Freedom is Within

Freedom is Within

Reclamation of our minds and lives begins within each of us, and it is within us all to heal ourselves and reclaim free thought and inner peace just as I did. It is our birthright to gather our wits and strength of spirit to live life’s purpose during these powerfully pivotal times we are here to effect.

Society has been conditioned for generations to look outside themselves for answers, relying on Big Gov, Big Pharma, Big Tech and Big Cult to tell them what to think and do. This conditioning further misdirects abuse survivors from thinking to look within themselves for healing rather than gravitate to the latest fad, gimmick, pharmaceutical, or hypnotist to do it for them.

Healing is abSOULute when a survivor is no longer triggered, triggerable, loses time, or compromises integrity of action. Integrity comes with integration. It is a stability driven by conscious awareness, true-to-soul focus, and infinite source power of love.

Daily I hear from survivors who use current buzzwords indicative of looking outside themselves for answers. Traumatic conditioning and depersonalization heightens suggestibility, which makes it easy and seemingly natural to misidentify abusers and take on current buzz words of “TI” “Monarch” and “DUMBS”, for example.

This is akin to misinformed therapists following suit of attorneys who ask leading questions such as “was that daddy who did that to you?” The suggestion is implanted while the reality of uncle’s abuse stays repressed. Looking outside self for answers while healing produces the same results since survivors are, in essence, asking themselves leading questions.

Shut off tv, computers, cell phones, music, and all devices to deep listen within self to hear truth free of implanted disruption.  

Pleas of survivors are often ignored by society, inspiring them to raise their voice louder by naming an abuser everyone can identify with. In reality, politically affluent abusers only have more power and influence to silence voices and unleash their Federal Bullies on Innocents.  In the Mean time, actual abusers reel survivors back under control.

It is imperative that we arm each other with truth that it is within us all to heal ourselves. It is a perfect safety mechanism to heal and identify all abusers before vocalizing. When survivors start talking before healing, they are vulnerable, suggestible, and usually turn to abusers for ‘help’ as programmed.

I almost made that fatal error at the onset of my healing, and Mark asked me, “Who told you this person would help you? Do not vocalize the answer. Write it out.”

I did write it out. I was going to show him why I needed to alert this “Epstein” of his time and actually learned how close I had come to following program. By deprogramming the program first, my demise was averted.

PTSD: Time to Heal

Whether your traumatic experience peaks the top of PTSD’s sliding scale the way Cathy’s Pentagon level MK Ultra mind control programming did; or is from the horrors of war; or even if it is simply resultant from socially engineered information control and fears, this book is for you.

The first few weeks of healing are precarious. A safe place is needed. Silence is crucial. If survivors are talking, they are not listening to the truth within themselves. Talking usually spews program, whereas writing it out diffuses program by opening neuron pathways in the brain. 

Writing by hand activates the critical analysis part of the brain, opening neuron pathways in the brain to transfer information over to writing where it then can be consciously acknowledged on the paper. This allows for healing on psychiatric and psychological levels at once, diffusing program and empowering free thought.

Until neuron pathways in the brain are firing properly and free thought is exercised, a survivor is vulnerable to being triggered back in or being misled through heightened suggestibility. Being exposed to others belief systems during this time can also be detriMental. Healing must occur first.

Once free thought is reclaimed, free will soul expression allows for personal expression of strength of spirit. It cannot happen the other way around as many well intentioned religious or spiritual influencers assert.  Due to a survivor’s heightened suggestibility, imposed beliefs of others can trigger horrific cult/occult programming and inhibit healing. Or worse, layer an illusion of healing that renders a survivor more vulnerable than ever.

It is imperative to heal from within self. We simply forgot to accept this birthright gift and heal from within. This is a crucial fact that everyone everywhere should consider and apply to themselves to undue generations of conditioning to look outside self for answers.

What is it that compels you to give away your power to outside sources? Write it out by hand in silence.

This simple brain trick can undo generations of conditioning and imposed distraction from who we really are and why we are here at this pivotal moment in humanity’s history. Know your truth. Know your purpose. Peacefully and joyously live the life you were born to lead in light of peace, truth, and love.

And spread the word! Survivors need us to remind them that their path to truth’s freedom is within.

PTSD: Time to Heal eBook
PTSD Time to Heal is a workbook written by Cathy O’Brien, based on the healing methods taught to her by Intelligence insider Mark Phillips.