MK Ultra Mind Control Components

MK Ultra Mind Control Components

When Mind Control masked as a virus was unleashed on the global population in 2020 to usher in what Adolph Hitler, George Bush, and Joe Biden term the New World Order, I instantly recognized components of MK Ultra mind control.

After all, my MK Ultra mind control victimization deep in the Wash DC swamp among perpeTraitors hellbent on imposing their global slave society provided me insight into their plan for dominance of humanity. Knowledge is our defense against mind control, and I certainly gained that knowledge through my personal experience.

Components of mind control include:

Fear and Trauma: our brains respond to fear and trauma through heightened suggestibility, which is being deliberately generated to create a compliant society.

NLP/hypnotic language: is used to manipulate thought and, when repetitive and/or used in conjunction with harmonics, programs the subconscious while suggestibility is heightened from fear or trauma.

Information Control: we all formulate our thoughts, opinions, and actions (or lack thereof) based on what we know, and we Need to Know that knowledge base has been and is being altered through censorship; indoctrination propaganda through Common Core education and controlled media; and policing of truth through Department of Homeland Security’s Disinformation Governance Board among other fear tactics being deployed such as silencing concerned parents under label of terrorists subject to FBI interrogation. Bringing censorship full circle to fear creates a vicious cycle.

Food Deprivation: starves the brain first, further raising suggestibility, which is one reason our food supply is under attack.

Sleep Deprivation: when people work two or more jobs to make ends meet rather than have time to walk in nature and relax, fatigue heightens suggestibility.

Financial Control: survivors of slavery rarely if ever have money as financial control hinders freedom and is an understated component of MK Ultra mind control being imposed on a global scale under the guise of ‘global reset’. The ‘reset’ is where a handful of big guys make all the money, and those who survive their tyranny do all the work aka ‘own nothing and be happy’.

Depersonalization: extreme trauma results in dissociative identity disorder where individuality is lost to the extent victims rarely can associate themselves with their mirror reflection.  Social engineering of society to eradicate cultural differences conditions people to all be the same, and confusing gender of children while their brains are still forming, are among tactics being used to depersonalize and heighten suggestibility on a mass scale.

Oxygen Deprivation: masks are used in MK Ultra mind control because they depersonalize through masking identity, inhibit speech through muffling voices, and deprive the brain of oxygen necessary for free thought critical analysis.

Genetic Alteration: robotic MK Ultra mind control is used to blur the line between human and artificial intelligence. My 1995 testimony for Congress, censored under National Security, exposed this MK Ultra plan for human manipulation-including through ‘vaccines’-in TRANCE Formation of America. Cohorts in New World Orders, Bill Clinton and George Bush discuss this in depth in TRANCE, proving yet again this globalist slave society agenda being imposed knows no party lines. Arm yourself with truth and research further.  MK Ultra mind control is a very dark agenda usurping humanity’s birthright to life’s purpose.

Suppression of the Human Spirit: there is nothing perpeTraitors of NWO slave society agenda fear more than the strength of the human spirit, which they cannot possess nor alter.  Any level of mind control suppresses our ability to express our strength of spirit and hinders our ability to think to stand for the things we believe in… like protecting our children from the NWO funding mechanism of human trafficking. I know from my experience in MK Ultra robotic mind control that without free thought, there is no free will, and without free will, there is no soul expression motivated by strength of spirit. I also know from experience that the human spirit is resilient and will certainly rise to the occasion as quickly as free thought is reclaimed!

Many government secrets and personal reputations were staked on the belief that I could not deprogram to remember what I had been tortured to forget. They did not count on the strength of the human spirit or power of love. They did not count on a man of integrity and strength of spirit like Mark Phillips using information he gleaned from the highest levels of intel mind sciences to secure freedom of thought against the global slave society agenda.

TRANCE Formation of America

TRANCE Formation of America is the documented autobiography of a survivor of government mind control. Cathy O’Brien is the only vocal and recovered survivor of the Central Intelligence Agency’s MK-Ultra Project Monarch mind control operation.

Overcoming Censorship

Mark rescued my daughter and me right of the Wash DC swamp in 1988 so we could begin exposing the NWO agenda and its funding mechanism of human slavery. When perpeTraitors realized I was remembering and revealing all their secrets, their paradigm shifted and they panicked.  

PerpeTraitors made it difficult for Mark and me to share truth on mind control, understanding that knowledge is our defense against it! Their greatest fear was realized, and the strength of the human spirit prevailed against their brutal, unconscionable MK Ultra mind control tactics.  If one victim survived to stand against their mind control agenda, a whole world of oppression could be overcome in light of truth!

It has been a 30+ year challenge for me due to censorship; diluting truth through altering my testimony for Congress TRANCE Formation of America in free eBooks that circulate on the internet and discrediting me as a ‘conspiracy theorist’ despite their invoking National Security on that so-called “theory”.

To compound the felony, my hero and soul mate passed away in 2017 after giving his life to secure the sanctity of free thought against this global slave society agenda. We all lost a hero when Mark passed, yet the truth he revealed is available to all in PTSD: Time to Heal.

I encourage each and every one of you, amplify my voice, raise awareness on truth that makes us free, and let’s overcome censorship together!

When I saw mind control masked as a virus imposed 2020, complete with components of mind control listed above, I knew that humanity would need the techniques for healing that Mark taught me. I posted PTSD: Time to Heal on my website in eBook form with a pay what you can IF you can option so everyone can have it now regardless of income as imposed financial controls deliberately tighten.

How many components of MK Ultra mind control do you now recognize through mind control masked as a virus ushering in the New World Order? Heal from them all, reclaim your free thought free will strength of spirit just as I did, and together, lets shift perpeTraitors’ paradigm once and for all!

PTSD: Time to Heal

Whether your traumatic experience peaks the top of PTSD’s sliding scale the way Cathy’s Pentagon level MK Ultra mind control programming did; or is from the horrors of war; or even if it is simply resultant from socially engineered information control and fears, this book is for you.