Securing Midterm Elections

Securing Midterm Elections

Majority rules.  Make your vote count!

Elections have been strategically compromised ever since the inception of electronic voting machines in the wake of the Kennedy Assassination.  I’ve been bringing this proven fact to light for over 30 years due to my documented exposure to these perpeTraitors of New World Orders who have been stealing elections for decades.  These self-appointed globalists hellbent on ushering in their ‘great reset’ slave society agenda never worried about campaigning as they knew they would be placed in office as long as they cooperated with what Adolph Hitler, George Bush, and Joe Biden term New World Order.

Battle for the Mind of the Nation

Battle for the Soul of the Nation did not end with the steal of 2020 elections. 

Battle for the Soul is raging on through midterms, and mind control is the secret psyop weapon system deployed to force compliance.  Without free thought, there is no free will soul expression. No ability to stand for truth, justice, and freedom.  Battle for the Soul begins with Battle for the Mind, which this New World Order cabal believes they won when mind control masked as a virus allowed for their blatant steal of 2020 elections.

We the People are by far the majority, and only mind control’s illusion can make us believe otherwise.  For decades, controlled media’s contrived polls kept people blaming each other for electing perpeTraitors hellbent on eroding our Constitutional values of freedom and justice for all. Now we see through the illusion to real-eyes it is a mere handful of perpeTraitors who steal elections to take power while hiding behind their wizard’s curtain of secrecy.

It is encouraging to see that most of u.s. are awake, aware, and refusing to cooperate with another election steal.  We learned in 2020 that Big Government is not going to fix it for us because Big Government is doing it to us.  The mass majority of people are now actively involved in securing Midterm elections from local levels on up by monitoring polls, voting precincts, and mail drop boxes. We the People are calling for bans on outside campaign financing, resuming use of paper ballots, and demanding voter ID to prove citizenship and legitimacy. No more midnight mules- we’re on to them.

Vast numbers of u.s. overrode the rigged algorithm of electronic voting machines in 2016 to elect a President to represent our Constitutional sovereignty rather than the self-appointed Cabal’s global agenda. Sheer numbers can do it again as long as we vigilantly protect our voice- our vote.

TRANCE Formation of America

TRANCE Formation of America is the documented autobiography of a survivor of government mind control. Cathy O’Brien is the only vocal and recovered survivor of the Central Intelligence Agency’s MK-Ultra Project Monarch mind control operation.

An Unexpected Failure

Hillary Clinton was supposed to have ushered in the New World Order slave society agenda 2016 as detailed in my 1995 testimony for Congress. It was her responsibility to keep borders open to the Cabal’s funding mechanisms of drug and human trafficking that she and Bill had long since established. Yet We the People recognized her treasonous treachery, chanting “Lock Her Up” loud enough to shake the frequency of earth’s revolutions.

Hillary’s failure resulted in the Cabal’s desperate measures we all witnessed in 2020’s blatant steal.  Resorting to the darkest weapon of mass destruction in the Cabal’s arsonel, MK Ultra trauma based mind control was unleashed on humanity.  Mainstream media continues to be complicit in pushing the ‘great reset’ narrative, giving voice to their financial puppet masters and perpetuating mass mind control.

Controlled media repetitively bombards u.s. with divisive lies, contrived polls, and threats of torturous incarceration intended to force us to take a knee to New World Orders rather than stand against another blatant steal of elections.  We the People and humanity as a whole have more at stake than politics this midterm election, and it is imperative that we all unite to preserve the sanctity of free thought, free will soul expression.

The Great Awakening

Knowledge is our defense against mind control.  Despite strategic censorship, diversion, and dilution of truth, word is spreading fast among u.s. –  eye to eye, heart to heart, and soul to soul.  The Great Awakening is happening! Truth really does make u.s. free!

With free thought comes the ability for discernment of truth. Political rhetoric lies are easy to identify when we fact check actions of those on election ballots. Repetitive bombardment of contrived polls by media are being ignored while people seek more information than just ‘litter on a stick’ campaign name repetition.  People now recognize how adverse political agendas have overreached into our schools, churches, justice system, farms, health, and every facet of our lives.  This realization is inspiring action from all walks of life, including among those who previously had no interest in politics. United we stand to reclaim our minds, lives, and communities from Big Government’s demands.

This is Our Time to stand in light of Free Thought.  Battle for the Soul in midterm elections will be over when we unite to claim victory over the Battle for the Mind.  With free thought comes wisdom, and wisdom outthinks a criminal mind every time.  Its where we win and where they lose.

This criminal cabal only has as much power as we give them… or let them steal.

Stop the Steal! Secure elections! Make your voice heard and your vote count in Midterm elections!

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