Learn to discern

PerpeTraitor Bill Bennett

Be Aware and Beware!

Bill Bennett is currently sliming his way out of the Wash DC swamp into patriot circles. Research and fact-check for yourself who Bill Bennett really is!

My testimony in TRANCE Formation of America exposing Bill Bennett for MK Ultra mind control human trafficking, CIA drug ops, and rewriting history in education so kids march to New World Orders was censored under so-called National Security!

Check Bill Bennett’s deeds rather than listening to his mind manipulating NLP (neuro linguistic programming- language of the subconscious).  The more you know the more you see that his Jesuit agenda for implementing what Hitler and Bush termed New World Order has been slowly underMinding our personal and national sovereignty for generations.

Educate Your Self:

Education Secretaries Bill Bennett (Jesuit) and Lamar Alexander (Satanist) forced Global Education into our school system through State reliance on Federal funding.  Global Education aka Goals 2000 aka America 2000 aka Common Core switches names each time parents catch on to the mind control agenda being forced on their children.  Parents must look beyond illusions of change and Teacher’s Unions, and pay close attention to curriculum.

Schools of thought were strategically replaced with mind control program from 1985 through 1988 while Bill Bennett was Education Secretary. Programmed information inhibits conscious comprehension, critical analysis research, and ability to think beyond what is told.  

History was strategically rewritten to promote socialism, how to think was replaced by what to think, and free speech was replaced with parroting programmed information verbatim.  The results of advanced mind control programming in our schools through computerization, calculators, harmonics, repetitious parroting, and depersonalization to a point of gender confusion is what we see marching to New World Orders on our streets today.  

With no ability for critical analysis and logic, lies fed to conditioned minds through controlled media is accepted without question- especially when reiterated by “fact checkers” who tell them what to think.

As States and communities take back their school systems from Federal overreach, We the People must assure truth in education is reinstated and free thought vigilantly protected.

Research for Your Self:

Bill Bennet switched from Democrat to Republican disguise since the New World Order spans both parties, and in 1989 was appointed Drug Czar by George “Poppy” Bush.   Masquerading as “Drug Czar”, Bill Bennett oversaw the height of the CIA’s so-called War on Drugs, which was no more than the CIA taking over cocaine and heroin drug industries worldwide.  

Under Bennett’s watch, Clinton CIA cocaine ops and Bush’s opium ops reached an all time high pouring across open borders as groundwork for NAFTA. NAFTA was a giant step toward Bush’s professed New World Order slave society, and it was and still is funded by criminal drug and human trafficking ops!

Stay Alert:

Bill Bennett is a recognized master of Jesuit MK Ultra mind control, and his NLP is so slick Bennett joined CNN from 2008-2013. 

 Arm yourself with knowledge on mind control and NLP to stay aware of Bill Bennett’s masquerade of illusions as he attempts yet again to infiltrate patriot groups.  Bennett is notorious for subversively infiltrating patriot movements such as he did in the early 1990s when parents began homeschooling to protect their children from NWO brainwashing.

“He infiltrated the homeschooling movement with ‘rules and requirements’ that wise homeschoolers ignored” (ACCESS DENIED p. 329).

Learn to recognize NLP when you hear it; whether it is from Bill Bennett, controlled media, politicians, cult leaders, or anyone else seeking to manipulate your thoughts and perceptions.  Realize smooth talkers who charismatically charm their way below your critical analysis may have an adverse agenda. Note their deeds rather than listen to what they want you to perceive. Consider that those who speak abrasively may be stimulating you to think for your self and critically analyze what is said. Pay attention to how you pay attention to others and always fact check words said with actions taken.

Bohemian Grove:

TRANCE Formation of America and ACCESS DENIED For Reasons of National Security provide further insight into Bill Bennett and his older (deceased) brother Bob Bennett. Both Harvard grads with Jesuit New World Order agendas, Bill and Bob were perversely close as experienced at Bohemian Grove.  The more you research and fact check my testimony, the more insight you will gain into the dark agenda of Bill and Bob Bennett.

Bob Bennett was an attorney skilled in NLP who manipulated the courts as expertly as he manipulated minds. Bob Bennett represented US Sec of Defense Casper Weinberger in the Iran-Contra scandal; Bill Clinton in the Monica Lewinsky scandal; Clark Clifford in the BCCI scandal; Paul Wolfowitz in World Bank Scandal; John McCain in a sex scandal… just to name a few.

Learn to Discern:

I’ve blown the whistle on Bill and Bob Bennett ever since I could think to do so! As quickly as I wrote out memory and healed from the torturous abuses and traumatic events of the Bennett brothers- and as quickly as concerned members of law enforcement from US Customs and Secret Service verified it- I exposed them in hopes people would gain eyes to see, ears to hear, and soul to recognize the reverberating effects of these New World Order perpeTraitors.  

With National Security invoked on my testimony, the ultimate justice will be positive change through public awareness. We the People must take back our personal and national sovereignty, reinstate truth in education, learn to discern and identify perpeTraitors, and vigilantly protect free thought by staying aware!

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Signed by Cathy O’Brien
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