See Through Illusions

See Through Illusions

Knowing the CIA and military use lizard alien theme MK Ultra mind control programming does not preclude the fact that there may be extra terrestrial life, dimensionally and otherwise, among us.

LikeWise, knowing DARPA and NASA use Voice of God theme MK Ultra programming does not usurp truth of higher power deity.

Knowing the CIA, military, DARPA, and NASA all use satanic theme MK Ultra programming proves yet again how easily led humanity is by fear, beliefs, and imposed sense of helplessness.

How many people today feel helpless against the illusion of power generated by the cabal of Big Gov, Big Pharma, and self-appointed global ‘leaders’ hellbent on ushering in their New World Orders using trauma base programming?

It is easy to see through lies, deception, fear mongering and contradictory mandates when we rise above negativity to think freely for ourselves. 

Deprogram the Program First

As in all aspects of MK Ultra mind control programming, it is imperative that we deprogram the program first in order to reclaim and retain free thought.  It is easy to recognize programming when we real-eyes that trauma is the basis of mind control.

Write out your fears, traumas, and immobilizing negativities using a pen and paper in order to activate the part of your brain that critically analyzes information. It’s a brain trick that shifts emotional fear and trauma to logic since it takes the logic part of the brain to move a pen.  Typing doesn’t stimulate free thought the same way writing by hand does.  So pick up a pen and paper, write out your fear, and then add a SOULution which is another brain trick to stimulate your brain to fire in ways that lift you above immobilizing negativity.

Everyone everywhere should be applying this simple mind brain function to bring peace, stability, free thought and free choice back into everyday life. Writing by hand must be restored to the education system so our children can learn how to think rather than be indoctrinated what to think.

Mind control is being systematically and strategically used on a global scale by a self-appointed cabal determined to terrorize humanity into compliance with their slave society agenda. These people are not like us and they do not like us.  Yet they only have as much power as we give them or let them steal. 

When we reclaim our free thought free will, it is easy to Stop Complying with this cabal we did not elect.

Be mindful that fear and trauma are the basis of mind control, whereby referring to this criminal cabal as demons, aliens, or terrorists only perpetuates their trauma based program of illusion.  Be mindful, too, that vast numbers of people have succumbed to MK Ultra mind control these ‘daze’ whereby your semantics could inadvertently lock in or adversely trigger instilled program. Remember, humanity is easily led by fears, beliefs, and imposed helplessness so wisely choose words that empower yourself and each other!

PTSD: Time to Heal eBook
PTSD Time to Heal is a workbook written by Cathy O’Brien, based on the healing methods taught to her by Intelligence insider Mark Phillips.

Your Beliefs Don’t Change Reality

When my MK Ultra mind controlled, trafficked child was being further mistreated by a corrupt and ignorant child protective services system, her therapist insisted that her past she had written out in photographic detail was not real.  She retorted, “Your beliefs don’t change reality.”

Think on that a moment.

Beliefs, for example, that the cabal is comprised of demons or aliens does not change the reality that they are humans bound by the same laws of nature that we are.  These slave-mongers must be held accountable for their crimes against humanity when we rise above fear to take responsibility for our own freedom.

Where does all this mind control programming come from? Remember, mind control is a sliding scale from unthinkable robotic MK Ultra mind control to information control. We all formulate our thoughts, beliefs, and actions based on what we know, and we need to know our knowledge base has been systematically and strategically censored and altered for ushering in the New World Order slave society agenda. 

Conditioning through devices including cell phones, computers and television include harmonics and hypnotic strobing lights that vibrate neuron pathways into heightened suggestibility.  Repetitiveness, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) language of the subconscious, and vast amounts of information overwhelm our brains’ ability to process, analyze, and consciously accept or reject what is being imposed on our minds.  Add traumatic images to this scientific formula for external control of the mind, and free thought is lost to negative bombardment through video games, social media, network news, global ed, music, repetitive tv programs such as Hunger Games and the Purge, and cult/occult indoctrination.

With any level of mind control, logic and compassion are lost to depersonalization as free thought soul expression is overridden by media narrative mandate of the moment. Rather than research and critically analyze traumatic and repetitive issues, those who have succumbed to mind control conditioning take to the streets marching to New World Orders as triggered.

Once you gain eyes to see, ears to hear, and soul to know the truth of the slave society agenda being imposed on humanity, it is easy to recognize mind control around us.  Depersonalization is a significant sign of traumatic mind control, where a victim no longer recognizes self or distinguishes identity in others. Snap judgements result, along with lack of compassion.

When mind control masked as a virus was unleashed on the global population, depersonalization was imposed through wearing masks.  Masks have always been a component of MK Ultra mind control due to inhibiting facial recognition, vocal expression, and oxygen to the brain necessary for critical analysis free thought.  Masks imposed on children prior to age 5 while their brain is still forming has conditioned a generation into compliance as intended.

Teach our children to write by hand again to reopen neuron pathways and exercise free thought!

Approach with Understanding

When depersonalization reaches an extreme, victims lose their ability to see themselves in a mirror, suffer body dysmorphia, and even lose their ability to feel.  The next time you see someone with clown hair and piercings marching in the latest parade of emotional conditioning, real-eyes you are seeing results of systematic MK Ultra mind control.   

Telling someone they are under mind control cannot be heard over the program screaming in their head. That program can blind them to your compassionate intention, resulting in transference of blaming you for their circumstance since they cannot think to recognize who their enemy really is.  They cannot even recognize themselves! People must know their own truth in order to recognize truth in others.

Live the love you are with freedom and truth, and it will light the path forward for others. Choose your words wisely to avoid triggering others into trauma based programming. 

Many MK Ultra occult theme survivors are being inadvertently locked in to programmed beliefs by design through well-intentioned counselors performing exorcisms or saying prayers of protection from satan when offering help. This diverts focus from the abusive programmer to the program itself as intended.  

MK Ultra alien theme survivors are also locked into program when counselors inadvertently reinforce helplessness by adhering to beliefs that aliens are beyond our realm to effect rather than hold the programmers accountable!  This again diverts focus from the guilty cabal perpetuating MK Ultra mind control to usher in their dominance agenda while people wait on Big Gov to address the perceived alien invasion.

Reclaim Your Birth Right

It is not up to Big Gov to save us- they are the ones enslaving us!  It is time to pull back their wizard’s curtain of illusions to real-eyes this handful of power mongers is within our realm to affect.  Their power is derived from MK Ultra mind control’s secret scientific formula and not from etherical entities used to generate helplessness and compliance.  Truth frees us from their media generated fear and empowers us to reclaim and retain free thought once and for all.

The sooner we stop blaming each other and face the reality that we share this planet with a handful of dark energy force people hellbent on enslaving us through mind control, the faster we can reclaim our birth right to free thought free will strength of spirit.  This is our time for evolutionary healing on all levels in light of truth that makes us free.

As we embark on this empowering journey together in light of free thought, remember that healing is a process, not an event. Let’s be gentle with ourselves and each other every step of the way as we reclaim our freedom from a self-appointed cabal we did not elect!  When people lead, leaders follow.

PTSD: Time to Heal

Whether your traumatic experience peaks the top of PTSD’s sliding scale the way Cathy’s Pentagon level MK Ultra mind control programming did; or is from the horrors of war; or even if it is simply resultant from socially engineered information control and fears, this book is for you.