Silenced Majority

Securing elections 2020 poses a challenge unlike anything our country has ever faced before. It requires waking up from mind control’s fearful compliance that gripped our nation masked as COVID-19. 

Controlled Medias have already rigged elections with strategic censorship of truth while promoting trauma, fear, and violent destruction to drive their globalist agenda deep into the subconscious. This Deep State New World Order strategy is not new, although it has intensified deliberate controls over our knowledge base.

Knowledge is our defense against mind control, which is among the reasons why Truth is heavily censored, and history was rewritten in our education system.

Democracy Unrigged

The only way to “un-rig elections 2020” is to WAKE UP in light of Truth!

We-the-People unrigged elections 2016 sufficiently to reclaim our personal and national sovereignty from the clutches of Deep State New World Order perpeTraitors who had nearly fulfilled their globalist agenda.

Hillary Clinton was to claim the office of President as detailed in my 1995 testimony, which was censored under National Security, TRANCE Formation of America.

I was in Wash DC among perpeTraitors as a “Presidential Model” MK Ultra mind control slave who had been tortured and programmed to carry out their bidding. It was my experience that political perpeTraitors never worried about elections, fully confident in their power through controlled media, contrived polls, and rigged elections. They successfully operated this way undetected until 2016.

Paradigms shifted when We-the-People elected a President who promised to return our country to u.s. free of globalist control. Promises were kept and We-the-People were empowered.

Remember how we rallied in celebration of winning back our freedoms, jobs, and choice in education?

Remember how we took responsibility for our own lives, bodies, and minds without mandates?

Remember how we used to see each other in grocery stores and smile, or maybe pause to share a few words, discuss sports or politics?

Remember how progress was being made for the first time in decades to dismantle the horrific New World Order funding mechanism of human trafficking/harvesting?

Diverting Focus

Without drug and human trafficking, perpeTraitors began suffering withdrawals from their addiction to power and turned to other means of regaining control over populations. After all, We-the-People are onto their old ways of manipulating elections and setting the stage for future control through the education system.

It became “essential” that PerpeTraitors regain control over the minds of the population, so every weapon in their psy-ops arsenal was deployed against u.s.

In classic Deep State New World Order projection reversal, perpeTraitors diverted focus off their crimes by starting a misnomer that “Trump is hated”. Every time their crimes were exposed, media attention was deliberately diverted back to “Trump Hate”.

Mind control knows no logic.  Minions conditioned by Global Education and brainwashed by media were strategically and deliberately triggered by “hate” to violently take to the streets with no concept of why.  “Trump Hate” is a politically contrived diversion intended to trigger violence, generate fear, and create the illusion that Trump supporters are shamefully outnumbered.

Remember how we took responsibility for our own lives, bodies, and minds without mandates?

Violence By Another Name

It is no secret among perpeTraitors that their ultimate psy-ops WMD is MK Ultra “do or die” mind control programming, and this weapon, too, was deployed. While populations “sheltered in place” from a virus and were told whose lives mattered, all medias including social media began redefining our words to control our thoughts.

Violence was termed the new “free speech” and Riots were termed “peaceful protests”.  All the while, controlled media dictated our knowledge base through extreme bias to the point of censoring of our elected President while only giving voice to insurgents.

“Take a Knee” subconsciously undermind our ability to “Take a Stand”.  Violent images played out day after day of freethinking conservatives being beaten, killed, and robbed with no visible repercussion. Our heroic police and first responders were assaulted, defunded, and ridiculed, while Deep State politicians perpetuated our demise by sanctioning violent destruction and selling out our sacred Constitution.

With our justice system overrun, We-the-People had nowhere to turn but to each other… from 6 feet away with muffled voices. 

Perceived “Do or Die” mandates gave mind control its grip, and media spun the narrative censoring Truth and potential scientific cures.

The “latest death toll polls” regarding “the virus” kept us glued to our tvs while contrived polls subconsciously gained our confidence again. The best lies are rooted in truth, and there really was a virus on the loose like there is every flu season-especially in election years.

Conditioned for months to be too frightened to venture out to vote, mass mail in ballots with no voter ID were intended to set and secure the stage for rigged elections.

Think Free, Live Free

Securing elections again begins within each and every one of u.s.  It takes free thought to gather our strength of spirit and take a stand for freedom, lighting the path for others to Wake Up and reclaim their voice.

Telling someone that they are under mind control is not enough to awaken them- they must be shown. Logic is key. Research beyond media narrative for facts. Think, speak, live, and breathe freely-BE an example of truth’s freedom!  

Our President has repeatedly shown us how to think and live free beyond political rhetoric and mere words that have been manipulated and redefined for control. Words like “peaceful protest” are logically and legally defined to empower- not destroy- u.s. as shown here: 

It is imperative that we real-eyes how our minds have been manipulated in order to break free of Deep State New World Order mind control’s oppressive hold. New World Orders are not our “new normal” as we are repeatedly told. Truth frees us from fear.  Know the facts. Reclaim words. Reclaim thoughts. Reclaim your voice. 

Our lives truly do depend upon our Waking Up from mind control’s grip in time to secure elections 2020. Only then can we, the Silenced Majority, make our voices heard again like we did 2016. 

TRANCE Formation of America

TRANCE Formation of America is the documented autobiography of a survivor of government mind control. Cathy O’Brien is the only vocal and recovered survivor of the Central Intelligence Agency’s MK-Ultra Project Monarch mind control operation.

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