Clintons & Cloning

Clintons & Cloning

“When people learn what is behind aliens, cloning, and mind control, they’ll know what on earth is going on,” Mark said.  “With truth comes understanding, hope and solutions… It’s still up to the people to do their due diligence and embrace the truth in order for necessary changes to occur.”

Cloning was accepted conversational knowledge among Deep State New World Order perpeTraitors who were in control of our country, our information, and my mind back in the 1980’s. My MK Ultra mind control victimization put me in key places at various times to be among the criminal cabal while they discussed plans of destruction and control over u.s. all. Most often these discussions occurred under the guise of August “Congressional Recess” when cameras were off of them.

Conversations heard at Bohemian Grove were traumatic to me, as were most discussions amongst George Bush, Bill Clinton, and Dick Cheney regarding cloning, artificial intelligence, and population control.  I also witnessed and experienced bizarre validations, many of which were accentuated through DARPA’s MK Ultra tactics.

There is no question that cloning was already in full application by the time the world was tossed a ‘palatable crumb’ of information with Dolly the Sheep, cloned in 1996.

Unspirited Conversations

It was my experience, as detailed in ACCESS DENIED For Reasons Of National Security, that George Bush and Bill Clinton were discussing a need to alter human genetics to keep up with Artificial Intelligence. George Bush adhered to the justification of sexually abusing a child during their formative years of brain development for MK Ultra mind control purposes.  Bill Clinton believed cloning was the answer, bypassing the resilient strength of the human spirit all together.

I know from my own MK Ultra mind control experience that without free thought there is no free will soul expression, no capacity to stand for moral values or live life’s purpose.  Once I reclaimed conscious awareness and self-control through methods detailed in PTSD: Time to Heal, I regained my soul expression. Strength of the human spirit is resilient!  It allowed for me to heal from the unthinkable.

Discussions between Bush and Clinton toward achieving the same New World Order robotic slave society goal through suppression or elimination of the human spirit have reverberating ramifications both morally and scientifically. This should raise questions as to the correlation between DARPA, AI, human trafficking/harvesting, and cloning.

It’s time we dealt with such issues straight on. Discussions I am referring to occurred in the 1980’s! Intel insider Mark Phillips and I began speaking out on these issues over 30 years ago. Inside knowledge I have from my limited experience is archaic considering technological advancements since then.

Superstition begins where knowledge leaves off, and it amazes me how quick people are to jump to fearful conclusions before expanding thought.

Identify Agendas

I often hear from people intending to console me that Deep State New World Order perpeTraitors like Bill and Hillary Clinton, Michael Aquino, George Bush, etc. are all “just clones” now.  Whether they are alive, dead, or in between is not even the point when their dark NWO agenda to traffic/harvest children continues.

Consider, too, that appearances change for more reasons than “clones”, including the probability of body doubles. Mark always said that superstition begins where knowledge leaves off, and it amazes me how quick people are to jump to fearful conclusions before expanding thought.

Think for a moment how appearance can change when stressed, angry, happy, with or without makeup, through weight gain or loss, while suffering addiction withdrawal, etc.

“Just a clone” is akin to a get-out-of-jail free card or a way to appease the need for u.s. to stay vigilant and demand justice be restored to our infiltrated system.

Focus on SOULutions

I do not live in a victim mentality of seeking revenge. Abusers already took too much of my time, and now that I am free to live with strength of spirit, I am focused souly on raising awareness to inspire positive, necessary change.

We-the-People must embrace truth and take a stand for the children’s sake.

It is going to require a united focus and effort to effectively dismantle this deeply rooted global funding mechanism of human trafficking/harvesting and re-establish justice to prosecute those who continue to perpetrate these crimes against humanity. Once we eradicate this New World Order funding mechanism, the swamp will drain.

As the swamp drains, the fog clouding our vision and minds will clear. This battle to suppress and eliminate the human spirit began with mind control before it expanded to cloning.

Free thought is sacred.

Stay vigilant.

United with free thought strength of spirit, we can then effectively address the issue of cloning and AI while we can still think to do so.

ACCESS DENIED For Reasons of National Security

ACCESS DENIED For Reasons Of National Security details our journey of survival to become US Government Whistleblowers, and is a testament to the strength of the human spirit and power of love. 

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