, oftentimes losing custody of the children they desperately seek to protect.

I know from a lifetime of experience how deep the roots of corruption run.

In the early 1960’s, my father was caught sending child pornography of me through the US mails. Yet he was granted immunity from prosecution due to his involvement with Shadow Government/Deep State politicians he knew from his Blue Masonic Lodge.

In the 1970’s and ’80’s, I witnessed how and where the Deep State was systematically sinking its criminal roots. Under MK Ultra mind control on a White House/Pentagon level, I worked black ops in Haiti, Mexico, and throughout the Caribbean under Madeleine Albright’s Organization of American States office. OAS was dedicated to opening US borders for the free flow of Clinton drug ops and human trafficking. Law enforcement was bound from making arrests by strategically placed complicit judges who sanctioned black ops for the Deep State.

In the early 1990’s, I began battling this corrupted justice system as I fought for my daughter’s freedom from the grip of Deep State human trafficking and MK Ultra mind control. Together, Mark Phillips and I blazed a path of truth so wide in our determined effort to obtain justice that the National Security Act was invoked on our case.

This is a “national security” that is threatening the security of our nation when it is invoked to cover up the most heinous crimes against humanity this world has ever seen.  National Security is only as effective as the integrity of those in control of it!  It has no place in our justice system where our children are concerned.

ACCESS DENIED For Reasons Of National Security details Mark’s and my journey through the criminal justice system.  It is a testament to the strength of the human spirit, the power of a mother’s love, and the depth to which Deep State roots reach and undermine our society.  A survivor of MK Ultra mind control myself, I had to fully heal in order to withstand the mind manipulation tactics of attorneys and so-called expert witnesses.  When FBI cover-up expert and ABC consultant Brad Garrett testified against my precious 10 year old daughter, he used every satanic hand signal and NLP trigger in the Deep State arsenal.   Since I was DEprogrammed rather than reprogrammed, Garrett’s mind control efforts did not trigger me.  Instead, I was motivated to speak before the TN State Legislature regarding the need for comprehensively addressing the reality of mind control in our courtrooms.

Understanding mind control helps to understand much of what we are seeing in society today- from irrational, violent behavior in our streets to mass shootings.  A look beyond the “trigger” can reveal who is pulling the strings on mind controlled shooters!  In the mean-time, our pre-rigged court systems are clogged with unsubstantiated, diversionary accusations against those of u.s. who are seeking Justice for ALL.

Victims/survivors testifying in court before reclaiming self control are oftentimes discredited due to whom or what they have yet to remember.  Without conscious awareness of their whole truth and nothing but the truth, their subconscious is easily led by those skilled in NLP such as attorneys and planted cover-up agents.

Despite having healed from within by using skills offered in PTSD: Time to Heal, my testimony was silenced for “Reasons of National Security” while FBI Brad Garrett freely covered up Deep State crimes against a child.  Garrett’s actions and agenda should be scrutinized before his word is taken as fact, whether it be covering a case as ABC consultant or in a courtroom testifying against a child.  Research for yourself to find how many Clinton scandals Garrett has covered, and ask yourself:  How many other Deep State ‘experts’ are manipulating minds and justice?  How many jurors have been subconsciously influenced by attorneys skilled in NLP, harmonic technology, and suppression of pertinent facts?  How many jurors are selected based on ignorance regarding rampant mind control?

You can research for yourself some of the most infamous court cases manipulated by controlled media coverage that eroded our justice system right before our blinded eyes.  Open your eyes to the fact that the reality of mind control must become an integral part of the equation in order that justice prevail.

Only when we pay attention to who/what is influencing our courts will we succeed in restoring Justice for ALL. Moreover. we must educate society on the effects of trauma on the human mind in order that the vast number of survivors coming forward can be heard in the light of truth.  Memory compartmentalization is an auto-response of the brain to trauma too horrible to comprehend.  By the time electro-chemical changes in the brain physically reopen neuron pathways, statutes of limitation have often run out.  Our brains need time to heal, which is a crucial factor in accuracy of memory recall that is being usurped by laws steeped in ignorance, obfuscation, and statutes of limitations.

It is up to all of u.s. who are now aware of these ongoing crimes against humanity to be mindful of Judges and District Attorneys on local, state, and federal levels to start holding them accountable for upholding Constitutional law, to monitor their actions and rulings, and to make our voices heard for the sake of those who are either too young or too traumatized to speak for themselves.  We must remove the criminals from our ‘criminal’ justice system, and restore Justice for ALL while we can still think to do so!