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Perpe-Traitors and Their Deep State Roots

Vote this Historical Midterm election with free thought awareness. Step back from controlled media, contrived polls, and political rhetoric. Arm your self with truth based on works not words.

Just as you cannot judge a spook by its cover, you cannot judge swamp creatures by their political affiliation cover.

The following comprehensive list of perpeTraitors are detailed, along with many other high profile names, in both TRANCE Formation of America and ACCESS DENIED For Reasons of National Security. Intelligence insider Mark Phillips and I devoted our lives to blowing the whistle on their crimes against humanity when our 1995 testimony for US Congress was censored for so-called Reasons of National Security.

This censorship of truth was invoked by the same named perpeTraitors whose Deep State roots have a stranglehold on our Justice system and media today.

PerpeTraitors and their Deep State Roots:

George Bush Sr. (R): Pedophile, MK Ultra mind control, human trafficking. Power behind the ‘seen’ planting roots for Deep State/Shadow Government while exerting more power than Presidents ever since Kennedy Assassination… until Hillary lost control this past election.

Dick Cheney (R): Power behind ‘seen’ furthering roots for Deep State/Shadow Government with friend Bush. Sr. including human trafficking, drugs, and arms. Proponent of torture as base for MK Ultra mind control programming of individuals and proponent of trauma for mass mind control of a nation.

Bill Clinton (D): Close friend of Bush Sr. sharing same Deep State/Shadow Government agenda. Head of notorious CIA cocaine ops, heroin/opium ops with Bush, human trafficking.

Hillary Clinton (D): Partner in crime to Bill, along with mentors Byrd and Albright, with Deep State roots undermining US Justice for perpetuation of MK Ultra mind control, human trafficking, media control, and destruction of US Constitution.

US Senator Robert C. Byrd (D): US Senate Appropriations funding Deep State agenda, including Global Ed/Common Core, media control, pedophilia, MK Ultra mind control, human trafficking.

Madeleine Albright (D): Former Sec. of State, head of OAS, perpetuating Deep State agenda through black budget CIA cocaine, heroin, arms ops, MK Ultra mind control, human trafficking.

Prince Bandar bin Sultan: Saudi Ambassador to US involved with Deep State perpetuating black budget drugs, arms, human trafficking centered in Arizona.

Haitian President Baby Doc Duvalier: black budget CIA cocaine, heroin, arms, human trafficking ops, associated with Clintons, Bush, Cheney more.

Bush Jr. (R): Manchurian Candidate creation of Bush Sr. who ran his Administration along with Cheney and Rumsfeld.

Donald Rumsfeld (R): Deep State mass mind control agenda, MK Ultra proponent, Defense Secretary in Ford and Bush Jr. Admins. (see above)

Gerald Ford (R): Took Presidency when Nixon resigned, MK Ultra mind controller, pedophile, human trafficker, Deep State roots.

Jack Valenti: press secretary under Ford, head of Motion Picture Association of America, Deep State roots of media control.

George Romney (R): Gov of Mi, Deep State roots through MK Ultra mind control, brought mind control into school system, expanded MK Ultra in Mormonism, Deep State roots, proponent of global manchurian candidates.

Mitt Romney (R): George Romney’s son – see above and follow the puppet strings.

Pierre Trudeau: Prime Minister of Canada, pedophile, strong proponent of MK Ultra mind control of individuals and nations, father of Justin Trudeau.

Patrick Leahy (D): Appropriations, Judiciary, pedophile, MK Ultra mind control, focused manipulation of US Justice system to perpetuate Deep State agenda.

Bill Bennett, Former ‘Drug Czar’ and Education Secretary (D and R): Deep State agenda of mind control of the masses through education system, Jesuit MK Ultra mind controller.

Lamar Alexander, Former Education Secretary (R): proponent of satanic trauma based MK Ultra mind control, with Deep State agenda of mind control of the masses through education system along with Bill Bennett.

Bob Bennett: Clinton attorney cover up extraordinaire, MK Ultra mind control proponent along with his brother Bill Bennett.

J Bennett Johnston (D): Senator, La. MK Ultra mind controller.

Tim Roemer (D): manchurian candidate son in law of J. Bennett Johnston.

Dick Thornburgh (R): Former US Attorney General, MK Ultra mind controller, Deep State roots throughout Justice system to perpetuate pedophilia, human trafficking, mind control, drug ops, Cover up expert.

Lt. Col. Michael Aquino: War College Psychological Warfare Division, founder of occult Temple of Set, pedophile, MK Ultra mind control, human trafficking.

Bill Casey (R): Former CIA Director, MK Ultra mind control, human trafficking, drugs for arms ops.

Larry Flynt: pornographer supplying MK Ultra mind control slaves for human trafficking to Bill Casey, Madeleine Albright, Clintons, etc.

Arlen Spector (D, R, D): Pa. Senator, MK Ultra mind control, human trafficking, CIA drug ops, Deep State roots throughout Justice system along with cohort Dick Thornburgh.

FBI Special Agent Brad Garret: cover up ‘expert’ for Clintons including: murder of White House deputy counsel Vince Foster, murder of White house intern Mary Caitlin Mahoney, murder of Chandra Levy, at least 13 other high profile murders- research for your self! Covered up MK Ultra mind control abuses of Cathy O’Brien and daughter Kelly. ABC ‘expert’ consultant.

Make Your Voice Heard

Arm your self with knowledge and vote this historical midterm election! Mark, now deceased, ultimately gave his life so you could think to see beyond controlled media illusion to know truth that makes u.s. free.

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TRANCE Formation of America

TRANCE Formation of America is the documented autobiography of a survivor of government mind control. Cathy O’Brien is the only vocal and recovered survivor of the Central Intelligence Agency’s MK-Ultra Project Monarch mind control operation.