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Appearance on Man in America

Appearance on Man in America

Cathy recently appeared on Man in America to chat with host Seth Holehouse about mass mind control. Learn more about

Mel K, Cathy O'Brien, & Dr Bryan Ardis

Hidden Hands of Mind Control

Cathy recently appeared on the Mel K show along with Dr. Bryan Ardis. The three spoke in depth about the

Securing Midterm Elections

Securing Midterm Elections

Majority rules.  Make your vote count! Elections have been strategically compromised ever since the inception of electronic voting machines in

See Through Illusions

See Through Illusions

Knowing the CIA and military use lizard alien theme MK Ultra mind control programming does not preclude the fact that

ReMARKable Memory

ReMARKable Memory

I healed from within. It is within us all to heal from any level of trauma, abuse, torture, mind manipulation

Courtenay Turner Podcast

Reclaim Free Thought & Spirit

In this episode, Courtenay invites author Cathy O’Brien to the show to talk about her personal experiences of being indoctrinated

Mark Phillips

Masculinity is Not Toxic

Masculinity is not toxic. Media narrative to subliminally underMind men is toxic. This has been on the New World Order

Stop Complying

Stop Complying

WHO do these ‘global reset’ New World Order slave society perpeTraitors think they are?  Aliens targeting our children with trauma

Cathy on Nino's Corner

America’s MK Ultra Mind Control

Cathy recently appeared on Ninos Corner with host David “Nino” Rodriguez. The two speak, at length, about the MK Ultra

National Secrecy Act

National Secrecy Act

The 1947 National Security Act is an unchecked blanket of secrecy that has allowed for the proliferation of criminal activity

Justin Trudeau or Justin Castro?

Trudeau & MK Ultra

Justin Trudeau or Justin Castro? Either way, the father who raised him, former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, was a


Mass/School Shootings & MK Ultra

Triggers are being pulled and our children are the target. MK Ultra mind control must be factored into the equation

Censored by YouTube


YouTube censored me for “dangerous medical misinformation” for saying it is within us all to heal from mind control. At


Disney UNderworld

Underground bases, bunkers, and cities where child sex trafficking/harvesting ops are reported to proliferate is a concept that allows people

Ministry of MK Ultra

Ministry of MK Ultra

MK ultra is being MK Ultrad!  Knowledge is our defense against mind control, so the term MK Ultra is being

Interview with Ann Vandersteel

Steel Truth

Cathy joins Steel Truth host Ann Vandersteel to discuss her past experiences, and how they relate to events currently happening

Interview with Mel K and David Icke

Mel K & David Icke

Cathy joins David Icke and legendary host Mel K to discuss methods for exposing and dismantling mass mind control. Follow

Supreme UNjustice

Supreme UNjustice

It is supreme UNjustice when a Supreme Court Justice who is openly pro-pedophilia is appointed by a president who blatantly

Kelly in the narrow alley leading to the St. Thomas OAS extension office

Madeleine Albright

Madeleine Albright- now deceased- was promoted to US Secretary of State after her stint as Ambassador to the United Nations

The Mel K Show

The Mel K Show – March 2022

Join Cathy, Mel K, and Adrienne Youngblood as they talk about Cathy’s latest documentary, TRANCE. Adrienne Youngblood is the director

Unleashing Intuition with Michael Jaco

Unleashing Intuition – March 2022

Cathy recently appeared on Unleashing Intuition with Michael Jaco. The two talked about her latest documentary, as well as other

Pete Santilli Show

Pete Santilli Show, March 2022

In this interview, Cathy O’Brien joins Pete Santilli to talk about her experiences as well as methods everyone can use

Inspire Health Episode 133

Inspire Health Ep. 133

Cathy O’Brien recently appeared on episode 133 of the Inspire Health Podcast with host, Dr. Jason Loken. In the episode,

Appearance on Fifth Dimension

Fifth Dimension – Ep. 184

Cathy recently appeared on the Fifth Dimension, hosted by Evan McDermond. In this episode, Cathy and Evan discuss a wide



Negativity is immobilizing. As we collectively wake up from mind control masked as a virus, it is clear to see

The most basic form of mind control is repetition


Our brains literally groove to repetition with frequency. You know that song that gets stuck in your head and plays



MK Ultra mind control programmers are skilled in manipulating subconscious mind/brain function on levels that regulate breathing, heartbeat, and eye

Embrace Freedom

Mask Formation Psychosis

Under MK Ultra mind control, I could only do exactly what I was instructed to do and had no capacity

