Dick Cheney UnMasked

Dick Cheney and torture are synonymous to me and to many others acquainted with his penchant for brutality.

Whether Cheney was acting in the capacity of my MK Ultra mind control “commander”, perpetuating war as Secretary of Defense, dominating politics as White House Chief of Staff and House Minority Whip, running drug and human trafficking black ops from his Pentagon Office, selling our country out under guise of Vice President while pulling Bush, Jr’s strings for Poppy Bush’s ‘New World Order’, promoting ‘justifications’ for waterboarding and torture, or shooting his friend in the face, Dick Cheney’s history is filled with brutality to say the least.

My introduction to Cheney was in the summer of 1975 at his Greybull, Wyoming hunting lodge where he was indulging in his favorite sport of human hunting.

This military training exercise, referred to as A Most Dangerous Game, was Cheney’s sport of choice along with his hunting buddies George Bush, Sr. and Bill Clinton as detailed in my testimony for Congress in TRANCE Formation of America.

Torture is Insertion, Not Extraction

Cheney is acutely aware that our brains autogenically respond to torture by compartmentalizing memory of an event while leaving the subconscious wide open to being easily led. This automatic brain response is a basis for MK Ultra mind control, rather than being conducive to “extracting information” as Cheney purports.

When a person is tortured to “extract information”, they will say anything to stop the trauma, including confessing to crimes they did not commit. Information extracted through torture is not credible.

Instead, torture/trauma is a component of mind control programming. I was systematically tortured throughout my MK Ultra mind control victimization as a means of scientifically programming information in.

Suggestibility heightens with the occurrence of trauma that is literally too horrible to consciously comprehend, whether it be of an individual, a nation, or the world. It creates unthinking compliance with strategic ensuing programming .

Cheney knows this, as do his cohorts who expertly utilize trauma for implementing what George Bush and Adolph Hitler termed New World Order.

Information extracted through torture is not credible. Instead, torture/trauma is a component of mind control programming.

Effects of Torture & Abuse

Before I go down the “New World Order” rabbit hole again, it is my intent to stay focused on the effects of torture on the human mind and body.  Humanity is equipped for and capable of much more than we realize, as my torturous MK Ultra mind control experience taught me.

Under MK Ultra mind control, I was used for training purposes on various military and NASA installations under direction of Lt. Col. Michael Aquino for Cheney’s Hands On Mind Control Demonstrations. It was demonstrated how torture, in conjunction with sleep, food, and water deprivation, creates absolute robotic compliance.

With the conscious mind shut down, other aspects of the brain compensate for the lack of thought much the same way hearing accentuates for the blind.

The brain automatically begins photographically recording events surrounding extreme trauma. With no ability to consciously comprehend torturous events, senses heighten as though the mind is blasted into primitive parts of the brain.

44x visual acuity is often resultant from torturous trauma and is exemplified by unblinking eyes open so wide that whites of the eyes are exaggerated. Pupils become large black holes, while peripheral vision expands in a survival mode attempt to see what tortures may be coming, as though having ‘eyes in the back of the head’.

This expanded vision is crucial for ‘point and shoot’ military programming accuracy and is also capitalized on for sports.

Hearing is also heightened. Under MK Ultra mind control, it seemed I could hear a pin drop a mile away. And my intuitive telepathic senses auto-heightened dramatically to make up for my inability to think.

No Logic Permitted

Torture caused my conscious mind to take flight, so-to-speak, leaving my subconscious wide open to being easily manipulated and led. Our subconscious mind has no ability to reason, question, logically analyze, defend itself, dread or anticipate. Its function is to drive our thoughts, and keep our body functioning right on down to breathing and heartbeat.

Anyone skilled in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) or the language of the subconscious can take control of our vulnerable subconscious level when we are not aware.

NLP does not require rocket scientist intelligence to be understood, and is often used by attorneys and politicians, religious cults, and even in advertisements. Knowledge is our defense against NLP just as it is against mind control, and it must be consciously understood in order to counter its effects before it penetrates the subconscious.

I had been conditioned to MK Ultra mind control prior to age 5, before my brain had finished forming, and therefore had no defenses. I had no free thought of my own and could only due what I was programmed to do for Cheney’s rigorous Hands On Mind Control Demonstrations.

With no subconscious capability for continuity of thought, there is no concept of time. With no concept of time, there is no ability to realize exhaustion, which results in super-human capabilities of strength and endurance.

A Healing Revelation

On the deepest of levels, even the subconscious mechanisms of controlling breathing, heartbeat, and eye blinks can be expertly manipulated. Special Forces “no time to bleed” programming was utilized in Cheney’s mind control demonstrations whereby I would bleed or not bleed according to command.

In deprogramming through methods detailed in PTSD: Time to Heal, I came to consciously realize these programming mechanisms in my own brain. If these sacred human functions could be controlled by outside forces, it occurred to me that our physical health could be self-controlled even better by free thought strength of spirit.

How amazing that we are born with this capability!

Think on that for a moment and let it settle in. Perhaps this is martial arts capability by any other name, or the basis of faith healing. Regardless, I know from experience that it is within us all to real-eyes our birthright and choose health.  I certainly do!

Conscious Use of Subconscious Programs

By transposing/trance-posing “no time to bleed” capability to “no time to catch a virus” I am free to enjoy a wide range of excellent health. I consciously regulate my heartrate, stop excessive blood flow when injured, shut off “pain alarms” by acknowledging its cause, breathe freely and deeply, and counter any intrusive mind manipulation when trauma occurs.

I have made the conscious choice to turn the negative of my torturous past into positive, healthy attitudes. It is about Time that we all realize our brains’ expansive potential, choose good health, and safeguard our vulnerable subconscious mind through conscious awareness. 

Now that I am healed and free to live life’s purpose true-to-soul, I choose to use insights gained through my torturous MK Ultra mind control experience to stay healthy, empower others with truth, expose perpeTraitors of New World Order mind control such as Dick Cheney, and ultimately preserve the sanctity of free thought.

Free thought is sacred and is key to unleashing our human potential in light of conscious realization.

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