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What We Can Do

What can we do? 

In order to reclaim national sovereignty, we must first reclaim our personal sovereignty. 

Knowing our Election was blatantly stolen is uniting u.s. in purpose. So-called Democrats and Republicans alike are uniting to #StopTheSteal perpetrated by a handful of Deep State New World Order ‘Big Guys’. Divide and Conquer social engineering is dissipating in light of the powerful truth that we have been duped into compliance with a slave society.

Complicit Congressmen, Governors and Mayors are being exposed. Knowing that electronic voting machines have been rigged since their inception in the wake of the Kennedy Assassination when this coup first began sinking roots into the Wash DC swamp, all current politicians surely have some level of personal insight into this treasonous “normal”. 

It is up to We-the-People to restore election integrity from local levels on up through voter IDs and voting machines made by US rather than foreign entities who profit from the New World Order agenda.  We cannot sit idly by allowing “officials” who TOOK office to subsidize the burning of our cities while undermining our elected President. 

Congress works for US. We are not slaves to them. It is time we hold them accountable and reduce their ability to abuse their power.

We-the-People must establish their term limits and their pay scale by securely voting for those who give us voice and stand by our Constitution with integrity. These are logical concerns that should be campaign issues rather than the usual divisive emotional ‘causes’.  

Logic unites. Emotion divides. 

This fact also applies to our brains, which have been systematically locked down by divisive trauma, terror, and subsequent mind control masked as a virus. 

The reality of mind control is evidenced by the inability to think for our selves and take effective action against an obviously stolen election. 

What can we do? Instead of caving in and caving up waiting to be told what to do, it is time to logically expand thinking beyond media’s mind control.

Knowledge is our defense against mind control. Educate your self. Fact check for your self. 

Research beyond what Global Education/Common Core has asserted as ‘knowledge’ because that knowledge base has been deliberately altered. Logic has been replaced with emotion, from confusing gender in grade school to changing absolute math to illogical speculation. 

We have to know where we’ve been to know where we’re going, which is why history has been rewritten in our school system since 1984. My testimony for Congress regarding my experience under Education Secretaries Bill Bennet and Lamar Alexander who forced in New World Order education was censored by complicit perpeTraitors for so-called “Reasons of National Security.”

We now have generations in need of learning How to think—not What to think. Personal sovereignty must be reclaimed in order to expand thought beyond the program intended to usher in the globalist New World Order slave society.

If students had learned actual math, they would know socialism does not work. Hence the reason math was changed in education.

If true history were known, students would honor our sovereign nation’s Constitutional foundation of Freedom and Justice for all.

If students had been taught to research rather than rely on others to fact check for them, controlled media would not be getting away with perpetuating lies.

It is not that there are so many of u.s. consciously complicit with marching to New World Orders as it is that so many of u.s. have been deliberately conditioned to say and do as we are told. This is mass mind control.


Those of u.s. who are thinking free and are fed up with being forced to mask up like China and lock down so only a handful of Big Guys profit from our economy, need to reach out and lift others up into the light of truth to join the rEvolution. 

To do so, we must unite in purpose and collectively take off our masks so we can communicate again. Science proves masks do not determine who does or does not catch a virus. Masks only force us into compliance, muffle our voices, and generate fear.

6 feet away/6 feet under do-or-die programming is conditioning our children to fear each other and life itself. Innate fear of death has been replaced by fear of living through systematic mind control conditioning. 

Do your own math on virus statistics to real-eyes numbers are not adding up.  Logically and statistically our annual national death rate is normal, which clearly indicates all forms of death have simply been renamed Covid. Where is the flu? Pneumonia? Old age? 

Yes, the world was strategically hit with a virus like it is every election year. Remember SARS, bird flu, swine flu, etc.?  Viruses are a part of LIFE. Fear of death is humanity’s vulnerability that has been deliberately capitalized on for mass mind control that is being masked as a deadly virus. 

Fear is the primary basis of mind control. Truth frees us from fear, which is why truth is suppressed while facts are checked for us… especially as pertains to preventions and cures which have been available from the start.

Take a Deep Breath and return to freely Living your Life.  

Begin communicating the old fashioned way- beyond social media censorship and media control- face to face, eye to eye, heart to heart, soul to soul in our neighborhoods, communities, restaurants, schools, churches, and every other venue that has been taken from us under guise of a virus. Reclaim it all. Go back to your livelihood and open your business back up to human interaction. 

Become active in your community, unite to recall and impeach perpeTraitors, and make your voice heard in Wash DC

We Are All in “It” Together

Yes, we are all in “it” together—in this Life during this powerfully transitional Time in history.    

This is what we can do. This is OUR Time. 

Time to Reclaim personal sovereignty through reclaiming free thought and free speech.

Time to Reclaim our national sovereignty of Freedom and Justice for all.

Time to Reclaim our landslide victory and support the President We-the-People elected to support u.s.

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