Disney UNderworld

Underground bases, bunkers, and cities where child sex trafficking/harvesting ops are reported to proliferate is a concept that allows people to wrap their brains around the unthinkable. No wonder they didn’t see it before if it’s under ground!

My life’s experience in CIA MK Ultra mind control was, for the most part, hidden in plain sight. Like my owner in MK Ultra, US Senator Robert C. Byrd often quipped, “Good people don’t think to look for this kind of criminal activity.”

My MK Ultra mind control victimization ended in 1988 when Intel insider Mark Phillips rescued my daughter and me right out of the Wash DC human trafficking swamp. Since then, the onset of cell phone cameras in everyone’s hands is logical enough reason for black ops to increasingly move underground. Whether above ground hiding in plain sight, or deep in the depths of undergrounds, it takes eyes to see, ears to hear, and soul to know truth that we share this planet with some very dark energy forces hellbent on targeting our children for their global slave society agenda. 

My documented experience proves that the pedophile agenda is a mind control agenda to create a compliant society, while human trafficking is the funding mechanism of the New World Order one world government currently being imposed. This agenda is a 100 year plan that picked up where Adolph Hitler left off, and perpeTraitors are rapidly nearing its completion as evidenced by the acceleration of imposed traumatic and financial controls over the global population.

Identify the Target

When we understand components of mind control and our own mind brain function, we are armed against this invisible menace. Knowledge is our defense. Our children are their targets.

People often ask me about undergrounds I am familiar with since it is easier for them to understand such evil existing beneath them than proliferating right under their noses. Awareness is key to defunding the NWO by stopping their primary funding mechanism of human trafficking, both above ground and below.

The UNderground at Bohemian Grove was a secret nightclub and meeting place for NWO perpeTraitors.  With security akin to the Pentagon, Bohemian Grove had no need to ‘hide’ their perverse, criminal activity underground. Instead, the capital UN on UNderground was their inside joke, while the dank darkness clearly suited the vibe of shadow government perpeTraitors meeting there.

What better place to plot and plan what Adolph Hitler, George Bush, and Joe Biden term the New World Order? WWII wasn’t won, it was transferred under a cloak of National Security to the US through Project Paperclip. Within the same time frame, the United Nations- UN- was formed and absorbed the globalist slave society agenda to semantically divert its purpose.

Self-Governing UNderworld

The UNderworld at Disney World shared a similar “inside joke” as Bohemian Grove’s UNderground.  The vast network of underground tunnels, offices, and laboratories could trick minds of victims into perceiving it as a whole city designed for MK Ultra mind control ops.  My personal experience with Disney occurred in Florida, as it has for many MK Ultra mind control victims.

Have you ever asked yourself why high profile MK Ultra mind controlled entertainers like Michael Jackson were taken to Disney World when they had a mental meltdown? Disney includes a sophisticated mind control reprogramming epi-center in its UNderworld.

Since mind control is used on and by the US military, it is no coincidence that a military ‘resort’ is located on the Disney compound. https://www.wdwinfo.com/wdwinfo/resorts/sog.htm

Walt Disney notoriously aligned with Project Paperclip Nazi SS import, NASA’s Wernher Von Braun, in the 1950’s. https://disneyandmore.blogspot.com/2010/10/walt-disney-wernher-von-braun-and-space.html

NASA and DARPA are heavily involved in MK Ultra mind control ops. Why would a child’s amusement park align with NASA, and why are UNderground laboratories needed there? Could it be that the Hitler/Himmler mind control research brought over through Project Paperclip targets children for mind control while their brains are still forming to create a compliant society for their New World Order?

I am among many survivors of Disney’s notorious mind control abuses, promotion of pedophilia, and capacity to silence those who speak out against them. Florida Governor DeSantis has done u.s. all a world of good by removing Disney’s self-governance status. The more you know, the more you see Disney’s UNderworld must be brought to light and held accountable for crimes against humanity- especially against our children.

Why was Disney ever granted tax breaks and self governance free of law akin to the Vatican in the first place? What other similarities do Disney and the Vatican share in addition to infamous underground systems, self-sanctioned abuse of children, and ties to a New World Order agenda? The infamous Catholic Child Abuse Scandal proving systematic abuse and cover-up of pedophilia resulted in its leader, Cardinal Law, being promoted to the Vatican.

Truth to Light

Other underground facilities I was exposed to are documented in both TRANCE Formation of America and ACCESS DENIED For Reasons of National Security, including Blacksburg, Virginia, White Sands Missile Base in New Mexico, the Greenbriar in West Virginia, and throughout Wash DC.  While more and more testimony from MK Ultra mind control human trafficking survivors emerges exposing underground bases, keep your eyes open to such atrocities also occurring in the light of day.

Our children are being targeted in the school system by a global education/Common Core teacher’s union agenda that picks up where Hitler’s youth left off.  History has been rewritten, economics confused as horrifically as gender identity, and free thought usurped by New World Orders. With parents labeled terrorists for protecting their children from indoctrination, it is time We the People arm ourselves with truth and UNderstand who the real enemy is.

Human trafficking is among the most lucrative businesses in the world and is the funding mechanism of the New World Order one world government slave society agenda currently being imposed, and our children are their target.  It is up to us to bring this truth out of the swamp, shadows, and UNdergrounds into the light of day so we can all clearly see our way forward… for our children’s sake.

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