Brief History of Censorship

Brief History of Censorship

As a young dissociative child, the idea of free press frightened me. Subconsciously I feared that newspapers might tell secrets my pedophile abusers threatened to kill me for if I told.

Now as a free thinking adult determined to reveal secrets buried under the National Security Act- which incidentally are the same secrets I childishly feared would be revealed through our so-called free press- I am aware Truth makes us free.

Secrecy have allowed for the erosion of free press and ultimately free thought while a dark, criminal cabal has enacted a silent coup for control. These perverse and greedy power mongers operate on the philosophy that Secret Knowledge = Power.

Reveal their Secret Knowledge and their power is eroded. How simple is that?  Now, to overcome censorship…

Back before internet and Big Tech, there were four networks to ‘choose’ from; ABC, CBS, NBC, and PBS. By invoking the 1947 National Security Act on any and all news that might shine a spotlight of truth on the erosion of freedom taking place behind the ‘seen’, the dark cabal slowly began creeping in.

Using their media voice to control the narrative, elections were easy to manipulate using contrived polls to divide the people for rigged elections. This allowed for ‘secret society’ strategic placement of perpeTraitors into positions of authority.  Ever since the inception of electronic voting machines in the wake of the Kennedy Assassination, contrived polls through controlled media confused the people into blaming each other for the systematic erosion of our sovereignty.

Diversion from truth became media’s role while strategic repetitive trauma was broadcast to heighten suggestibility. An ignorant and compliant society was being formed in accordance with Hitler/Himmler research into mind control of a nation that was imported into the US through Project Paperclip in the wake of WWII.

Technological advancements in harmonics, subliminals, and NLP began overriding humanity’s birthright to free thought and free will. Strength of the human spirit was the dark cabal’s biggest obstacle for total control.  While the human spirit by design could not be touched, mind control could inhibit humanity’s expression of it.

Without free thought, there is no capacity for free will expression of spirit. No ability to protect our children and stand against encroaching enslavement. This is why mind control is key for ushering in what the Hitler, Bush, and Biden cabal term New World Order.

Controlling information by controlling free speech would ultimately control the knowledge base from which we form our thoughts, perceptions, and actions.

By the 1990s, Patriots became Fed up with Gov overreach into media, education, and the control of information on all fronts. Information began circulating underground through the US Mail and through local gatherings of aware citizens. 

Mail confiscation became the new normal while a “malicious attack on militias” was generated through the cabal’s media voice amidst imposed terror tactics intended to heighten suggestibility.  These traumatic events included the Oklahoma City Bombing, Ruby Ridge, Waco, LA Riots, and other acts of war against We the People.

As the internet came into being, it was hopeful that widespread truth could spark a Great Awakening.  A concerted effort by internet truthers like Julian Assange commenced, while the cabal frantically fought for control. Using Assange and others as a means of enforcing internet censorship, Big Gov cabal swamped media by planting new roots as Big Tech.

Follow the money trail of censorship to find that Big Tech, Big Pharma, and Big Gov are only a handful of greedy billionaires hellbent on power.  Remember, their philosophy is Secret Knowledge = Power. And knowledge is our defense against mind control. This dark cabal has only gained control through manipulating our knowledge base through censorship of truth that makes us free.

We the People must find our voice. Step one is reclaiming our free thought by understanding it is within us all to reclaim our freedom. No one outside ourselves can do it for us.

Daring to face truth rather than childishly fearing it is key. Truth really does make us free. Once free thought is reclaimed, we can gather our strength of spirit, and share truth eye to eye, heart to heart, and soul to soul again.

We do not need controlled media to tell us we are the majority in order to unite.

United We-the-People have all the power while this dark cabal only has as much power as we give them or let them steal.

These perpeTraitors know we are by far the majority and that we are waking up, so there is a deliberate effort under way to reduce our numbers to a more manageable size.  We have no time to lose.

This is our time to face truth, share it with each other, unite our voices, and join the Great Awakening. We are all here at this pivotal moment in humanity’s history to reclaim our freedom for the sake of our children’s future. All together now, let’s make Censorship History!

TRANCE Formation of America

TRANCE Formation of America is the documented autobiography of a survivor of government mind control. Cathy O’Brien is the only vocal and recovered survivor of the Central Intelligence Agency’s MK-Ultra Project Monarch mind control operation.