It's Not Over Til We Win

Arm Yourself With Truth

It is easier to believe we have been invaded by aliens or etherical demonic forces than it is to grasp the reality that any faction of humanity can be as purely evil as those hate filled perpeTraitors of the New World Order agenda.

MK Ultra mind control utilizes alien and demonic themes to divert from truth in order to tap into humanity’s innate fear that aliens and demons are beyond our realm to affect. Our autogenic brain responses, formulated by lifetimes of conditioning, automatically ‘freeze in fear’ of the unknown. It is in this moment that our minds become highly suggestible and easily led.

Divided We Fall

Since truth frees us from fear, truth is suppressed by a handful of perpeTraitors hellbent on controlling our minds by controlling out knowledge base. In order to take effective action against the imposed NWO agenda, we must be free to logically think and fact-check for ourselves.

With our knowledge base deliberately altered, censored, and suppressed for decades, our attention is easily diverted from the vile actions of perpeTraitors who TOOK office through rigged elections.

Divided we fall prey to their New World Order agenda where we do all the work while a handful of Big Guys keep all the money. It is a simple formula rooted in society for generations now. It is time we wake up to that reality, embrace truth that empowers us to action, and reclaim our personal and national sovereignty now while we can still think to do so.

Masked Mind Control

Mass mind control gained strength masked as a virus, tapping into people’s fears while forcing them into seclusion and silence. Media bombarded us with lies, social media censored us, and worst of all we fell prey to divisive mind control tactics.

What happened to our conversations on Hunter Biden, Clintons, Epstein, human trafficking/harvesting, pedophilia, adrenochrome, and imposed gender confusion in our school systems? Where is Weiner’s laptop?

Notice today how the only people speaking with each other in public are those not wearing masks. People speak freely eye to eye rather than from six feet away with muffled voices and strained ability to even identify each other beyond depersonalizing masks.

Why are we so afraid of a virus with a 99% survival rate? What happened to our ability to logically think beyond NWO Big Pharma/Big Tech’s imposed fear?

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Think Beyond Control

When I woke up after decades of MK Ultra mind control, I had no capacity to think for myself. I had only done exactly what I was told to do for so long that driving my own thoughts felt like they fell off into a black hole.

Mark Phillips, my hero who rescued me from the Wash DC swamp of human trafficking, empowered me to reclaim self control through methods he had gleaned from the highest levels of intel mind sciences. Once I deprogrammed what I’d been tortured to forget I still had to exercise my brain to think free as per methods in PTSD: Time to Heal.

Mark wisely handed me a key: Voice no negatives without a SOULution.

Think on that moment. This required me to expand my thought beyond what I had been conditioned to think. PerpeTraitors certainly did not intend for me to think beyond their control and imposed fears.

Free Thought: Their Greatest Fear

New World Order agenda is threatened by free thought as it empowers noncompliance and active resistance. This is why it is imperative that we arm ourselves and each other with Truth. Truth is we share this planet with purely evil self-centered power mongers who will stop at nothing to achieve control.

These perpeTraitors have been TAKING public office through rigged elections ever since the inception of electronic voting machines in the wake of the Kennedy Assassination. Pull back the proverbial wizard’s curtain to see it is only a small handful of perpeTraitors creating ‘elect’ronic illusions that they are a majority.  

Once in power, perpeTraitors utilize traumatic mind control tactics to generate a sense of helplessness while they traffic and harvest our children to fund their agenda against us.

Truth Endures

I know from experience that these dark perpeTraitors are not like us, do not like us, and do not think like us. They are limited in their thinking to a formula of control that is easily overcome by Truth. Wisdom outthinks a criminal mind every time, and wisdom comes through knowledge.

Now more than ever, we must arm ourselves and each other with Truth in order to effectively reclaim personal and national sovereignty.

of our minds,
of our children,
of our election,
of our lives.

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PTSD: Time to Heal

Whether your traumatic experience peaks the top of PTSD’s sliding scale the way Cathy’s Pentagon level MK Ultra mind control programming did; or is from the horrors of war; or even if it is simply resultant from socially engineered information control and fears, this book is for you.