Media Consumes You

Jan 6

One day locked up in jail is enough time for our testimony to be turned,” Mark would warn. We walked such a fine legal line as US Government Whistleblowers that we both were acutely aware one mistake could be our downfall.

Mark and I each had cause to know the effects of torture on the human mind. Mark knew from his tenure in the highest levels of Intel mind sciences, and I knew from my MK Ultra mind control experience. Together we knew perpeTraitors we were exposing are hellbent on implementing their New World Order slave society agenda through trauma based mind control.

Torture, fear, and trauma are a powerful basis for mind control. NWO perpeTraitors who tortured me- including Dick Cheney- know that torture is for programming information in, not for extracting it.

When a person is tortured, they will say anything to stop the abuse, including confessing to crimes they did not commit. The more you know the more you see it is a crime in itself to publicly interview any fresh-released prisoner. Time is needed to reclaim free thought, free will, soul expression to stand before the public and state truth free of undue influence.

Knowledge is our defense against mind control, and it is imperative to understand that susceptibility to undue influence naturally heightens with the trauma of being incarcerated.  Add information control to the mix, and suggestibility is manipulated based on the reality that we all formulate our thoughts, opinions, and actions based on what we think we know.

Understand the Why

Understanding mind brain function provides insight into how easily perceptions can be manipulated by controlled media playing judge and jury for propaganda purposes. We all know media is controlled. We need to know why and for what purpose.

Just like the incarcerated person whose information is controlled to potentially manipulate testimony, our information is controlled to manipulate our knowledge base. Understanding components of mind control and NLP- Neuro Linguistic Programming, which is the language of the subconscious- will allow humanity to evolve light years ahead back to free thought.

TV drama, movies and video games depict torture as a means of extracting information in keeping with social engineering the population into ignorance of mind control. With media playing judge and jury by suppressing pertinent facts while repetitiously bombarding minds with NLP, public opinion is formed before legal procedure plays out. Consider that attorneys skilled in NLP then manipulate jurors and viewers, and we quickly see how our justice system has been eroded.

Repetition is a Signal

Know Mark’s wise reminder that “One day locked up in jail is enough time for our testimony to be turned” applies to anyone and everyone incarcerated. Armed with truth on mind control, we can question beyond the media spin and propaganda. Who really is the victim, who is the victimizer, and who are the powerfully affluent abusers pulling strings? Why are court records sealed on a guilty cabal while one takes the fall for all? What happened to “the whole truth and nothing but the truth?”

New World Order perepTraitors have a clear agenda as detailed in TRANCE Formation of America and even more-so in ACCESS DENIED For Reasons of National Security. This global agenda relies on mind control as its weapon of mass destruction because perpeTraitors know humanity will not willingly comply with depopulation and enslavement. Controlled media is their voice while truth is censored and suppressed.

Repetition is a Signal

NWO agenda includes disarming the population so there is no defense against tyranny as protected by the 2nd Amendment of the sacred US Constitution. Mind controlled mass shootings are orchestrated to bombard the population with repetitive gun control commands. Repetition effects the subconscious when viewing trauma. This social engineering tactic was showcased while we sheltered at home watching our livelihoods turn to dust and ash, while anyone defending their lives was depicted as criminal.

Elections rigged for generations through electronic voting machines no longer were sufficient to override the vast numbers of people awake and aware. PerpeTraitors who were counting on Hillary Clinton to usher in their New World Order 2016 panicked and exposed their hand sparking a Great Awakening. Mind control masked as a virus to regain control over global populations was unleashed, creating a form of torture and trauma over humankind causing them to self-incarcerate as mandated. In keeping with rules of incarceration, information was controlled.

Repetition is a Signal

Anyone seeking to hold perpeTraitors accountable for stealing elections were, at best, publicly humiliated, shamed, and threatened by controlled media. Determined to make innocent citizens look like criminals, many patriots were locked up as examples and as a threat to u.s. all.

Remember Mark warned, “One day locked up in jail is enough time for our testimony to be turned.

Be prepared for NWO perpeTraitors’ controlled media voice to manipulate perception as they play judge and jury in an effort to regain control of the minds of the masses. Arm yourself with truth on mind control and NLP, which is our defense against tyranny being imposed.

Free Thought is Sacred

I know from my tortured MK Ultra mind control experience that without free thought there is no free will soul expression. Soul expression driven by the strength of the human spirit is what perpeTraitors fear most.

With soul expression, humanity is empowered to stand against tyranny; to stand against blatant steal of elections; to stand against mind control in the school system; to stand against the New World Order slave society funding and blackmail mechanism of child trafficking; to stand against injustice; and to stand against mass incarceration.   

Free thought is sacred. Stand for freedom while you can still think to do so.

Trance & Access Denied Bundle

Signed by Cathy O’Brien
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