Frontline Patriots

Frontline Patriots

We are the news!

Yet are we actually equipped to delve into harsh truth each day, sifting through misinformation, character assassination, and viscous attacks by bots to share pertinent news with others day after day after day?

“Information on the internet is like drinking from a firehouse,” Mark would say, while comparing network news to “dumpster diving for a ham sandwich.” Yet many patriots are willing to do just that to get to the truth that is otherwise withheld, censored, and diluted in order to present it to We the People in an empowering manner.

Recently I have noticed many of our most brilliant podcasters and speakers showing signs of PTSD from their relentless dedication to truth amidst these harsh transitional times we are living. It is imperative that that we all take time for ourselves in order to have time to give others.

Take a break. Find your balance. Restore your hope. Count your victories!

From my point of view, victories abound everywhere these days. Awareness is the first step toward positive, necessary change- and that change is happening at an increasingly rapid rate proportionate to the Great Awakening!

Who is reporting on these positive changes? With frontline patriots immersed in the news of the moment like storm chasers, it can be difficult to rise above the latest storm to see a clear path forward or acknowledge all that is blossoming in its wake!

As I started my day in nature with my precious pets, listening to gentle breezes rustling leaves in the trees in rhythm with bird songs, I began making notes on paper of the many victories we are achieving together. What is on your list of victories, progress, and SOULutions? What have you done for your self to keep your brilliance shining its brightest?  Here’s a few items on my list, which I trust inspires you to make your own list.

In 2016, sheer numbers of us overrode the rigged electronic voting machine algorithm and made our voices heard for anyone but Hillary and the New World Order plan. Media did not tell us we are the majority, nor did media unite our effort. Media did not even have contrived poll numbers that could distract us.

2016 taught us that We the People hold all the power, while this dark Cabal great reset only has as much power as we give them or let them steal.

Frantically, perpeTraitors did steal elections 2020 believing they would get away with it through mind control masked as a virus. In the process of imposing trauma based mind control, these so-called puppetmasters tripped on their own strings by telling us to shelter at home. This broke our routine patterns. When routine patterns are broken, the human brain is forced to fire in new ways opening neuron pathways rather than closing them as intended. 

The Great Awakening accelerated faster. While sheltering at home, parents took note of school indoctrination of their children. Parents are now homeschooling their kids and/or are actively involved in the school system to restore truth in education.

PTSD: Time to Heal

Whether your traumatic experience peaks the top of PTSD’s sliding scale the way Cathy’s Pentagon level MK Ultra mind control programming did; or is from the horrors of war; or even if it is simply resultant from socially engineered information control and fears, this book is for you.

Local Action = National Impact

People are talking with each other eye to eye, heart to heart, and soul to soul again. FED up with media’s repetitive controlling narrative, people are shutting off their devices and are becoming active in their communities. Support groups are springing up everywhere to help people real-eyes they are not responsible for what they were forced to do under mind control and are arming each other with knowledge that is our defense against any further manipulation going forward.

It has been quite some time since I’ve seen a child masked up, behind plexiglass, or looking with fearful eyes at anyone who gets too close. Children playing with each other has resumed, while parents have evolved with lessons learned to ensure their children will never be masked up, vaxxed, and terror-eyesed again!

Eyes that opened to the reality of the New World Order’s funding mechanism of drug and human trafficking across open borders have expanded to see Big Government is not going to fix the problem for us. Big Government is doing it to us. People helping people are organizing around so-called child protective services that have been corrupted by FBI National Center for Missing and Exploited Children catch net operations that only perpetuate child sex trafficking.

Once eyes are open to the erosion of justice and corruption of our social structure it is impossible to revert back to ignorance. Truth never goes away. 

Truth like Clinton crimes against humanity that have yet to be prosecuted. “Lock Her Up” Hunter Biden’s laptop. Burisma. Evidence of Election stealing. We the People see how deep the Wash DC swamp runs now and know it must be drained from the bottom up. It really is up to us.

Local Action = National Impact.

I see people everywhere getting out in nature, breathing in the air, and enjoying their pets again. Look how many of us are growing our own gardens now, raising our own chickens and livestock free of genetic alteration, and wisely tending to our own health.  Big Pharma is being replaced with natural medicine and herbs. State legalization of medicinal cannabis is providing relief from stress, pain, digestive issues, and inspiring a good night’s sleep free of pharmaceuticals. Medical cannabis, reputed for opening neuron pathways in the brain, is rejuvenating free thought in the wake of imposed traumatic controls.

Our best doctors, nurses, law enforcement, military, teachers and more who lost jobs in 2020 for thinking free of Big Pharma are reorganizing outside of a corrupted, weakened system. Truth frees us from fear, and our eyes are open to truth now thanks to Frontline Patriots bringing it to light.

We see self appointed leaders flying their jets and chugging their yachts to meetings to discuss how to impose environMental terror on those of us living our simple, natural lives. We already know climate change is weather redefined, and naturally respect nature’s majesty without caving in to manufactured fear.

We the People are rising above the Victim Mentality that is pushed by school and media indoctrination intended to keep us subdued and looking outside ourselves to authoritarians for answers.  It is within us all to reclaim our own sovereign power and thrive!

When people lead, leaders follow. It’s time they step aside, stop warring in our name, and do their part to clean up the spoils of their war$. It is time they were held accountable for their actions. After all, we are by far the majority!

What an amazing time to be alive and living life’s purpose! The Great Awakening continues to accelerate thanks to our Frontline Patriots bringing truth to light. I am grateful to each and every one of them who have given me voice. Awareness is the first step toward positive necessary change, and that change is happening!

What victories are you seeing in light of truth?

PTSD: Time to Heal

Whether your traumatic experience peaks the top of PTSD’s sliding scale the way Cathy’s Pentagon level MK Ultra mind control programming did; or is from the horrors of war; or even if it is simply resultant from socially engineered information control and fears, this book is for you.