Free At Last!

Free At Last!

Seeing the negative of my past turned into a positive that helps others is uplifting and empowering. 

I know what it is like to lose free thought to imposed mind control, and therefore never take freedom for granted! Without free thought there is no free will soul expression, no ability to live life’s purpose with intention and integrity. Under MK Ultra mind control, my time was literally taken by others who enslaved me to do their bidding against my will.

Voice No Negatives Without a SOULution

Now that I have reclaimed free thought, self control, and strength of spirit, I refuse to give any more of my time to abusers through self pity, hate, or any other aspect of a victim mentality. A victim mentality is immobilizing. Besides, negativity is their energy and I refuse to fuel it. This is my time, and I choose to direct my thoughts and ultimately my actions in positive, productive directions. 

Consciously choosing to “Voice No Negatives Without a SOULution” forces my thoughts from negative ruts engrained by past trauma into new possibilities. It allows for clarity of thinking and expanding thought beyond previous perceptions. It allows for compassion over snap judgement, and critical analysis over reaction.

You are Smarter Than You Think

“You are smarter than you think,” Mark would say, wisely reminding me to think further. 

Our brains are naturally lazy, which is a fact that abusers like Senator Byrd relied on for ushering in their New World Order undetected. “95% of the people want to be led by the 5%,” Byrd would say, justifying perpeTraitors’ slave society agenda. 

We are all smarter than we think, and there is always room to learn more! Especially during these powerfully transitional times we are living when deliberate censorship of truth dictates our knowledge base while we “shelter at home” from imposed fears. Fear and trauma are primary components of mind control, and it is about time we all reclaim free thought!

I rule my emotions with logic. When Mark’s life was interrupted 2017, I lost my best friend, soul mate, and hero who rescued me from 30 years of mind control existence. Mark was an intelligence insider who dedicated his life to preserving the sanctity of free thought.

When he saw pedophilia, mind control, and drug and human trafficking proliferating on the highest levels of government, he took calculated action by rescuing my daughter and me right out from under perpeTraitors’ coke-filled noses. 

Mark handed me keys to my own mind, which I now freely share in PTSD: Time to Heal. I re-applied many of Mark’s pearls of wisdom for coping after he passed away in order to protect my vulnerable subconscious from outside manipulation while I dealt with the trauma. I consciously chose-and still choose-to honor Mark in every breath of freedom I take with arms wide open.

"You are smarter than you think"

Breathe Free

When Covid hit, I refused to give up my choice to breathe free. I have never worn a mask. Deep State New World Order mind control abusers had forced my daughter Kelly to wear a mask from the age of 2, further limiting her oxygen flow that was already hindered by asthma.

The mask had no health benefit and served only to signal those-in-the-know that she was being raised in the same MK Ultra Project Monarch that Michael Jackson had been. Masks and Gloves. No identity.  MK Ultra. 

Knowledge is our defense against mind control, and I am acutely aware that “do or die” imposed fear is a primary component of MK Ultra. MK Ultra is the ultimate WMD of Deep State New World Order perpeTraitors who lost control of u.s. all 2016. Imposed violence masked as “peaceful protests” over whose lives matter amidst this “do or die” global nightmare demands we wake up to reclaim our innate freedom.

Smiles on Faces

People who do not wear masks have conversations. With media censorship controlling our daily narrative, it is more important than ever that we talk with each. 

I have never once been confronted or shunned in any way for not wearing a mask. Since I do not live in a “victim mentality”, I have moved forward in my life without talking about my past to everyone I meet. I wrote it out in my books for those who care and dare to know truth on mind control.

People I encounter every day do not know my past, nor do they question why I am not wearing a mask. Instead they drop or remove their masks while gratefully sharing a smile and conversations about everything from the weather to politics. 

CIA training 101 teaches that the “best lies are rooted in truth.” Yes, there is a virus just like every year. Yes, my daughter had severe asthma and, under robotic MK Ultra mind control, I could not think to remove her mask so she could breathe easier. This is a powerful reason why I never take free thought for granted.  Nor do I miss an opportunity to breathe free in honoring Kelly, Mark, and the empowering wisdom he shared with u.s. all. Truth, like Love, lives on!

I take personal responsibility for my own life now that I can think to do so. Free thought is sacred, and with it comes the ability to live in harmony with life’s true purpose. I live love, compassion, and concern for the well being of others. 

I smile a lot since Mark rescued me in 1988, gratefully embracing and celebrating the reality that I am Free At Last!

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