One Light of Truth Can Dissipate a World of Darkness

One Light of Truth

Positive change seems as slow to emerge as the awareness of truth that inspires it.

Negative change appears to happen at warp speed, perpetuated by trauma and our resultant freeze-in-fear reaction.

Swamp roots of corruption have been strategically planted behind the ‘seen’ on a global scale for decades.  Complicit politicians have been stealing votes and taking office through rigged electronic voting machines since their inception.

With mind control the ultimate weapon for creating their New World Order slave society, perpeTraitors have mastered placing Manchurian Candidates in key leadership positions to ensure that the handful of Big Guys at the top pulling their strings make all the money.

By the time we woke up to face the reality that we’ve been kept in the dark while our freedoms were eroded, negative change looks new and sudden when it has been planned for decades.

Money. Greed. Power. Control.

Who even thinks like that?

Who has time to address this level of criminality when we have concerns of Artificial Intelligence overpowering us? Even possibilities of Alien Invasion are rumbling below the surface. 

Where do we begin to reclaim our innate human values of peace, compassion, protection of our children, and power of love?

We begin by arming ourselves with truth.

Truth empowers.  Knowledge is our defense against mind control. The more we fact check and research for our selves, the more we learn that a handful of Big Guys hellbent on world domination have systematically taken control of fundamental aspects of society including Big Government, Big Tech, and Big Pharma.

While forced into drug and human trafficking New World Order funding operations under their MK Ultra mind control, I learned that perpeTraitors’ greatest fear is humanity’s innate strength of spirit.

With strength of spirit we are able to clearly see that this small handful of power mongers hiding behind the proverbial wizard’s curtain are generating illusions of control to keep us compliant. That truth alone de-spells their mind control.

Using a combination of computerized Artificial Intelligence, reverse alien technology, and unthinkable need for control, DS NWO Traitors-to-Humanity impose their belief that Secret Knowledge Equals Power to take control of our lives. Once again, truth de-spells their mind control once we know their secrets.

Many government secrets and personal reputations were staked on the belief that I could not deprogram from their torturous mind control to think to reveal my experience. Flat thinking criminals failed to consider the strength of the human spirit due to their own arrogance.

Intelligence insider Mark Phillips was also privy to their secrets having worked on the highest levels of mind sciences. He knew that what they used for control of an individual like me or of a whole global population could be reversed in light of Truth.

Mark utilized wisdom to outthink NWO perpeTraitors, rescue my daughter and me right out of their swamp, and hand me keys to my own mind empowering me to remember the unthinkable.

Using methods detailed in PTSD: Time to Heal, I wrote out my experiences and the dark secrets to which I was exposed in my testimony for Congress TRANCE Formation of America. Despite National Security being invoked on my testimony by the very perpeTraitors I was exposing, truth began to slowly emerge.

Now We the People are arming ourselves and each other with truth, gathering our strength of spirit, and peacefully refusing to comply with our own demise.

It is encouraging for me to hear from aware people every day who are now taking action on local and state levels to: hold politicians and officials accountable, secure elections so they cannot be blatantly stolen again, stand strong by Constitutional Sheriffs, uphold our Constitutional rights, restore truth in education, and drain the Wash DC swamp from the bottom up.

One light of Truth can dissipate a world of darkness. With free thought strength of spirit, We-the-People are undoing the coup by accelerating positive change in light of Truth that makes us Free!

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TRANCE Formation of America

TRANCE Formation of America is the documented autobiography of a survivor of government mind control. Cathy O’Brien is the only vocal and recovered survivor of the Central Intelligence Agency’s MK-Ultra Project Monarch mind control operation.