Federal Bureau of In-TERROR-gation

“Why does the FBI protect Aquino?” the children’s signs read as they picketed the Marin Childcare Council with their parents, reporters, attorneys, and concerned members of their community. 

Active Cover Ups

Records prove that the FBI had been actively covering up claims filed against US Army Lt. Col. Michael Aquino for sexual and ritual abuse of children since at least August 1987. He is still free today. Parents reported FBI interrogation tactics used on their children in the course of ‘investigation’ further traumatized them into silence. Blatant cover-up tactics compounded traumatic effects already suffered by the children abused in what was termed the Presidio Daycare scandal. 

In February 1993, Mark and I were brought in to speak to the community of Marin County, California.  Word had spread that Mark and I had insight and answers from our own experience, and the vast numbers of traumatized and outraged people who gathered to hear us speak spilled out of the building and into the streets.  

We had all endured the same FBI cover-up and containment tactics ranging from FBI reports strategically redacted to distort our statements to FBI “catch net operations” within the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Mark and I had been plagued with FBI cover-up, intimidation, and interrorgation since 1989 when we began turning in details on MK Ultra mind control and related crimes committed at the highest levels of government.  Falsified FBI reports reverberate throughout an array of law enforcement agencies structured to rely on those reports in their own investigations.  

This practice further secured the silent coup that infested our country through information control at least since the Kennedy Assassination.  My primary MK Ultra mind control programmer was Lt. Col. Michael Aquino, who wielded more power for who he knew rather than forwhat he purported to know.

Temple of The Set

Aquino is the founder of the occult Temple of Set that proliferated on US military bases as a facilitator for trauma based MK Ultra mind control. As a graduate of the ‘war college’ Psychological Warfare Division, Aquino marched to New World Orders of the Shadow Government/Deep State perpeTraitors including Bill and Hillary Clinton, Dick Cheney, George Bush Sr., and US Senator Robert C. Byrd.  Since his penchant for trauma based mind control was rooted in a global agenda, Aquino’s reign of terror extended into Mexico, Canada, the Caribbean, and anywhere Catholicism was abundant.

Retaliation & Superstition

Retaliation against anyone daring to identify Aquino for his crimes against humanity is notorious.  Even US Army Criminal Investigation Division Agent Jim Dibble, who is reputed for his bold involvement in Noriega’s arrest, voiced concern for Mark’s and my safety for calling out Aquino. 

Superstition begins where knowledge leaves off.  We had intelligence, insight, documents, and SOULutions to unmask Aquino’s charade of occult terror.  We shared these facts with the concerned citizens of Marin County in our common determination to overcome cover-up and expose Aquino’s pedophilic crimes, including those he perpetrated on my own daughter.  

The Way Forward

Mark Phillips, being a man of extraordinary character, integrity, ability, and a champion of justice, tolerated no less in anyone else. Especially among those in the FBI. Though Mark is no longer with us, the foundation he laid demands to be built upon.

It is time the children’s signs be taken seriously and the FBI be held accountable for its coercive interrogation, intimidation, and cover-up tactics designed to further the Deep State agenda.  Drain the swamp! Expose FBI Deep State roots!

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TRANCE Formation of America

TRANCE Formation of America is the documented autobiography of a survivor of government mind control. Cathy O’Brien is the only vocal and recovered survivor of the Central Intelligence Agency’s MK-Ultra Project Monarch mind control operation.