Mind Control Antidote; PTSD: Time to Heal

Mind Control’s Antidote; PTSD: Time to Heal

When I awoke from decades of MK Ultra mind control, I experienced a sense of Rip Van Winkle time warp, since I had “slept” through world events and social engineering trends.  As I slowly began reclaiming conscious awareness’ free thought in 1988 through methods detailed in PTSD: Time to Heal, my paradigm shifted several times in succession.

Not only did I have to consciously deal with the reality of my torturous past at the hands of New World Order/Deep State perpeTraitors, I began to real-eyes the effects of social engineering on society. It was as though I came screaming out of a hell no one wanted to believe existed. Ignorant people tend to snap judge and therefore wanted to label me “crazy” while I was actually reclaiming my sanity.

Searching For Help  

Aware of my own truth, I desperately sought help for my MK Ultra mind controlled daughter who had been trafficked to powerful Wash DC pedophiles who were now victimizing her further though their corrupted ‘human services’ mental hellth and criminal justice systems.

It was a difficult journey facing the reality that the whole world needed to wake up from their own level of mind control in order for positive, necessary change to occur… for my daughter’s sake, all of our children’s sake, and the sake of humanity as a whole.

Critical Mass

Today awareness has reached critical mass. New World Order/Deep State perpeTraitors and their media lost their grip on the minds of the masses, and people are beginning to experience their own paradigm shift as they become consciously aware that we share this planet with some extremely evil people.

As the world wakes up, I have detailed the methods intelligence insider Mark Phillips taught me for reclaiming self control, free thought, and inner peace in PTSD: Time to Heal. This gift Mark gave u.s. all empowers reclaiming and preserving our sacred free thought in light of our own truth so we are never again kept in the dark while evil triumphs.  

There is light at the end of the tunnels, and it is Truth. While I have testified that perpeTraitors plotted their evil in Bohemian Grove’s dark ‘U.N.derground’ and used undergrounds for select DARPA ops, the New World Order coup happened in plain sight while people were shaken to their knees by the trauma of the Kennedy Assassination.  

Hiding in Plain Sight

“Good people do not think to look for this kind of criminal activity” my MK Ultra owner Sen. Byrd often quipped. Therefore, torturous drug and human trafficking occurred right under our noses while we blindly surrendered our freedoms to Deep State’s Big Government systematic controls.

Vaccines were deliberately tainted in various ways to further their dark agenda of controlling future generations. Sen. Byrd ordered me to NOT allow my daughter to receive vaccines… there were other plans for her demise.

As head of US Senate Appropriations, Byrd delegated our tax dollars to New World Order/Deep State controls, primarily in our education system where our children would be programmed for compliance to the socialistic/communistic New World Order plan. Combined with take over of media and ultimately our knowledge base, electronic and harmonic menaces were added to their invisible arsenal. 

"Their arrogance is their downfall, wisdom out-thinks a criminal mind every time."

Free Thought

We all formulate our thoughts, opinions, and ultimately our actions based on what we know.  We Need-to-Know our knowledge base has been deliberately altered for suppression and control. With free thought, we are empowered by our strength of spirit… which is the perpeTraitors’ greatest fear. That’s where we win and they lose.

“Their arrogance is their downfall,” Mark Phillips often assured me. “Wisdom out-thinks a criminal mind every time.”  Most encouraging is the reality of Mark’s statement, “Even DARPA could not predict the strength of the human spirit.”

As an intelligence insider working mind sciences on the highest levels of government, Mark had eyes-to-see, ears-to-hear, and soul-to-know Truth.  He was appalled at the New World Order/Deep State agenda of mind control of humanity through deliberately imposed trauma. He took calculated action, rescuing my daughter and me right from under their noses in 1988. 

He succeeded because they could not think to look for that kind of noble action— the kind that comes with strength of spirit.Mark dedicated and ultimately gave his life to securing the sanctity of free thought by giving u.s. all the antidote to mind control in PTSD: Time to Heal

In honor of Mark Phillip’s spirit of integrity and life’s purpose well lived, PTSD: Time to Heal is now posted for you during these powerfully transitional times as an eBook. Get the PTSD: Time to Heal eBook, start healing today!

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PTSD: Time to Heal

Whether your traumatic experience peaks the top of PTSD’s sliding scale the way Cathy’s Pentagon level MK Ultra mind control programming did; or is from the horrors of war; or even if it is simply resultant from socially engineered information control and fears, this book is for you.