Waiting on Big Government to stop the Coup and stop the Steal of Elections is oxymoronic.

PerpeTraitors of the Coup ARE Big Government who have slowly taken control of our personal and national sovereignty ever since the Kennedy Assassination. It is up to We-the-People to Undo the Coup and Stop the Steal of our Elections and freedom.

It is time we wake up to reality and take responsibility of our own lives. We elected by a landslide a President to represent We-the-People of the United States of America, and it is imperative that each and every one of u.s. make our voices heard and our vote count. Unmask your fearful compliance, unleash your mind, and take a deep breath-we are empowered!

Big Government PerpeTraitors of the ongoing Coup adhere to a New World Order agenda where a handful of ‘Big Guys’ own all the money while we do all the work. Their morality is so low that they assassinated one of the greatest American Presidents of all time, “investigated” and cleared themselves of the crime, and commenced mind controlling the population in the wake of the national trauma.

When trauma occurs, the mind becomes highly suggestible and easily led.  Knowledge is our defense against mind control. Consciously safeguard your free thought during these powerfully transitional times.

Don’t Be the Frog

I am strong spirited as evidenced by my resiliency in healing from my torturous MK Ultra mind control experience and by my continued determination to blow the whistle against all odds. While my spirit could not be possessed by the Deep State criminal faction of government, it was suppressed under their mind control. I know from experience that without free thought there is no free will soul expression. No capacity to express strength of spirit. It is our strength of spirit that perpeTraitors fear most, which is why they are hell bent on mind controlling us all.

Mark often compared mind control of the nation to slow boiling a frog. The frog doesn’t notice the increasing heat until it is too late to jump out of the hot water and save itself. As the #GreatAwakening gained momentum, perpeTraitors amplified their media voice to condition u.s. to simmer down, mask our fear, and take the heat.

Generations of thought control through altering our knowledge base in Global Education/Common Core was compounded by headline news intended to socially engineer the populace. Through the years, reporters exposing truth were either fired, “suicided”, or blatantly killed while the media became strategically controlled in order to control our information.

Mark and I spoke out on the New World Order silent coup, mind control, and healing from it for 30 years. We saw how truth was setting people free on a global scale. When awareness reached critical mass, perpeTraitors had to alter their game plan just to keep up with the #GreatAwakening.

Breaking the System

Deep inside the swamp among New World Order criminals, I gained inside knowledge into contrived polls and elections being rigged through electronic voting machines. This is detailed in my 1995 testimony for Congress TRANCE Formation of America along with Bush’s voiced plan to place Bill Clinton in the office of President when the American people became disillusioned with Republicans leading them into the New World Order. Bill was to be replaced by Bush Jr, who in turn was to be replaced with Hillary keeping it all in the family of dictators.

Yet people were still waking up. A national tragedy was needed to gain control of the population again and 911 occurred. With freedoms rapidly eroding, many of u.s. finally feeling the heat jumped from the pan into the fire. Obama TOOK office and Hillary was put on the back burner for ushering in the New World Order 2016.  

Enough of u.s. were thinking free by 2016 that, with the help of fed up insiders, the elections were literally unrigged for the first time since electronic voting machines were first introduced in the wake of the Kennedy Assassination. New World Order perpeTraitors were stunned at the will of the people as Hillary lost, and they became desperate to unseat our President that We-the-People freely elected. When their coup failed again and again, mind control was unleashed on the population masked as a virus while Law and Order was usurped by traumatic violence.

A Battle for Our Minds

We sheltered at home watching in horror as our President and our Constitutional values of Freedom and Justice for All were relentlessly attacked. By 2020 elections, New World Order perpeTraitors did not even try to hide their agenda anymore. They opted to go for broke.

Creepy Joe Biden was masked as a Presidential candidate to accomplish what Hillary could not for ushering in the New World Order. Confident that elections had been re-rigged as evidenced by the midterm fiasco, perpeTraitors locked u.s. down with mind control tactics while they openly “Battled for the Soul” of u.s. all.

I reiterate, without free thought there is no free will soul expression. NWO “Battle for the Soul” is a battle for our minds. 2020 elections are about far more than political candidates. Our personal and national sovereignty are at stake.

It’s Not Over Til We Win

Against all odds and rigged electronic voting machines, We-the-People voted in unprecedented numbers and broke the rigged electronic voting machine algorithm! We re-elected our President in a landslide victory, forcing  PerpeTraitors to desperately deploy every criminal tactic in their arsenal in an effort to blatantly steal this election.

We-the-People and our elected President are under psychological warfare attack by criminals who intend to win at all costs, just as they intended to win 2020 elections. We can no longer idly sit back and wait for our President to single-handedly save u.s. all from this vicious Big Government/Big Pharma/Big Tech New World Order coup. Law and Order and election integrity must be restored from local levels on up.

Armed with truth and united with strength of spirit, we all stand to #StopTheSteal and Undo the Coup. It really is up to u.s. this time. We need to support those on the inside who support u.s. and, as Mark always assured Kelly, “It’s not over til we win.”

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TRANCE Formation of America

TRANCE Formation of America is the documented autobiography of a survivor of government mind control. Cathy O’Brien is the only vocal and recovered survivor of the Central Intelligence Agency’s MK-Ultra Project Monarch mind control operation.