Rise and Shine!

Rise and Shine!

Time to Rise and Shine! It is up to each and every one of u.s. to rise – no one else can Wake Up for us.

Alarms have been ringing, yet many are hitting the proverbial snooze button and reaching for their sleep mask rather than rise. 

Time is running out, because the longer we succumb to darkness and sleep through it, the more entrenched New World Order controls become until night turns to daze.

 A handful of perpeTraitors hellbent on regaining controls lost in 2016 are turning the American Dream into a total nightmare while we sleep from strategic social engineering. 

This social engineering plan took root in America through Project Paperclip, gained grip with the Kennedy Assassination, infiltrated all facets of society, and is now frantically increasing intensity in a last ditch effort to overshadow those of us already awake, aware, and uniting in light of truth.

Altered States

Knowledge is our defense against social engineering, which is why our knowledge base is systematically being altered for total mind control of the population.

Whether it is mainstream media or social media, the narrative is currently under total control in order to censor truth from empowering we-the-people. Lies we are fed are shaping social views while traumatic images drive in their point through bypassing logical critical analysis with fear.

Fear is immobilizing.

People living hand to mouth, working hard to feed their families, have little time to expand their thought beyond the mainstream narrative. What little “news” they may hear or see in headlines is all about The Virus.  Our attention is being deliberately diverted from the reality of progress made in dismantling the New World Order’s horrific funding mechanisms of drug and human trafficking.

The swamp is draining!

We-the-people are winning despite constant negative narrative.  Truth’s simplicity is a higher view, above the Storm.

Social media allowed for us to converse, paving the way for our united voice to be heard over contrived polls and rigged elections.

We heard Trump’s promises, which were kept, empowering we-the-people to accelerate our nation fast forward. So fast, in fact, that those who lost control screamed in horror, and tossed aside their proverbial color books to take total control of social media’s narrative in an effort to stifle our voices.

Still we prevailed, always finding a way to say what needed to be said. Sometimes coded. Sometimes full on.

"Voice no negatives without a Solution."

Masking Truth & Freedom

Our united voices were far louder than social engineering, so the next plan was implemented to keep us from conversing. “Wear a mask and stay 6 feet apart all times”.

Voices were muffled and people divided unlike anything the world has ever seen. Over fear of a virus? Or fear of securing elections with visible identity?  Or is it simply fear of a population regaining self-control and breaking free of social engineering’s mind control?

While groups of militant radicals burn our nation’s history unchecked in their handlers’ effort to control our future, all areas where we-the-people congregate are being systematically closed- from churches and bars to parks and rallies.

Every step of the way our voices are being divided and muffled to prevent united efforts for effectively removing subversive mayors, governors, district attorneys, and politicians who undermine our sacred Constitutional values.

In classic New World Order projection/reversal, perceptions are formed to make numbers of we-the-people appear small. In reality, it is the perpeTraitors hellbent on destroying our freedoms that are only a small handful who are exercising strategic control over all media to amplify their own voices and create the illusion of power.

Contrived polls are designed to make u.s. feel outnumbered, while media’s violent attacks on patriots and heroic first responders create illusions that perpeTraitors have free reign to enforce their New World Order agenda.

Additionally, words are being changed to alter thoughts driving them. It is a powerful form of mind control that is redefining our lives if we allow it to continue.

Think about it.

Think free.

Speak free.

TRANCE Formation of America, released in 1995 when National Security was invoked on my testimony, outlines the agenda playing out today. Intel insider Mark Phillips and I gave our all to sound the alarm in an effort to prevent the undermining of our great nation and preserve the sanctity of free thought.

Since Mark’s life was interrupted in 2017, I honor his legacy by sharing the antidote to mind control and social engineering that he taught me gleaned from the highest levels of intel mind sciences in PTSD: Time to Heal.

Mark knew we all would need these empowering truths in order to effectively rise and emerge from imposed slumber.

Dismantle Social Engineering

If Mark were here today, we all could benefit from his empowering wisdom. Wisdom such as explaining how “the best lies are rooted in truth” in keeping with social engineering techniques. Consider, for example, the very term “social engineering”. “Social” connotes unity, as though we are being engineered for peace and freedom.

Instead, it is a plan to divide that hides behind our compliant acceptance of our definition of “social”. This “truth” feels so familiar that we fail to expand our perception into what is actually being done to systematically divide and conquer society for enslavement to a New World Order where a handful of wealthy tyrants own us all.

That is the plan.

It is about money and power being implemented by a handful of inhumane global perpeTraitors who are not like us.

Because perpeTraitors are not like us, it is easy for them to hide behind name-change illusion akin to whack-a-mole.

We identify them here, and they pop up over there wearing a new disguise from Democrats masquerading as Republicans to pedophiles masquerading as charity workers.  Insurgents mask their identities, while citizens mask their fears.

Freedom becomes forfeited to a handful of perpeTraitors telling us whose lives matter. Clearly it is only their own lives that matter to them.

No Time to Lose

As Mark would wisely advise, “Voice no negatives without a Solution.”

The solution is simple: Knowledge is our defense against social engineering and mind control. Yet implementing that solution by raising awareness when communications are muffled, and truth is suppressed poses a challenge.

Consider that Mark and I began blowing the whistle on this New World Order social-ist engineering agenda complete with proofs since the late 80s and people are only now beginning to wake up.

We have no more time to lose. Wake up and embrace a bright New Day in light of truth! It is time we All Rise and take a stand for personal and national sovereignty while we can still think to do so!

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TRANCE Formation of America

TRANCE Formation of America is the documented autobiography of a survivor of government mind control. Cathy O’Brien is the only vocal and recovered survivor of the Central Intelligence Agency’s MK-Ultra Project Monarch mind control operation.