We The People Reunion

We The People Reunion

We the People Reunion event held in rural Kentucky over 9-11-21 drew thousands of people together to share truth among themselves and listen to the most brilliant minds in the country speak out on SOULutions to reclaiming personal and national sovereignty.  The conversation has started, and truth cannot be censored when it is shared eye to eye, heart to heart, and soul to soul!

We The People Poster

Like other speakers, I was available throughout the weekend to everyone with questions, stories to share, or who were seeking that one more piece of the puzzle needed to empower them in their own journey back to freedom.  I was astounded by the vast numbers of people who were actively seeking to reclaim freedom from mind control masked as a virus for themselves, their children, their communities, and their states.

Knowledge is our defense against mind control’s sliding scale, whether it be robotic MK Ultra mind control such as I endured, national/global trauma, or information control through repetitive announcements, media censorship, and Common Core global education.

After 2016 elections, We the People had our eyes opened to the reality of the New World Order slave society agenda and its drug and human trafficking funding mechanism.  Enough of u.s. voted for a President who put America first to override rigged electronic voting machine algorithms and derail the 100-year plan that was to be driven in by Hillary Clinton as per my 1995 testimony in TRANCE Formation of America.

In frantic desperation, NWO perpeTraitors went all in 2020 tipping their criminal hand and showing their game plan.  Yet all their trauma, censorship, and repetitive announcements in the world could not blind us to the reality that elections were blatantly stolen.  We the People are aware, and awareness is the first step toward positive, necessary change.

The Great Awakening is Happening Big Time!

Since We the People Reunion occurred over 9-11, reverberating effects of national trauma was on everyone’s minds.  I am deeply encouraged to know so many good people are now armed with knowledge on mind control and are asking how to best safeguard free thought in the event of further imposed national trauma.

Since our brains respond to trauma the same way, we can safeguard our free thought through easy to self-apply methods detailed in PTSD: Time to Heal.

Understand that our brains respond to personal, national, or global trauma with heightened suggestibility.  It is as though our conscious mind takes flight from the emotionally incomprehensible leaving our subconscious wide open to be easily led and manipulated by media’s use of NLP unless we effectively safeguard free thought.

Learn to recognize NLP- Neuro Linguistic programming- which is the language of the subconscious. An example of NLP is that social distancing (already oxymoronic) 6 ft apart equates to “6 ft apart or 6 ft under” do-or-die to the subconscious. Awareness is key to keeping thoughts free.

SOULutions are Simple

Turn off censored news and social media, which is perpeTraitors manipulative voice.

Pick up a pen and write out the trauma to diffuse it. Writing by hand (not typing!) requires the logic part of the brain, whereby shifting emotionally incomprehensible trauma over to logic where it can be consciously dealt with. Voice no negatives without a SOULution, so write them out, too. It will force your brain to freely think beyond the moment.

Wear a watch and watch your watch to stay consciously present because a concept of time equates to a concept of awareness.   

Be aware of media’s repetitive words broadcast over business and shopping center intercoms that direct your actions, such as ‘mask up’. Repetition is a basic form of mind control.

Consciously monitor your thoughts to ensure your actions are true to soul.  

Unite. Do not fall prey to divide and conquer tactics. Talk with each other eye to eye, heart to heart, and soul to soul. Listen to each other beyond semantics to find common bonds.

We the People Reunion inspired many other questions pertaining to reclamation of personal and national sovereignty.  I was pleasantly surprised that very few people asked, “what can we do?” and instead were actively seeking effective ways around obstacles encountered while already taking action within their fields of expertise.  In most cases, keeping action at a local or state level, independent of federal interference, produced positive results.

Parents are standing up for their children regarding truth in education and the right to breathe free by attending school board meetings and making their voices heard. Even corrupt Superintendents are no match for mothers on a mission to protect their children from federal overreach, fear mongering and mind control in the school system.

Likewise, people are becoming active locally on securing election integrity in order to effectively run for offices such as Superintendent themselves. They are getting to know their Sheriffs, District Attorneys, Judges, and Mayors and are holding them accountable to serving We the People or be replaced by one of u.s. With election integrity secured, We the People can reclaim freedom to direct our own lives again and begin draining the Wash DC swamp from the bottom up.

Awareness is Key

NWO funding mechanism of child trafficking has become the most lucrative business in the world since elections were stolen 2020 and our borders re-opened to unchecked criminal activity.  Anyone who is still in denial of human trafficking need only stand next to me at an event like the We the People Reunion and listen to hundreds of heart-breaking stories of its pervasiveness. 

For example, people helping survivors of human trafficking within a corrupted ‘child protective services’ system are being hindered by federal overreach and catchnet operations, namely by the FBI.  They are asking what can be done to navigate and clean up the system in order to safely help the children.

Again, awareness is key and knowledge is our defense. Mark’s and my journey to help my trafficked daughter be freed of the corrupted ‘child protective services’ justice and mental hellth system is detailed in ACCESS DENIED For Reasons of National Security.  We the People must make our voices heard and stop the National Security Act from being invoked to cover up pedophile and human trafficking agendas.  

The more you know the more you see traumas of pedophilia and human trafficking are part of perpeTraitors’ mind control agenda for implementing their New World Order slave society. Mind control is a matter of personal security not “National Security” and must be factored into the legal equation for justice to prevail.

Indeed, the Great Awakening is happening Big Time, and with it comes awareness of mind control’s sliding scale of targeting our precious children right on up to Manchurian candidate politicians.  In order to reclaim national sovereignty, We the People are first reclaiming personal sovereignty.  Free thought is key.

Still doubt We the People are winning?  Get out in your communities and join the throngs who are putting awareness into action!

TRANCE Formation of America

TRANCE Formation of America is the documented autobiography of a survivor of government mind control. Cathy O’Brien is the only vocal and recovered survivor of the Central Intelligence Agency’s MK-Ultra Project Monarch mind control operation.