A Thousand Pieces Documentary Featuring Cathy O'Brien

A Thousand Pieces Project

Treason is NOT our “new normal” regardless of how the media masks and promotes it. 

We-the-People rose above the spin of media lies to clearly see our path forward in effectively taking back our great nation. We are the land of the Free and home of the Brave who refuse to allow the sale of our country to fund a handful of perversely greedy power mongers who slithered into control behind the ‘seen’ in the wake of the Kennedy Assassination.

A Thousand Pieces documentary project arms u.s. with the explicit details necessary to empower peaceful, lawful reclamation of our Constitutional sovereignty. I am so deeply encouraged by heroes leading our way back to Freedom and Justice for All-many of whom contributed to this powerful documentary-that I was inspired to publicly emerge for the first time since Mark’s passing to contribute my inside knowledge to this historical project.

Mark Phillips was working on the highest levels of intel mind sciences among scientists who had been brought into the US from Nazi Germany through Project Paperclip.  Mark was dedicated to preserving the integrity of free thought and was outraged to witness information on mind control being weaponized against humanity and taking root in American soil.

I had been born into a multigenerational incest-based family, which made me a target for this growing mind control project MK Ultra. Sanctioned by complicit politicians, CIA, and FBI, I was thrust into the Wash DC swamp as a “Presidential Model MK Ultra mind control slave” until 1988 when Mark rescued my daughter and me from perpeTraitors’ torturous, invisible grip.

As quickly as Mark saved my life, his life savings were criminally confiscated through then US Attorney General Dick Thornburgh and my owner in MK Ultra US Senator Robert C. Byrd.  Byrd’s office was strategically located in the FBI building for the purposes of covering up the silent New World Order coup that was gaining control in all facets of government.

FBI intimidation and interrogation commenced through their well-established channels of criminal operation, adding to our knowledge base of their inner workings that Mark and I both had gained from our individual experiences as detailed in ACCESS DENIED For Reasons Of National Security

Mark empowered me to reclaim free thought self-control using keys to mind brain function that he had gleaned from mind sciences, which are now available to all in PTSD: Time to Heal.  Healing from the inside out rather than from outside input re-connected me with my strength of spirit in time to survive the onslaught of FBI and CIA criminal tactics intended to silence me. 

Together, Mark and I dedicated 30 years to raising awareness on this New World Order global coup, their funding mechanism of drug and human trafficking, and mind control and healing from it.  We often pondered what it would take to dismantle this deeply rooted criminal operation, and I only wish Mark were here with me to witness this Great Awakening and brilliantly orchestrated reclamation of personal and national sovereignty. 

Mark often quipped, “wisdom outthinks a criminal mind” with full knowing that wisdom is synonymous with free thought and awareness is key to positive, necessary change. 

A Thousand Pieces documentary raises awareness and empowers u.s. with wisdom. 

It is up to u.s. to re-establish sacred Constitutional values of Freedom and Justice for ALL from local levels on up; stop human trafficking/harvesting of our children; remove global education mind control from our school system; unclog the swamp drain of inner-twined roots of inner-agency corruption; prosecute perpeTraitors for Treason; and vigilantly protect personal and national sovereignty through integrity of free thought.

Documentary Website: https://www.athousandpieces.com/
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ACCESS DENIED For Reasons of National Security

ACCESS DENIED For Reasons Of National Security details our journey of survival to become US Government Whistleblowers, and is a testament to the strength of the human spirit and power of love.