Clintons, Haiti, & Swamp Roots of Adrenochrome?

Clintons, Haiti, & Swamp Roots of Adrenochrome?

My loving compassion for Haitians is abSOULute. In Haiti, I saw a whole country existing within the same perimeters of hell I endured under MK Ultra mind control.

Forced into black ops under MK Ultra mind control, I had cause to be in Haiti numerous times since it was a routine stop for NCL cruises in the 1980s. Neither Haitians, nor the rest of the world, knew true covert reasons why NCL docked in Port-au-Prince. Nor did Haitians anticipate that their conditioned livelihood from tourism would abruptly cease when New World Order perpeTraitors dropped Haiti as a Cruise ship destination in order to bury their crimes against humanity even deeper into the shadows and out of the public eye.

Haunted Eyes

Eyes of Haitians are haunted, with pupils reflecting black holes of hell. Smiles neither reach their dark eyes nor animate to the rest of their face. Swollen bellies protrude from their skin-and-bone frames while they work tirelessly. Still, I intuitively recognized hope somewhere deep inside their spirits – a shared hope for a world to wake up and save them from their decades-long nightmare of New World Order mind control trauma.

Instead, too many of u.s. slept through it all while a criminal faction of Catholic Jesuits and Deep State CIA used Haiti as a petri dish for ever-growing unhindered terror and horrific experimentation. I am aware through my personal experience documented in TRANCE Formation of America, that Clintons and their Deep State/New World Order cohorts had no limits to what they would do in the name of “charities” to run cocaine, heroin, arms, humans, and body parts through Haiti.

Baby Doc Duvalier was a CIA asset who profited from selling Haiti out as a prototype to New World Order controls.

Sad but True

I first gained insight into Haiti as a young child singing a disturbing hymn in St Francis de Sales Catholic church that included “…there is hunger in Haiti, it’s sad but it’s true, that’s too bad- there’s nothing we can do”.

At such a young age, my MK Ultra mind control conditioning had not yet prohibited my ability to ask our presiding Jesuit priest why there was “nothing we can do”.

My answer from the priest? “Que sera sera. Hunger is the least of their worries,” Father Don replied while glaring at me for even asking. I never did think like my abusers, which is why torture was used to force me to carry out their bidding under MK Ultra mind control. Despite eventually losing all free thought and free will to systematic tortures and mind control programming for decades, they could not make me one of them.

Once I had the keys to deprogramming my own mind (PTSD Time to Heal) I did it in record time. My daughter’s life was on the line as documented in ACCESS DENIED For Reasons of National Security and it was imperative to reach all those with eyes to see, ears to hear, and soul to know the abSOULute truth of my testimony in time to help her.

No child should ever endure what my daughter witnessed and experienced in Haiti from ages 2-7 at the hands of identified Deep State New World Order perpeTraitors who still remain free as of this writing.

Selling Out Haiti

Baby Doc Duvalier was a CIA asset who profited from selling Haiti out as a prototype to New World Order controls, from vaccines tainted with AIDS to unconscionable human trafficking ops of both living and harvested children.

My first MK Ultra handler, Wayne Cox, was appointed by my owner and Clinton mentor, US Senator Robert C. Byrd, as an extreme trauma base for mind control programming. Cox was an established assassin for Clinton Coke ops in the neighboring state of Arkansas, which intertwined with his occult voodoo serial killing for the distribution of body parts.

Centered in the swamps of Chatham, Louisiana, Cox’s cannibalism and penchant for blood and spinal fluid of tortured victims was shared across state lines, most often channeled through fellow Satanist Roger Clinton.

In the 1970’s, Cox found a constant flow of victims in Louisiana who he deemed would “never be missed” from among the boatloads of Haitian refugees fleeing Duvalier’s regime. Little did they know they were literally going from the fire into the frying pan.

My second handler appointed by Senator Byrd was ventriloquist and stage hypnotist Alex Houston who routinely traveled aboard NCL cruise ships for various CIA/Deep State/New World Order human trafficking black ops.

While robotically working these black ops, I witnessed and experienced intended annihilation of Haitians through AIDS with tainted vaccines. Conversations photographically recorded at Bohemian Grove in Northern California as documented in my testimony in TRANCE included this plan for mass genocide of “selected undesirables”.

A “Charitable” Epidemic

Under sophisticated MK Ultra mind control programming at the direction of then CIA Director Bill Casey, I was in Haiti when CIA/Jesuit World Vision “charities” sparked the AIDs epidemic through tainted vaccines.

Equally as horrific is the fact that it was understood among Deep State/New World Order perpeTraitors that an immunization against AIDS was available from the onset.

I had been given the immunization for safely carrying out “my mission” as programmed. To compound the Felony even further, Hillary Clinton later admittedly knew I had been given the immunization against AIDS when she sexually assaulted me after learning I was a “Presidential Model” MK Ultra mind control slave.

The Dominican Republic side of the island shared with Haiti was run by Deep State CIA Jesuit perpeTraitors including Clintons, Bush, and Madeleine Albright who were complicit in black ops experiments, drugs for arms, human trafficking and harvesting, and hellish terror beyond comprehension that was being deliberately inflicted on Haitians.

Truth: The Key to the Future

No wonder I was so dissociative that I didn’t even know my own name when Mark Phillips rescued my daughter and me from our hellish existence as White House Pentagon level MK Ultra mind control slaves!

Mark knew when he handed me keys to my own mind in order that I remember what I’d been tortured to forget, that all of u.s. would need PTSD: Time to Heal when waking up to harsh reality that has been proliferating in our world for so long!

Haiti is but one hot spot of Clinton/Deep State/New World Order created hell. Yet there is something especially compelling about those tortured souls in Haiti that continues to motivate me to speak out on their plight in hopes their cries are finally heard and justice is served… for the sake of humanity as we know it.

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ACCESS DENIED For Reasons of National Security

ACCESS DENIED For Reasons Of National Security details our journey of survival to become US Government Whistleblowers, and is a testament to the strength of the human spirit and power of love.