Being Authentic

Being Authentic

Spin the clock back before tv and imagine for a moment what it would be like to formulate your own thoughts free of outside intrusion.

Melt away all social engineering and start with a blank slate- a fresh new day wide open to possibility in light of free thought.

I actually experienced this soul rejuvenating opportunity after deprogramming decades of scientifically structured MK Ultra mind control. After writing out instilled programming, my brain was free of imposed clutter and open to direction from within. It was up to me to choose my own thoughts and which information I would allow into my brain.

After following orders as programmed throughout my tortured existence, thinking for myself required that I train my brain to fire at will rather than wait for outside instruction. I knew it was within me to drive my own thoughts just as it was within me to heal and reclaim self control, yet it demanded determination and patience as I exercised my brain to think free.

With free thought came the opportunity to see outside myself and look around me. People who had not experienced MK Ultra mind control and therefore did not understand components of this invisible menace seemed to take their free thought for granted. They were not exercising their brain, expanding thought beyond their routine moment, and were failing to safeguard the sanctity of their innate right to freedom.

Why do People do That?

I noticed people argued about things that had no meaning such as who left the toilet seat up or left the light on. How long does it take to open or close a lid or flip a switch? Not as long as it takes to accuse someone and start an argument. 

“Why do people do that?” I wondered.

Is it because they have not experienced a torturous existence where such things are actually so trivial they are not even in an equation for argument?

Or is it because they are not being authentic in what is really upsetting their inner peace?

It certainly was not for me to judge.  I was just learning how to see beyond my self as I exercised my brain to formulate my own thoughts.  By choosing my own thoughts, I could choose my own actions.  I quickly chose to be authentic and voice my thoughts accordingly.

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How Puppets Learn to Dance

In my deprogramming process, I had many shattered fragments and ‘dust pieces’ of programming that would sneak in to clutter my thoughts or undermind my determination to be authentic. I exercised my brain to override these intrusions by double-checking to ensure my voiced thoughts and actions remained true-to-soul.  My choice.  Free thought is sacred and must be vigilantly safe-guarded allways.

I began to notice that people around me were responding to social engineering intrusion the same way I was experiencing those ‘dust pieces’. This caused me to realize mind control’s sliding scale. What I had experienced was so extreme it was easy to discern and separate imposed program from being authentic. It appeared social engineering was inner-twined with every day life, and people were mindlessly parroting what media, music, video games, and so-called education was telling them to think, say, and do.  

Since my experience in MK Ultra put me in proximity to self-appointed global leaders hellbent on implementing a slave society, I knew of their intention to divide the population much the same way my brain had been divided in MK Ultra mind control.

With compartmentalization of information comes no capacity for free thought communication, effective utilization of knowledge, or continuity of free will soul expression. Ultimately this division resulted in people being compliant and more easily led away from their authentic self.

Since people were already arguing about toilet seats and light switches, it was easy to lead them to blame each other for other diversionary nonsense. 

Racial division? By focusing on skin color, we cannot see beyond the surface to who we really are authentically.

Gender division? By dividing people by gender, love’s natural procreation is disrupted- especially when gender confusion is added to the mix.  

Political division? Who is Right and who is Left behind when the real question should be why are we following leaders who are not being authentic?

Why did we stop being authentic ourselves? Indeed, mind control is a sliding scale whereby any disruption of free thought hinders our ability to be authentic. Mind control inhibits our ability to see beyond the surface of our own moment to care to reach out to others.

We have been conditioned to snap judge with no compassion, accusing others of flipping the light switch when it is within us all to reach out and flip the switch ourselves.

With free thought, the choice is clear. We are in control of our own light.  It comes with being authentic.

PTSD: Time to Heal

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