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The need to secure our borders has been a ‘National Emergency’ my whole life!  I was born into human trafficking and

Justice For All edited

Justice For All

It is time for We-the-People to restore Justice for ALL to our criminal justice system. Systematic erosion of our justice system has

integrity of memory edited

Integrity of Memory

Filling in blanks to connect the dots while writing out memory can result in jumping to the wrong conclusions.   Our

truth is simple

Truth is simple. Lies are complicated.

Lies deliberately intended to socially engineer our nation are complex and deeply rooted, and have been systematically planted into the

immoral not immortal edited

MK Ultra’s Deep State Roots

At a time when slander is promoted as free speech, I am grateful that the fine legal line I’ve had

Spook by it's cover edited

Perpe-Traitors and Their Deep State Roots

Vote this Historical Midterm election with free thought awareness. Step back from controlled media, contrived polls, and political rhetoric. Arm

Cathy2 edited

PTSDed! By Cathy O’Brien

Since Mark passed away September 6, I have been deliberately taking time to heal from the trauma of losing my best

Monument small

MonuMental Deep State Semantics

Truth unites.  Whether it is compartmentalization resultant from trauma in the human brain, or socially engineered divisions intended to divide and

Reagan's war edited

Reagan’s Star Wars

Reagan is iconic, and I am often questioned about my experiences with him that are detailed in TRANCE Formation of America and ACCESS

triggered edited

Triggered: NLP An Inside Perspective

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is the language of our subconscious and is a primary component of mind control and Psychological