Purge Mind Control

Mind Control Unmasked

Mind control is a sliding scale, and therefore wears many masks.

Many of u.s. are on to the reality that mind control minions are being paraded in front of media cameras in an attempt to create division and chaos while traumatizing our nation with unthinkable violence.  Trauma is a basis of mind control.

Knowledge is our defense against it.

Suppression of Truth

While we shelter-at-home, we are being fed lies through controlled media intended to alter our knowledge base and render u.s. hopelessly helpless. Trauma heightens suggestibility, which is why truth is being suppressed while a New World Order agenda is being enforced.

We are experiencing Deep State/New World Order perpeTraitors’ last ditch effort to regain controls lost in 2016, and it is wicked.

Media’s constant barrage of violence, repetitive lies, and mayhem can take its toll on the best of us.  This is in itself a form of mind control.  Understanding this intentional effort to inhibit free thought through trauma allows for consciously countering its effects.

Intel insider Mark Phillips, who dedicated his life to preserving the sanctity of free thought, knew that the concise, easy-to-self-apply methods in PTSD: Time to Heal could empower u.s. to maintain free thought through these powerfully transitional times.   

Controlled Audiences

Stay strong.  Mind control’s sliding scale begins with only information control. Trauma tightens its grip on our minds, while those preconditioned to inflicting violence are considerably higher up the mind control scale.  

In this instance, mind control begets mind control until awareness breaks the cycle.

Effects of shoot-to-kill video games, repeated human hunting tv programs, and mind control in our school system since 1984 to promote New World Order socialism, all reflect in ‘protestors’ blank, wide-eyed stares. 

Whites around eyes with enlarged pupils indicate a person has experienced extreme trauma to a point where their brain has gone into subconscious survival mode.  Eyes appear wide, as though striving for eyes in the back of their head in an effort to see and prevent trauma before it hits them again. 

Repeated trauma results in 44x visual acuity that enhances peripheral vision with limited blink response.  If you see this wide-eyed look, combined with a lack of micro muscle facial movements, be ‘ware that super-human (primal) survival strength may kick in when the conscious mind is not present.

Triggered Conditioning

The subconscious has no ability to reason, question, or consciously comprehend. It can only react according to its conditioning. This is the point where heightened suggestibility becomes dangerous.  Anyone skilled in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), which is the language of the subconscious, can assert undue influence over the vulnerable. Conscious awareness becomes purged by robotic mind control with a potential for super-human strength.

Mark and I have spoken out to law enforcement on this very issue, as our first responders often encounter this super-human strength enhanced by do-or-die mind control programming.

Anything can trigger a mind-control program into action in accordance with individual conditioning. It is predictable, for example, that popular tv movie/programs focused on social violence and human hunting trigger mass shootings. It is up to us to choose what we allow into our minds, even if the movie plays over and over repetitiously as intended to trigger. 

Video games, many of which have been patterned after military training videos, condition minds to ‘point-and-shoot’ violence without repercussion. Games do not shoot back, and tranced minds cannot think further than their conditioning.

Thus, when violence is triggered into action, response from intended victims is rarely anticipated.  Grand theft of an auto, for example, does not anticipate retaliation from the driver.

Mind control is threatening u.s. and spreading faster than any imposed virus.

Deactivating the Agenda

We all formulate our actions based on what we know. We need to know generations of students have been consciously and subconsciously programmed with an altered knowledge base to usher in the New World Order.  This mind control agenda must be deactivated to stop it from perpetuating itself through programmed violence that renders innocents suggestible.

Mind control is threatening u.s. and spreading faster than any imposed virus.

Knowledge is our cure.

It is within us all to heal.  Real-eyes that with reclaimed self-control comes responsibility for actions from then on.  Mind controlled victims are not all “good people” when they heal, especially when considering the vastness of mind control’s sliding scale.

Undue Influences

I have often wondered, for example, how different society would be right now had President Reagan been in control of his Administration in the wake of the assassination attempt on his life rather than suffer UNdue Influence by George Bush, Sr. as he did.

Would Reagan have chosen to keep Global Ed/Common Core from our school system?

Given his prior-history of loving America and our Constitutional values of freedom and justice for all, I am betting he would have stood against New World Order mind control!

On the other end of the spectrum, what would my MK Ultra trauma base mind control handler Wayne Cox have done differently had he not been a programmed assassin for the Clintons (among others)? Would Cox’s genetically enhanced propensity for occult murder, cannibalism, body part distribution, and pedophilia been the same without structure? Having experienced Cox’s trauma for 3 years, I am betting the only difference would be that he would have been imprisoned rather than sanctioned.

Compassion for those under mind control, whether it be victims of MK Ultra, technology conditioning, or basic information control, should be reserved for their healing process. It is not up to us to be judge and jury of the victims.  It is up to u.s. to expose the invisible menace of mind control and identify handlers pulling strings so that they can no longer perpetuate their agenda through violence.

Knowledge: A Shield From Mind Control

Most importantly, it is imperative that we real-eyes violence being masqueraded in front of cameras to traumatize u.s. is also diverting our attention from a far more serious mind control issue: pedophilia and human trafficking. The Deep State/New World Order funding mechanism of human trafficking is being exposed and dismantled, and those survivors are in dire need of our compassion and rehabilitation.

Arm each other with this truth. Strengthen with PTSD: Time to Heal, gain insight into what lies behind the eyes of today’s “protesters”, help those who have been trafficked, and break the cycle of mind control with awareness. Only truth can set us free.  

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PTSD: Time to Heal

Whether your traumatic experience peaks the top of PTSD’s sliding scale the way Cathy’s Pentagon level MK Ultra mind control programming did; or is from the horrors of war; or even if it is simply resultant from socially engineered information control and fears, this book is for you.