crisis edited 2


Mark and I predicted today’s opiate addiction crisis over 2 decades ago.  No, we are not psychics ‘propheting’ from inside information as evidenced by our long history as US Government Whistleblowers.  We foresaw how easily Big Pharma pharmaceutical companies could create an opiate addiction that ultimately would lead to a need for street opiates, both of which George “Poppy” Bush Sr. was running.

When our 1995 testimony was censored from US Congressional Permanent Select Committees on Intelligence Oversight, we released it in TRANCE Formation of America and began speaking out publicly.  For us, Silence=Death.  Besides, we know awareness is the first step toward positive, necessary change.  And we each had been privy to detailed inside criminal information implicating the highest levels of government/Shadow Government including the White House, Pentagon, and various global leaders.

Our first extensive interviews in 1988 by US Customs Eastern Division included revealing details regarding Bill Clinton’s now infamous CIA cocaine operations and George “Poppy” Bush Sr’s heroin ops.   When these confirmed details were turned over to then US Customs Director William Van Raab, it further instigated his resignation from his Presidential Cabinet position.  He publicly reported frustration with the National Security Act being invoked on his investigations into these deeply rooted CIA black budget funding mechanisms of cocaine and heroin.  The failure of US Attorney General Dick Thornburgh (perpe-TRAITOR in TRANCE) to prosecute cases also contributed to Van Raab turning in his resignation to Poppy Bush, much to the loss of u.s. all.  Incidentally, Poppy Bush then appointed identified swamp creature Bill Bennett as Drug Czar!

Upon Van Raab’s resignation, Mark and I were advised by federal agents to ‘shut up and run for our lives’.  Later we were offered Federal Protection, which we naturally turned down due to needing protection from the feds, not by the feds.  Further details of these circumstances are in ACCESS DENIED For Reasons Of National Security.

In addition to vast dissemination of information through every alphabet-lettered law enforcement agency, Mark and I began speaking out publicly by natural attrition.  By the early 1990’s, we spoke on the Texas/Mexican border at a conference of local, state, and federal law enforcement agents who were increasingly concerned with their inability to effectively enforce law on cocaine and heroin traffickers due to the National Security Act being invoked.

Prior to the conference, reporter Danny Casolaro had been “suicided”/ murdered in Martinsburg, West Virginia, sending shock waves throughout the media and across the nation.  The message was clear that anyone attempting to expose government corruption and black ops would be permanently silenced.  Danny’s death was as pivotal in controlling the media and potential whistleblowers as was Gary Webb’s death a few years later for his San Jose’ Mercury News expose’ on CIA crack cocaine ops.  Gary Webb’s expose’ caught the attention of California’s Congressional Representative Maxine Waters.  This resulted in the CIA being forced to investigate themselves for their decades of participation in the same cocaine ops Mark and I had been blowing the whistle on all along.  After reviewing a reported 500,000 + documents, the CIA ‘cleared themselves of complicity’.

Had the investigation continued, it could easily have uncovered Poppy Bush’s heroin ops that paralleled with friend Bill Clinton’s notorious Mena, Arkansas cocaine ops. Bush and Clinton often joked that their drug operations worked in tandem akin to the field of poppies and snow-cocaine- in the movie Wizard of Oz.  Both CIA cocaine and heroin black budget mechanisms were funding the groundwork of NAFTA and a Shadow Government/globalist agenda.

I personally know this to be fact, having been forced through MK Ultra mind control to participate in those criminal operations during the Reagan/BUSH Administration as detailed in TRANCE. Working directly under Poppy Bush and Dick Cheney, I witnessed and experienced the increasing flow of heroin from Afghanistan in arms -for-drugs deals.

Mark and I repeatedly forewarned that cocaine would be overshadowed by heroin, and that the CIA’s “war on drugs” was no more than the CIA eliminating their competition as they took over the industry worldwide.  Poppy Bush’s heroin connections, rooted in the arming of Afghani Freedom Fighters in the 1980’s, expanded to include the Caribbean, South America, Mexico and Florida. One need only to fact check Bush’s Pharmaceutical interests and Cheney’s Halliburton operations to further connect the dots to today’s opiate addiction crisis.

Following the profits on cocaine and heroin black ops gives cause to consider what the Shadow Government/globalist agenda truly entails.  We-the-People majority who voted for re-establishment of US Constitutional law this past election are fed up with this criminal globalist agenda infringing on our right to freedom and justice for all.  We remember Iran Contra, Operation “Just ‘Cause”, and the black budget funding mechanisms that cost lives of heroic whistleblowers including Danny Casalero, Gary Webb, Barry Seal, and many more.

Indeed, Mark and I fortunate to have survived to reach this pivotal point in history where awareness has risen enough to finally grasp what we have been blowing the whistle on for decades.   Today’s opiate addiction crisis could have been avoided, and those seeking relief from chronic pain actually helped, if National Security protected our borders rather than cover up Shadow Government/globalist crime.

In view of this past election, all of u.s. are now empowered to reclaim control over our minds, our lives, our health and well being, and our country despite attempts of subterfuge by shadowy swamp creatures.  Identify the perpe-TRAITORS lurking beneath the surface, arm yourself with truth that makes u.s. free, and claim the victory we voted in!