Voice of God

I never met Jimmy Carter.

I wanted to meet Carter, though, after deprogramming and writing out my memories. If only I could look into his eyes and see if Byrd’s boastings and assertions had in deed had undue influence over Carter’s Administration.

After all, Byrd had directed my actions in MK Ultra mind control through Voice of God programming rooted deep within my subconscious, and bragged that Carter was his crowning glory of control.

Technological advancements of harmonic tones in the 1970s strategically vibrated neuron pathways in the brain, carrying with them subliminal MK Ultra commands including Voice of God programming.  Puppet masters like Byrd, Bush, Ford, and other members of the dark, evil Cabal that is still manipulating minds of the global population today assert ruthless evil in their greed for power and money.

Voice of God mind control programming reaches deep into the subconscious on levels of inherent belief and intention. These perpeTraitors of New World Orders can not possess or even reach the human spirit. All they can do is inhibit and redirect expression of it through mind control.

Looking within we real-eyes that this ultimate evil cannot alter our innate source of infinite love and strength. Still, confusion is being generated by blatant satanic reversals and images repetitively bombarding humanity through controlled media today.

Truth is hard to see when we first open our eyes to the reality that we share this planet with very dark energy force people. They are not like us. They do not like us. Yet they only have as much power as we give them or let them steal. Once we look into their Psychological Warfare bag of tricks, their illusions of control are diffused.

Dare to look at Presidential Administrations with awareness of this dark Cabal’s agenda which has been hiding under the 1947 National Security Act since its inception. Information on MK Ultra mind control was brought into the US in the wake of WWII through Project Paperclip and has been slowly creeping in behind the ‘seen’ ever since. This shadow government deep state swamp of perpeTraitors is hellbent on implementing what Hitler, Bush, and Biden term New World Order.

By now many of u.s. are aware that Bush ran Reagan’s Administration, never having released control after the Assassination attempt. Those who do not comply fully with the Cabal’s dark agenda are overridden in some capacity or another, including through assassination, character assassination, and the blatant steal of elections.

Leading up to the 1980 elections, Byrd and his cronies had become increasingly alarmed that Carter was apparently listening to a Voice of God far more powerful than Byrd’s MK Ultra version, and an October Surprise was concocted to assure he would not be re-elected.

In the meantime, on the final day of the Republican convention, it was determined that Bush rather than Ford would be Reagan’s running mate. Reagan was not fully cooperating with the New World Order agenda either and, according to Byrd’s rants, it might raise suspicion if Ford was slipped into the Presidency again without election…think on that a moment.

It astounds me how quickly people snap judge politics based on media spin, generated character assassination, and strategic misinformation. Mind control’s sliding scale must be factored into the political equation if we are to stop the New World Order Cabal.

Since knowledge is our defense against mind control and awareness is the first step toward positive necessary change, it becomes easy to understand why censorship of truth is so prevalent today.

It also becomes easy to see how critically important it is to look beyond words of leaders to integrity of their actions.

Carter’s Habitat for Humanity was certainly no Clinton Foundation! Jimmy Carter notoriously joined in the physical building of foundations for Habitat for Humanity. What foundations would he have laid during his Administration if he had been free of the Cabal underMinding his efforts?

How many others in position of leadership world wide have been or are being underMind, coerced, blackmailed, or removed from office by this handful of puppetmasters and their dark agenda? 

The Cabal’s illusion of control is easy to see through when we stop following their hypnotic media voice and look within ourselves to that infinite source of love, strength, and ultimately discernment of truth.  

It is within us all to understand that this global Great Awakening is a divinely inspired spiritual evolution, and that it us up to us to wake each other up in light of love, truth, and freedom. This is our time!

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