New World Order's Youth

New World Order’s Youth

Masquerading as social protests, today’s violent riots are intended to traumatize our nation into compliance with Deep State/New World Order controls.

Complicating the issue is our mis-educated youth who march to New World Orders as programmed by Goals 2000 global education (more recently referred to as Common Core) that was forced into our school system through reliance on federal funding in 1984.

Add controlled media’s lies and manipulation of the subconscious to the mix, and you have a recipe for MK Ultra mind control of a nation as planned.

However, New World Order perpeTraitors are destined to fail due to their arrogance and inability to stir the resilient strength of the human spirit into their mind control mix.

Alienating Children from Parents

Consider how recent do-or-die “Shelter-at-home” orders resulted in parents waking up to the reality that their children had been programmed to accept socialism without even knowing math or economics! 

Parents found they had been set up to no longer assist their children in solving basic homework problems, thus creating dependency on an immoral education system while their children lost faith in generational knowledge.

Our children’s knowledge base has been manipulated through strategic alteration of facts, including the rewriting of history, and that is only the beginning of what New World Order Global Education imposed on them.

Hitler’s Youth did not even have to contend with today’s technology adding to their demise like our students endure.

After 3 generations, knowledge becomes autogenic. Education has altered 2+ generations of knowledge so far, and it must stop now. Parents are appalled at the immoral nonsense so-called education has conditioned their children to feel (not think), including ‘gender confusion’ that was first introduced when Bill Clinton imposed “Gay Celebration Month” in our school system.

Breaking the Links

The mind control link of Global Ed is breaking with the rise of parental awareness thanks to “sheltering-at-home.”

Once the imposed global quarantine forced people to change their routine, slow down, and think, many became bored with tv’s repetitive negative narratives and shut it off.  Another mind control link was broken.

PerpeTraitors that took public office after manipulating votes and/or minds of voters with political rhetoric began asserting their power, many of whom openly refer to the New World Order just as Bush Sr. and Hitler had. 

They overplayed their hand while we “sheltered-at-home” and broke their own link.

Censorship allowed for the global mind control agenda to progress this far.

Control Through Chaos

Unarmed and unprotected by complicit Mayors and Governors ordering law enforcement to stand down while businesses and sacred historical monuments burned to the ground, citizens became alarmed-and woke up accordingly.

New World Order perpeTraitors historically overplay their hand and expose their mind control agenda in the process.

How did they get so far, though?

Censorship allowed for the global mind control agenda to progress this far. My testimony for US Congress regarding what I witnessed and experienced under MK Ultra mind control, including working for Education Secretaries Bill Bennett and Lamar Alexander, was censored for so-called Reasons of National Security.

This is a “national security” that is threatening the security of our nation when it is invoked by the same criminal perpeTraitors I was exposing!

Exposing Common Core

I released my testimony in 1995 in TRANCE Formation of America with Chapter 21 dedicated to exposing Global Education/Common Core. Intelligence insider Mark Phillips and I spoke out across our nation and globally in an effort to raise awareness despite media censorship.

People have a right to know and a Need-to-Know mind control in our children’s education is an invisible menace that programs them to march to New World Orders.

Education Secretary Bill Bennett, a Jesuit New World Order perpeTraitor skilled in MK Ultra mind control, switched masks from Democrat to Republican for ushering in Global Education/Common Core along with Education Secretary Lamar Alexander.

Lamar Alexander’s occult mind control meshed well with Bill Bennett’s Jesuit version of same, which combined with harmonics through computerization set the stage for programming information into the minds of our youth.

As my young daughter Kelly told her teacher, “programmed information is not applicable knowledge”.

Knowledge is our defense against mind control.  Truth really does make u.s. free. That is why truth is written out of education and censored from media.

A Robotic Society

Global Education was designed to control the future by “increasing our children’s learning capacity while decreasing their ability to critically analyze.” Socialism was programmed without any concept of economic ramifications since math was also changed from logical application.

Children who became confused or bored by the lies they were being taught were prescribed pharmaceuticals to treat “Attention Deficit Disorder” just as were children who had dissociated from abuse and/or exhibited adverse reactions to school mandated vaccines.

Mind control at all costs. Our children are New World Order targets for the unthinkable- a robotic slave society.

Roots of Global Education

My owner in MK Ultra mind control, US Senator Robert C. Byrd, used his powerful position in Appropriations to force states to accept Global Education through dependence on federal funding.

Byrd had always been a strong proponent of mind control in education as far back as the 1960s when he and then Michigan Governor George Romney (Mitt’s father) first introduced it into the state’s school system.

Governor Romney’s Mackinac Island Mansion became a pedophile playground for Deep State/New World Order perpeTraitors including Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. Mass mind control plans took root there, expanding into education, Mormon and Catholic Churches, media, law enforcement, global politics, and every facet of society they could reach.

Eradicating Global Ed

It is imperative we arm ourselves with facts on mind control. Knowledge is our defense.

Educate your children on how to think not what to think.

Restore common sense through logic by rewriting truth back into education. Real-eyes our past and preserve our history because we must know where we’ve been to know where we’re going.

Above all, vigilantly protect the sanctity of free thought in our children’s education. 

They truly are our future.

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TRANCE Formation of America

TRANCE Formation of America is the documented autobiography of a survivor of government mind control. Cathy O’Brien is the only vocal and recovered survivor of the Central Intelligence Agency’s MK-Ultra Project Monarch mind control operation.