3 Red Banners

Are You Aware?

Forced deep in the Wash DC swamp with perpeTraitors under their MK Ultra mind control, I learned their inner operations and plans.  

Now that I have reclaimed free thought self-control through methods detailed in PTSD: Time to Heal, I clearly see how their New World Order coup is being orchestrated today through their global mind control agenda.

Knowledge is our defense against mind control, and it is midnight hour for us to arm ourselves with Truth that makes u.s. free!  Awareness is key to asserting strength of spirit in time to stop the steal of our personal and national sovereignty.

Are you Aware…
…that NWO perpeTraitors always have more than one reason for their strategic, calculated actions?  

Covid masks mind control as a virus, making us compliant with ‘do-or-die’ orders.  Masks depersonalize and stop communication while lockdowns devastate our economy for a global monetary ‘reset’ to socialism. 

Consider that Covid prohibited our established medical community and hospitals from treating “non-essential” illnesses and limited numbers of patients through social distancing under the guise of awaiting potential Covid patients. This financially devastated many private practices while paving the way for socialized medicine to fill the void. 

Are you Aware…
…Defunding our police while allowing rampant, violence to proliferate unchecked is designed to condition us to hopelessly accept that there is no Law and Order. 

Treasonous Traitors in the highest levels of government are hailed by the media over the voice of We-the-People, arrogantly counting on u.s. to comply with their lawlessness as conditioned. PerpeTraitors’ controlled media network is usurping our Constitution while asserting reinterpretation and/or eradication of our laws! 

Is it any wonder perpeTraitors arrogantly steal elections and expect u.s. to take a knee to their globalist agenda as conditioned?

Are you Aware… 
…that the New World Order being imposed on u.s. is structured to be a slave society where a handful of inhumane mind-controlling powermongers own all the money while you do all the work? 

3 red banners as displayed in the letter E of BIDEN’s logo indicate Chinese structure of socialism. PerpeTraitors are blatant-Look it up!

Without free thought there is no free will soul expression- no capacity to stand with strength of spirit against this invasion. THINK about it. Arm yourself with knowledge on MK Ultra mind control and take a stand for freedom.

Are you Aware… 
…that media’s ‘fact checkers’ who condescendingly redefine truth and laws intend to strategically erode our own logical thinking, critical analysis, research, and conclusions?  

New World Order media voice that feeds us Covid numbers have yet to report on those who have had Covid, healed, and are now immune.  When do our immune rates outnumber new cases, creating the balance we were born with all along? 

Would we notice a difference between Covid and other viruses if the media did not constantly feed us Covid numbers?  

Are you Aware…
…that a virus with a 99% recovery rate being treated by a vaccine with a 95% success rate does not add up? 

By removing logic from math equations, Common Core programs students to accept socialist control without any concept of economic ramifications.  Are Covid numbers being calculated in accordance with Common Core math, along with our election results?

Electronic voting machines have been rigged pre-Dominion as detailed in TRANCE Formation of America (1995), ACCESS DENIED For Reasons of National Security (2004), and even in PTSD: Time to Heal (2016). Many of today’s NWO perpeTraitors took office back when Diebold electronic voting machines were affiliated with Bush, Cheney and Halliburton.

PTSD: Time to Heal eBook
PTSD Time to Heal is a workbook written by Cathy O’Brien, based on the healing methods taught to her by Intelligence insider Mark Phillips.

We-the-People are Aware… 
…that we are the vast majority despite controlled media’s attempts to manipulate u.s. into believing their pedophile human trafficking Cabal is more than an inflated, strategically placed few. 

We-the-People are Aware…
…that we have free choice to take off our masks, freely breathe in sufficient oxygen to think clear, and rise above lockdowns in order to lock up criminals who steal our elections and children.

We-the-People are Aware…
…that we elected by a landslide a President who empowers u.s. to reclaim responsibility of our own lives free of Big Government, Big Pharma, and Big Tech usurping our sacred Constitutional values of freedom and justice for their personal gain.    

We-the-People are Aware…
…that rigged Dominion voting systems do not have Dominion over u.s.

…of elections
…of our children
…of our minds

We-the-People are Aware!

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