Order of the Rose

Order of the Rose

Some of the finest people I know are Catholics working on the inside to dismantle CIA Jesuit child sex trafficking.

Jesuits are the Intelligence arm of the Vatican, representing the New World Order of the Rose in conjunction with the CIA.

My torturous MK Ultra mind control experience was Jesuit CIA based, thrusting me deep in the swamp among perpeTraitors of the dark slave society agenda being imposed worldwide today. I learned secrets of this dark Cabal’s 100 year dominance plan where a handful of Big Guys hold all the gold and make all the rules.  Their plan, generated by DARPA A.I., is shallow and linear in construct, which means it lacks depth and wisdom.

Wisdom outthinks a criminal mind every time in light of humanity’s strength of spirit and power of love. Our innate birthright capability is what these perpeTraitors fear most because they know humanity would never tolerate alteration and destruction of our divine soul purpose.

These perpeTraitors cannot control nor possess the human spirit. They can only inhibit our expression of it by distracting our conscious mind outside ourselves with imposed trauma. When we reclaim our free thought, free will soul expression, it is easy to see that it is abSOULutely inexcusable to allow this dark Cabal to manipulate our brilliant minds and lives any more.

Evil by any other name- whether it be satanic, alien, great reset, or New World Order of the Rose- is still evil. Darkness cannot creep in on our light, and it is within us all to rise above the evil being imposed on humanity under masked illusion of power. These perpeTraitors only have as much power as we give them or let them steal.

They have been stealing our power, our freedom, our children, and our future for generations… UNseen behind their veil of secrecy. “Good people do not think to look for this kind of criminal activity” my owner in MK Ultra Sen Byrd often quipped.

We see it now.

Many of us have been jolted awake by a corrupt criminal justice system, so-called child protective services, and the blatant promotion and active endorsement of this New World Order’s funding mechanism of child sex trafficking, pedophilia, and drug/human trafficking across open borders. We are aware and seeking the roots of this corruption to effectively eradicate them from our lives once and for all.

Roots of child sex trafficking extend to the Vatican where pedophile priest have been sanctioned since the inception of New World Order plans. It had been found through Hitler/Himmler research that the most horrific trauma on the human mind is sexual abuse of a child while their brain is still forming. The Catholic Vatican learned trauma is the basis of mind control through violent Crusades, Spanish Inquisition, and burning of witches which left many children without parents.

Catholic orphanages housed these spoils of war, where the children were notoriously whipped into compliance to perpetuate the rise of Vatican power and wealth. Sexual abuse made these children even more compliant, and priests inflicting the assault were promoted just as Cardinal Law was in the wake of the more current Catholic child abuse scandal.

TRANCE Formation of America

TRANCE Formation of America is the documented autobiography of a survivor of government mind control. Cathy O’Brien is the only vocal and recovered survivor of the Central Intelligence Agency’s MK-Ultra Project Monarch mind control operation.

In 1988, the same day Mark Phillips rescued my daughter and me out of the Wash DC swamp of CIA/Jesuit human trafficking ops, my handler Alex Houston was in Nebraska assaulting children in the Catholic Boys Town. Paul Bonacci of the notorious Franklin Coverup had named Alex Houston as an abuser in Boys Town. Houston proudly displayed a large gothic key to Boys Town in his Goodlettsville, Tennessee residence for years.

My torturous Jesuit programmer in MK Ultra mind control was US Army Lt. Col. Michael Aquino, founder of the occult Temple of Set proliferating on our military bases. Aquino’s penchant for perpetuating satanic sexual abuse of children was blatant, inspiring parents to unite and protest the FBI’s coverup of his mind shattering atrocities in Marin County, California to no avail.

By this time, the Vatican had become its own city, sovereign ruler, and bank with sufficient wealth, blackmail power, and secrets to gain traction as the One World Church in the New World Order. Jesuits, like the CIA, were given free reign to sex traffic children for perpetuating money and control.

