Mind control is being used to usher in what Adolph Hitler, George Bush, and Joe Biden term New World Order. It is a slave society agenda where a compliant society is mandatory for implementing controls contrary to human nature and free will.

PerpeTraitors of New World Orders are a mere handful of puppetmasters seeking control over the minds of billions. Their strategic, scientific formula for mind control is losing its grip due to the strength of the human spirit’s resiliency and resistance.

As a result, this dark cabal is becoming frantic.

Depopulation is now key to reducing humanity’s numbers to a more manageable size as forewarned in my 1995 testimony for Congress TRANCE Formation of America.

We have no time to lose. Knowledge is our defense against mind control, and it is imperative that this truth be brought to light despite controlled media censorship. It is up to us to share this information with each other eye to eye, heart to heart and soul to soul.

Trauma is the basis of mind control and it was found through Hitler/Himmler research that there is no trauma more detriMental to the human mind than sexual abuse of a child prior to age 5 while the brain is still forming.

Pedophilia begets compliant children with heightened suggestibility- exactly what this New World Order cabal commands. It is the way our brains respond to trauma too horrible to comprehend. The conscious mind takes flight leaving the subconscious wide open to being easily led and manipulated.

With no conscious mind filter, self awareness devolves to depersonalization.

With depersonalization, humanity looks outside themselves for answers with no inner driver or moral compass. Biden’s “Battle for the Soul of the Nation” takes on deep meaning when we understand that without free thought there is no soul expression. Mind control inhibits strength of spirit and disrupts expression of humanity’s divine purpose. 

Today’s imposed pedophile agenda is a mind control agenda. Our children are being targeted while parents have been conditioned for generations to give their power to authority.

Consider now the transgender/gender confusion movement that is born of depersonalization for the New World Order’s mind control slave society agenda. Children are so compliant and malleable that they gravitate to any narrative being pushed… such as transgenderism. 

Transgender movement is a mind control agenda intended to fulfill depopulation goals.  When suggestibility is so high that a child has no defense against imposed hormone alteration or even surgery, mind control is absolute.

This child easily becomes a Sleeper that can be activated to carry out any order including perpetuating trauma on others through mass shootings. Now the mind control cycle is perpetuating itself through trauma as intended, leaving whole communities traumatized and suggestible. It is times like these we must protect our freedom and rights, particularly our 2nd Amendment.

PerpeTraitors of New World Orders intend to incite violence so we kill each other off rather than real-eyes who our enemy is. Our enemy is an evil, dark cabal hellbent on implementing their New World Order agenda at all cost to human life.

This cabal is counting on humanity to be shocked into disbelief and rendered ignorantly compliant. Knowledge is our defense against mind control!

It is within us all to remember our saving grace strength of spirit. No one can look within ourselves for us- it is up to each and every one of us to stop looking outside ourselves for answers and look within to reclaim our innate source of infinite strength.

It begins with reclaiming free thought.

We must understand components of mind control playing out before our eyes. Those suffering mind control’s depersonalization exhibit their inability to consciously recognize self through extreme appearance, excessive tattoos, piercings, and gender confusion.

Have compassion for those who are subconsciously screaming out for help- while also understanding they are one trigger away from activation to march to New World Orders, the latest repetitive media narrative, or into unthinkable violence.    

Is it any wonder our schools are targets of violent massacres when it is indoctrination in our education system that is creating mind control sleepers as intended?

Truth frees us from fear and reminds us we have all the power. This dark cabal only has as much power as we give them or let them steal. It is within us all to reclaim our birthright to free thought’s free will, and take a stand against the invisible menace of mind control.

Our children need us to protect them for their sake and for the sake of future generations. The cabal has lost their grip and are in their last desperate attempts at control.  This is our time to rise up and stand strong against their depopulation TRANCE-gender slave society agenda and reclaim our moral compass once and for all!

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