Mask down and wake up

Face Facts

Let’s face it, China mastered controlling their population with masks long ago. Research and see for yourself.

Masks used for mind control purposes is not new. It’s time we wake up and face facts that mind control masked as a virus has been deliberately unleashed on the world as a mechanism to Reset global finances, allegiances, our thoughts, and ultimately our actions.

As a survivor of CIA MK Ultra mind control, it is easy for me to recognize components of mind control imposed on society. Knowledge is our defense against it, and experience gave me eyes to see, ears to hear, and soul to know truth behind the scamdemic and subsequent manipulation of our lives. Since truth makes us free, it is time you arm yourself with facts necessary for securing your own mind.

By suppressing and censoring information, our knowledge base is being strategically altered. We all formulate our thoughts, perceptions, and actions based on what we know. We Need-to-Know our knowledge base has been slowly altered through controlled media and Common Core education for generations.

Mind control expanded into the US through Project Paperclip’s importation of Nazi and Fascist scientists after WWII. Research and fact check for yourself Hitler’s and George Bush’s New World Order mind control slave society intentions because they are being brought to completion today. Look into documented Hitler Himmler genetic mind control research and the true history of the alliance between the CIA, Catholic Jesuits, and Nazi and Fascist scientists to understand the current global establishment.


Mind control gained a strong hold on America in the wake of the Kennedy Assassination, and again 911, since trauma heightens suggestibility. Trauma and fear are a scientific basis of mind control, which has now further compounded through technology and Artificial Intelligence.

Through a base of understanding comes an ability to discern truth and clearly see how freedoms are being eroded through mind control. We need to know where we’ve been to know where we’re going.


Facial recognition is more than something associated with Big Tech. Facial recognition is an innate basis of human interaction and expression. Many of our subconscious judgements are based on facial movements.  Would you rather be approached by someone with a smile or someone with a sneer? Masks are cancelling this human sense, adding to the media generated fear.

The Catholic church I grew up in demanded women wear veils as a sign of reverent subservience.  Burkas hide identity as do many other religious face coverings. Facial coverings are notoriously used in bank robberies and other criminal activity to hide identity, and by terrorists. MK Ultra mind control ops religiously incorporate use of masks for human trafficking to silence and depersonalize.

Depersonalization is a form of brainwashing that renders people compliant, silent, and socially removed from others. Depersonalization often includes gender confusion!


Once depersonalized, DARPA AI generated MK Ultra mind control programming utilizes “satanic reversals” that confuses brain firing as per experiences detailed in ACCESS DENIED For Reasons Of National Security.  Fantasy becomes reality, pain is pleasure, in is out, black is white, up is down… and violence is peaceful, males are females, facts are lies, and subsequently logic is cancelled.

Staying the DARPA course for mind control, Big Tech medias are cancelling any voice outside the narrative of the imposed New World Order agenda. Our lives are being redefined by repetitive programming, all media outlets chanting the same narrative while suppressing truth. “We’re all in this together” suggests that no one thinks outside the box.  Hearing words like “Mask Up” and “Lock Down” or even the word “Impeach” repeated over and over has a subconscious effect regardless of what you consciously believe.

PerpeTraitors of New World Orders do not care if they are obviously inconsistent or proved wrong since their goal is to subconsciously manipulate with repetitive words.


Children often report being silenced at the height of traumatic abuse through horrific threat to family members. I see mind control masked as a virus utilizing these tactics, telling children if they don’t mask up, old people/grandparents will die. Look into children’s fearful eyes and see the devastating impact we are imposing by asserting our own programmed beliefs on them.

Threats to loved ones are common CIA and FBI intimidation tactics since they work so well, tapping into our loving compassion. Testimony is often recanted, and charges dropped after such repetitive threats are made, which has significantly eroded our justice system.

Blackmail is routinely used by perpeTraitors of New World Orders to keep each other controlled since even they do not trust each other.  Pedophilia’s human trafficking/harvesting serves as an ultimate Blackmail op while funding the New World Order agenda as it has for decades.


Under MK Ultra mind control, all of my finances were controlled.  I never had access to money. Mind control survivors rarely have money.  Money is strategically denied as a means of control and to keep victims dependent on their handlers for basic needs including food and clothing.  This financial control mechanism is often sufficient enough to keep abused spouses in domestic violence situations. Even slave labor is never paid more than mere existence demands. 

While businesses and churches were turned to dust and ash, many people became dependent on whatever Big Government might give them. Congress allowed u.s. $600 for complying with 6 feet apart or 6 feet under mandates. 6-6-6 was a blatant spit in the face to those who were feeling the heat of mass mind control. How evil is that?

What if we unite to reverse their cancelations? They only have as much power and money as we give them. They cannot cancel freedom as it is within us all to choose to reclaim it. Peaceful noncompliance. Civil disobedience. Freedom begins within.


Our justice system has failed us because we allowed it to be eroded for decades. My 1995 testimony in TRANCE Formation of America outlined and detailed the New World Order slave society plan, how it was being slowly implemented, and who was responsible. 1995 was nearly 3 decades ago!

It only takes 3 generations for behavior to become autogenic, which is why society is currently overwhelmed with mind controlled robots marching to New World Orders. Their perceptions have been formed, and brains dumbed down to total compliance. These minions cannot think beyond what they’ve been told, and therefore religiously parrot and impose their illogical programming to recruit and “save” others.


Freedom is never given back once it is taken. It is up to each and every one of us to take it back for ourselves, our children, and future generations. Knowledge is our defense against mind control, and free thought is our offense against oppressors.

I woke up from White House/Pentagon level robotic CIA MK Ultra mind control, reclaimed my free thought strength of spirit, and have been actively making a difference in light of truths I know ever since I could think to do so.

PTSD: Time to Heal reveals keys to freedom Big Government kept buried under National Security censorship! Intelligence insider Mark Phillips, who rescued me out of their swamp, handed me these keys to freedom which are now available to everyone at a time humanity needs it most. 

Time to take off your mask and face the facts… while you can still think to do so!