In the mean time, school systems were being infiltrated with global education that picked up where Hitler’s Youth left off.   Jesuit Bill Bennett ushered in school indoctrination of our children under cloak of secrecy while brother Bob Bennett manipulated justice under guise of National Security. Endorsing pedophilia and promotion of it, Bennett Brothers wreaked havoc on the minds of our children while Sen. Byrd’s FBI National Center for Missing and Exploited Children assured sex trafficked children would be kept in a vicious cycle of enslavement.

Occasionally voices would penetrate media censorship to expose sanctioned Jesuit/CIA pedophilia and mind control. In 1992, singer Sinead O’Conner ripped up a picture of the pope on SNL live tv in what was frantically media hyped as a ‘conspiracy theory’ in an attempt to divert increasing global awareness.

In those days, Mark and I were aware that Catholic/Jesuit MK Ultra survivors emerging around the world were encouraged by public outcry from O’Conner, investigative author Gordon Thomas, Mormon Bishop Pace, us, and many, many more. It was enough to ignite what would become known as the Catholic Child Abuse Scandal by the turn of the millennium.

Jesuits and CIA were already one in purpose for my MK Ultra mind control victimization by 1960 when my father sold me into the project in lieu of prosecution for confiscated child pornography of me. With National Security invoked on my father’s case, he- like many pedophile priests- was protected and rewarded for his contribution to New World Order controls.

Cardinal Law of the infamous Catholic Child Abuse Scandal had taught my father how to raise me in MK Ultra, after which I was routinely traumatized by satanic ritual abuse in my local Catholic Church St. Francis de Sales in Muskegon, Michigan. CIA Jesuit alliance was already fully established at St. Francis by the time I was thrust into their mind control project.

Tortured, traumatized, and mind controlled at a very young age, I was trafficked in NWO pedophile blackmail ops on Mackinac Island, Michigan where the Governor’s Mansion was located. Mackinac Island was the “Epstein Island” or “Bohemian Grove” of its time, where perversions were filmed and politicians bought, sold, and compromised.

A master of Jesuit/CIA MK Ultra mind control of individuals and nations, Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau sexually assaulted me on Mackinac Island when I was 9 years old. It was there I would meet my owner in MK Ultra, US Sen Byrd to whom I was sold at age 13.

It was also at Mackinac Island where plans were discussed regarding implementation of MK Ultra mind control for ushering in the New World Order.  Combining Hitler/Himmler research with what the Catholics had long since learned about the effects of trauma on the human mind, accentuated by CIA technological advancements, resulted in a powerful form of mind control over global populations.

New World Order roots were firmly planted by controlling information in education and media; sanctioning pedophilia and mind control abuses under guise of National Security; promoting Catholicism as though the Pope was already supreme ruler; and perpetuating their funding mechanism of drug and human trafficking across open borders unchecked.

Jesuit/CIA New World Order of the Rose alliance remains one in purpose for ushering in a slave society agenda through mind control intended to suppress the strength of the human spirit.  Know true history.  I have been bringing it to light for over 35 years ever since Mark Phillips freed me from that hell to tell their dark secrets. Secrets that include the Vatican’s intention to become the One World Church in the New World Order- a reward for their pedophilic mind control contributions.

I am living proof healing is possible from the most torturous and powerful application of Jesuit/CIA mind control.

In my healing process, I vented through poetry which I wrote out by hand. The more you know, the more you see it is within us all to face the truth, reclaim our free thought, stop cooperating with the New World Order slave society agenda, and live life’s purpose in light of love and peace. 


Wholey See
by Cathy O’Brien 2004

I believe in human kind
to calm the Holy See
make waves of change,
stop abuse and let little children BE.

I believe in human kind
to stand by truth with soul
to see clear through eyes of love
and apply what they know.

I believe in human kind
to start world change within
evolve with soul conviction
and live in peace again.

‘Forgive Me, Father’

by Cathy O’Brien 2004

‘Forgive me, Father’, but you have sinned
just like my father at home
Did your Father abuse you, too?
Do they care to know this in Rome?

Cries and pleas of generations
extend to the Vatican
Abuse perpetuates abuse
generating Holy War within.

Tears of children fall like the reign
of the Vatican’s Holy See
Respond now with compassion’s love
and let truth set them free.