Tri-Partisan Politicians Will Try Anything

Tri-Partisan Will TRY Anything!

How many Republicans have stood by u.s. and our sacred Constitutional values like our elected President has? How many old-school Democrats are among the Silenced Majority?

How many of Trump’s inner circle/Cabinet have been Locked Up without Just cause while We-the-People have been Locked Down?

Who does controlled media kneel to and give voice to? For what agenda?

Hide and Seek

The New World Order agenda knows no party lines, constantly masking its globalist/socialist/Marxist agenda under different disguises to divert and dilute attention from their true agenda.

Although they are the same small handful of criminals hiding behind a wizard’s curtain of illusions, they command all the control and demand all the money.

PerpeTraitors are Tri-Partisan- they will Try anything to regain control over the minds of the populace to create their slave society. Anything. From pedophilia, human trafficking, torture, and human harvesting to brainwashing our children in school to march to their New World Orders.

This has gone on so long undetected that we have generations of students programmed to their agenda, which is exactly what we are seeing in society today.

The New World Order agenda knows no party lines.

Question What You See

Why are we seeing it now? Because We-the-People became aware that controlled media, contrived polls, and rigged elections were dictating our lives, so we made our voices heard 2016. We elected a President who promised to represent u.s. and drain the globalist swamp.

Promises were kept. Now the swamp is draining, and we are seeing what has been lurking in the murk for decades; from mayors, governors, judges, and self-appointed ancient political relics to global dictators who spend all our money to control us.

This corruption is nothing new, though it may be ‘new’ to you. How many times have voices like mine, determined to bring truth to light at all costs, been censored for so-called “Reasons of National Security”?

Mark Phillips and I began blowing the whistle on this New World Order mind control agenda in 1988, and we were not alone in our effort. The Silenced Majority is massive, far outnumbering swamp creatures who have been destroying our nation from the inside out.

Identifiable Intentions

PerpeTraitors who have brainwashed, trafficked, and harvested our children for their mind control agenda are now being exposed. These powerfully transitional times are about far more than politics, yet it is through our electoral process that we can exercise our voice.

We must rise from our imposed slumber and take a stand against these insurgents. Learn to see beyond their many disguises to their true agenda. Follow the money into their roots of corruption in order to secure elections 2020.

Demanding voter IDs will help identify them, because they know they cannot slime their way into office through legitimate elections. See which candidates oppose secure voting. Identify which candidates undermine Justice in favor of pedophiles and cover for human traffickers.

Open borders allowed for the New World Order funding mechanism of drug and human trafficking/harvesting to proliferate for decades. Their trail of corruption is entrenched so deep it is obvious to anyone who dares to know truth.  

Be aware that swamp creatures have infiltrated our justice system to protect their own from local levels on up. Strategically placed District Attorneys and complicit Judges notoriously turn criminals loose- including pedophiles, traffickers, and violent terrorists- while locking up citizens who refuse to mask their identity as mandated.

Our US Justice Department and agencies on up to the Supreme Court have been stacked with New World Order perpeTraitors, which is why we have yet to see notorious criminals like Hillary Clinton locked up.

Secure Your Vote

We must open our eyes to reality, gather our strength of spirit, and learn to discern who Tri-Partisan perpeTraitors really are before they Try to slime their way into positions of political control again 2020. These Tri-Partisan politicians slipped in unnoticed during mid-terms, and we had better wise up for 2020 elections.

Swamp creatures wear many disguises, and often say just the thing we want to hear in order to gain our trust. Think pervert with a lollipop- that is their style. And they are going to try to take u.s. for a ride straight into their New World Order swamp.

Tri-Partisan swamp creatures will stop at nothing to stop our elected President from draining their swamp and from giving We-the-People control of our country and lives again.

Learn to discern. Unmask their disguises. Reclaim Identity in elections. Secure your Vote. And this time when We-the-People elect our President to represent and empower u.s., stay vigilant and take responsibility for your own lives in light of truths we now know…for our children’s sake.

Because perpeTraitors will Try again.

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