Humanity for President

Am I Right?

Since reclaiming free thought and expanding perception beyond what I’d been conditioned to believe, the only political campaign button I ever wore was “Humanity for President”.

Like many of you, I know the two party system is merely an illusion of difference to keep We the People blaming each other for the New World Order agenda being imposed on u.s.all.

Having been deep in the Wash DC swamp under NWO MK Ultra mind control, I was exposed to conversations, attitudes, and plans that showed me how this dark cabal thinks. While their intelligence lacks wisdom, A.I. generated plans ensure everything is done for more than one reason. Sometimes seeds are planted way in advance of events to manipulate future outcomes.

Especially regarding rigged elections.

Controlled media narrative is designed to manipulate minds of “voters” through contrived polls, with numbers proving a close race. Then when perpeTraitors are sElected and placed in key positions of influence, We the People are reminded that the polls forewarned us.

When We the People overrode rigged electronic voting machine algorithms in 2016 by sheer numbers of us voting in anyone but Hillary Clinton, New World Order perpeTraitors expanded their election stealing arsenal.

2017 In Alabama, Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ vacant Senate seat was up for grabs in a special election. Media generated scandalous division between Republicans Luther Strange and Roy Moore set the stage for Doug Jones to be slipped into office; the first Alabama Democrat “elected” in 25 years. Alabamans were too busy blaming each other for the upset to follow the out-of-state money backing the debacle.

If We the People follow out-of-state and out-of-country political campaign donations, we will find the money leads to the same handful of puppet-masters holding media purse strings. When questions are raised, the bought and sold media generates the latest perversion diversion to occupy people’s minds.

Why is outside money allowed in our elections anyway?

What happens when this same media generated division is caused on a National scale? Media is not held accountable for creating division through scandalous accusations with no basis or evidence, especially when media compounds the felony with repetitive narrative and contrived polls. With minds manipulated and confused, the undesirable appointed candidate is slipped into place using the same old divisive game that keeps us blaming each other.   

The stage is already being set by the media to create an illusion of division within the Republican party for 2024, with polls ‘proving’ the groundwork.  This far in advance, repetitive media narrative bombards the subconscious into acceptance by the time elections roll around.

Repetition is the most basic form of mind control.  Awareness is our defense against it.

Read that again: Repetition is the most basic form of mind control. Awareness is our defense against it.

For 35 years I have been sounding the alarm on contrived polls and rigged electronic voting machines. I have watched people waking up and arming each other with truth!  

Still, controlled media continues to censor our voice, evidence, and viable solutions while repetitively bombarding us with contrived polls designed to keep our focus off New World Order perpeTraitors currently setting us up for another election steal.  

New World Order perpeTraitors are following their well worn plan of corruption that is engrained in our society and in our minds since the inception of electronic voting machines in the wake of the Kennedy Assassination.

What is our plan?

What plan do We the People have to stop another election steal? We did not right the 2020 blatant election steal so all that is left is for history to repeat itself in another election steal 2024 unless we wisely outthink their plan.

We the People see their pattern and are armed with knowledge that is our defense against mind control.  Awareness is the first step toward positive, necessary change.

Yet how do we incite necessary change when our voices are deliberately divided and censored? How do We the People unite and make our voices- and our votes- count?  We need a plan.

“Trust the Plan”!

WE are the Plan!

Shut off New World Order hypnotic media voice and get active in your communities. Talk to each other eye to eye, heart to heart, and soul to soul. Enough of us were awake and aware 2016 without media telling us we are the majority.  The Great Awakening has accelerated even further since then!

Know your own truth. Pick up pen and paper and write out your fears, trauma, and/or negativities immobilizing you. Add a SOULution. This is a brain trick that restores free thought and ultimately free  will strength of spirit and discernment of truth. Truth frees us from fear and empowers us into action. 

“Local Action = National Impact”

This is Our Time. This is our chance to reclaim personal and national sovereignty. Know their plan, and counter it with yOurs.

BE the white hat

Take a stand

BE the change

WE are the Plan

TRANCE Formation of America

TRANCE Formation of America is the documented autobiography of a survivor of government mind control. Cathy O’Brien is the only vocal and recovered survivor of the Central Intelligence Agency’s MK-Ultra Project Monarch mind control operation.