Media Consumes You

Jan 6

“One day locked up in jail is enough time for our testimony to be turned,” Mark would warn. We walked

Human Trafficking has Many Faces

Human Trafficking Has Many Faces

PerpeTraitors always have more than one reason for any single action taken, and human trafficking is a prime example of

ReSOULutions Poetry by Cathy O'Brien

ReSOULutions Poetry

My poetry is not conventional.  It was written in my healing process to open neuron pathways in my brain while

The Power of The People is Stronger Than the People in Power

Unraveling Epstein Island

When I came running out of the Wash DC swamp of MK Ultra mind control human trafficking in 1988, no

Peace begins within

Freedom is Within

Do you find yourself staring off into space without a thought? Is your compassion fading and anger rising? Has your

Voice of the People

Voice of the People

America’s history is repeating itself since it is no longer taught in the US education system or acknowledged by controlled

JFK. Did you know?

JFK. Did You Know?

Of course the release of Kennedy Assassination files was further postponed 10-23-21 by perpeTraitors who stole elections 2020! My 1995

Interview with Michael Jaco

Interview with Michael Jaco

Cathy recently had another wonderful interview with Michael Jaco from Unleashing Intuition Secrets. In this interview, Michael and Cathy discuss

Interview with Jason Shurka

Interview with Jason Shurka

Cathy was recently interviewed by Jason Shurka from the Academy of Divine Knowledge, where she spoke about her experiences in

President Ronald Reagan

President Ronald Reagan

President Ronald Reagan suffered undue influence in the wake of his assassination attempt by globalists hellbent on steering him and

We The People Reunion

We The People Reunion

We the People Reunion event held in rural Kentucky over 9-11-21 drew thousands of people together to share truth among

Live the Love You Are

Live the Love You Are

My daughter, Kelly, was being confined and abused in an ignorant and corrupted mental hellth and criminal justice system, and

Deep Sleep

Covid “Deep Sleep” Delta

C’mon, man… really? Covid “Deep Sleep” Delta? Have you noticed that the more frantic New World Order perpeTraitors become the

Think About It

Think About It

Is Trump in or is he out? We-the-People know Trump was elected by a landslide, yet we allowed elections to

Being Authentic

Being Authentic

Spin the clock back before tv and imagine for a moment what it would be like to formulate your own

Make it Right...Write

Make it Right/Write

Religiously following leaders that we did not elect simply because their big government overreach extends into their media voice that

Eyes to See

Eyes to See

My name is Cathy O’Brien. I did not know my own name when Intelligence insider Mark Phillips rescued my daughter

Learn to discern

PerpeTraitor Bill Bennett

Be Aware and Beware! Bill Bennett is currently sliming his way out of the Wash DC swamp into patriot circles.

Mask down and wake up

Face Facts

Let’s face it, China mastered controlling their population with masks long ago. Research and see for yourself. Masks used for

One Light of Truth Can Dissipate a World of Darkness

One Light of Truth

Positive change seems as slow to emerge as the awareness of truth that inspires it. Negative change appears to happen

Common Senses

Common Senses

It is common sense that our physical senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste and feel are sacred. Yet we have

Choice is Yours

We-the-People have been empowered, and it is up to u.s. to choose to live free. No one can take freedom

It's Not Over Til We Win

Arm Yourself With Truth

It is easier to believe we have been invaded by aliens or etherical demonic forces than it is to grasp

Revolution Evolution

What We Can Do

What can we do?  In order to reclaim national sovereignty, we must first reclaim our personal sovereignty.  Knowing our Election



  Waiting on Big Government to stop the Coup and stop the Steal of Elections is oxymoronic. PerpeTraitors of the

3 Red Banners

Are You Aware?

Forced deep in the Wash DC swamp with perpeTraitors under their MK Ultra mind control, I learned their inner operations

A Thousand Pieces Documentary Featuring Cathy O'Brien

A Thousand Pieces Project

Treason is NOT our “new normal” regardless of how the media masks and promotes it.  We-the-People rose above the spin

UnRig Elections

UnRig Elections

What an amazing time to be alive! I wish Mark was here to witness this #GreatAwakening with me, as we

Protect Our Children

Pedophile Agenda

Pedophiles thrive on the adrenaline of tortured children, while we are being socially engineered to accept their idea that “children

Rise Above

Above The Storm

The more you know, the more you see. The View from the Top is Bright! Having been forced into the