Deep Sleep

Covid “Deep Sleep” Delta

C’mon, man… really? Covid “Deep Sleep” Delta?

Have you noticed that the more frantic New World Order perpeTraitors become the more they tip their hand; and the more they tip their hand the more the Great Awakening takes to the streets worldwide in protest; and the more people wake up from mind control masked as a virus the more frantic New World Order perpeTraitors become?

Now perpeTraitors are caught in the vicious cycle they created, chasing their own tail while humanity saves itself from global enslavement.  People have stopped cooperating with their own demise through peaceful noncompliance and protective action.

Back in the ‘daze’ when fear was first generated regarding a virus with a 99% survival rate, I recognized MK Ultra mind control techniques being forced on the global population. I gained my knowledge from 30 years of experience deep in the Wash DC swamp among perpeTraitors under their MK Ultra mind control where masks are used to inhibit oxygen necessary to the brain for free thought, cause depersonalization, and muffle voices so victims can’t speak free.

As quickly as I reclaimed free thought by self-applying healing methods intelligence insider Mark Phillips had gleaned from the highest levels of mind sciences, Mark and I dedicated the next 30 years exposing MK Ultra mind control and healing from it.

We knew people needed to arm themselves with knowledge on mind control in order to survive planned mass genocide and robotic enslavement of humanity in the New World Order.  

Aliens and demons couldn’t wreak more havoc on society than this small handful of criminals are doing through deploying their ultimate WMD (Weapon of Mass Destruction) mind control! It is inexcusable that we follow their incoherent contradictory ‘justifications’ for destroying minds, lives, families, and our livelihoods any further.  

Follow the money, and you will quickly see who benefits from vast amounts of wealth being generated and changing hands from imposed disaster. What emerges when you research the 2017 ‘common bond’ of the World Health Organization, World Bank, Harvard University, catastrophe bonds, and pandemic bonds? 

PerpeTraitors greatest fear is that we will wake up, gather our strength of spirit, and stop complying with their greedy, diabolical plan. As the Great Awakening accelerates, perpeTraitors expose themselves as perverse liars and thieves every time they tip their hand.

Covid “Deep Sleep” Delta says it all. PerpeTraitors are so frantic to regain control over the awakening global population that they have gone ‘all in’ attempting to lock us down and muzzle us with the ‘new strain’ Covid Delta.  

Delta brain waves are our slowest, usually associated with non-thinking, hypnosis, and deep sleep. Research it for your self.

Join the rapidly increasing global majority of people who refuse to stop living their lives for fear of death from a virus with 99% survival rate. Shut off Big Tech/media mockingbird lullabies. Expand thought beyond what you’ve been conditioned to believe by finding truth and fact checking for yourself. 

Talk with your neighbors again. Become active in your local communities.  Support teachers, judges, and politicians who support your freedom.  Smile again!  Humanity is surviving and thriving in light of a bright New Day of awareness. Rise and Shine and join the majority to assume yOur victory!

PTSD: Time to Heal eBook
PTSD Time to Heal is a workbook written by Cathy O’Brien, based on the healing methods taught to her by Intelligence insider Mark Phillips.