Trust in Truth

Trust in Truth

Learning to Trust in Truth again was monumental to me in my healing process. It came naturally once I knew my own truth and began believing in myself again.

The ability to discern truth came with free thought questioning and research. Learning how to trust required a series of time-tested profound realizations that were not necessarily contingent upon learning to trust others first.

After all, the torturous abuses I endured at the hands of Deep State/New World Order perpeTraitors in the highest levels of global government under MK Ultra mind control naturally eroded my ability to trust.

Healing is not an event; it is a process.

Observe Before Trusting

I could not even think to trust when Mark Phillips rescued me. It was Mark’s pets that taught me to trust. People who abuse children often abuse animals and vice versa. It was a whole new experience for me to see Mark’s pets openly trusting him.

My telepathy with animals is strong, which allowed me even deeper insight into their profound connection with Mark.

Still, I had yet to consciously learn my own truth, where I had been, where I was going, and who I am. I had dissociated from my tortured past and still needed to heal sufficiently to consciously discern.

Healing is not an event; it is a process.  It takes time for healing to progress and evolve in order to be able to trust in truth.

Reclaiming Self Control

Once I had reclaimed self control through methods detailed in PTSD: Time to Heal, it would still be a matter of time before gaining inner peace that comes with knowing truth. Those high level perpeTraitors who had manipulated my mind in MK Ultra are expert at manipulating minds of the populace through lies broadcast in political rhetoric.

Consider their media voice and how corrupted with repetitious lies so-called news is these days. Lies and fear, like Truth and Trust, are often synonymous. I certainly had been conditioned by lies. Now I had to learn how to discern Truth.

Belief in Self

Learning to discern truth began with believing in myself sufficiently to withstand even the most wicked FBI interrorgation tactics.  Even as a small child my daughter Kelly wisely told them “your beliefs don’t change reality”.  Neither she nor I sought validation of our truth from others who really had no point of reference for understanding the horrors we had witnessed and experienced.

The fact that the FBI sent in their “best” to try to break me down was ‘validation’ enough, especially considering my ‘owner’ in MK Ultra, US Senator Robert Byrd, had an office in the FBI building for the purpose of covering up the same New World Order crimes I was exposing.

You Cannot Unlearn Truth

The rigors of intimidation and onslaught of attempts to discredit me only made me stronger like tempered steel. Truth by its very nature does not go away. There were many times during my healing process that I wished my past wasn’t real.

Who wants to believe in crimes against humanity so vile that it is beyond human comprehension? Still, truth did not go away. It was as though the lid was off Pandora’s Box and all the denial in the world would not push those secrets back in there. You cannot unlearn truth.

There is good and bad in everything and not every fact is black and white. Learning to discern became imperative.

Affiliation Does not Equal Virtue

All agencies and groups are subject to being infiltrated and oftentimes taken over. Individual soul conviction is stronger and more productive than agencies with their corruption, red tape, and more corruption.

Consider the FBI for example. They were revered by law enforcement as the go-to source for ‘facts’. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, and the corrupted FBI has way too much power for dictating what is perceived as fact.

Deceivers wear all suits, all party affiliations, all religions, all ‘alphabets’, etc. which is why it is crucial for each of us to learn to discern truth for ourselves. When we know our own truth through reclaiming free thought, we are empowered to believe in ourselves, gather our strength of spirit, and Trust in Truth again.

Truth is Simple, Lies are Complicated

Time repeatedly proved that “truth is simple and lies are complicated,” just as Mark always said. Which is one reason wisdom out thinks a criminal mind every time.

It is no wonder truth is under attack. It threatens the Deep State/ New World Order perpeTraitors mind control agenda that is rooted in lies for purposes of altering/controlling our knowledge base and ultimately our free thought strength of spirit. They cannot grasp the nature of the human spirit.

They cannot relate to it any more than we can relate to their pedophilia, human trafficking, and mind control.

Truth is Absolute

Truth is an abSOULute that, like light, outshines the dark. Lies cannot diminish truth any more than dark can overcome light. It is a natural reality that truth prevails.

By knowing my own truth, I gained eyes to see, ears to hear, and soul to recognize truth in others- even in those who do not consciously know their own truth yet. Everyone’s journey to Trust in Truth is as individual as their life’s experience that led them astray.

Recognizing this allows for patient compassion rather than snap judgement, the ability to discern intention over rhetoric, and a deep understanding that truth is an abSOULute bigger than us all and brighter than the darkest forces. 

I know who to trust because I know how to trust and I trust myself first.

Trust in Works, Not Words

I trust myself to be ‘ware that PerpeTraitors often create a subconscious rapport with familiar buzz words to inspire illusion of trust. Counter their NLP by monitoring their works not words.

Research links, check documents (not from FBI), establish 3-point validation, and above all, follow the money. The money trail is marked by their greedy footprint.

Media is not going to tell us this. Media is an intrusive mouthpiece of liars. It is up to u.s. to make common sense common again and defeat the invisible enemy of mind manipulation that is eroding our values of freedom and justice for all.

Trust in Truth

Today’s war on truth through media is a powerful reason to begin the process of reclaiming your own truth immediately as detailed in PTSD: Time To Heal. Trust in your self. Trust in your strength of spirit. And Trust in Truth again.

Truth in deed can and will set us free.

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