Human Trafficking has Many Faces

Human Trafficking Has Many Faces

PerpeTraitors always have more than one reason for any single action taken, and human trafficking is a prime example of how they operate. 

Sexually abusing a child prior to age 5 creates a dissociative disorder basis of mind control; mind control is being used to usher in their New World Order slave society; sex trafficking children is the most lucrative business in the world and funds the NWO agenda; children are trafficked for blackmail purposes to compromise judges and promote pedophilia; pedophilia perpetuates sexual abuse of children. Sexually abusing a child prior to age 5 also results in heightened sexuality and gender confusion which fuels the sex industry and perpetuates human trafficking.

No wonder human trafficking is prolific and sanctioned by complicit politically affluent perpeTraitors!

Since I was a “Presidential model” CIA MK Ultra mind control slave, I was forced into White House/Pentagon black ops to fulfill sexual perversions, compromise drug lords and politicians, deliver messages to and from government leaders, and transport drugs- often simultaneously.  I was programmed to trigger for anything, anytime, anywhere by anyone who held the keys. Keys to my programming were usually supplied by my owner in MK Ultra mind control Robert C. Byrd.

Look Beyond the Street Corner

I was not trafficked in the ‘sex industry’ like so many others in MK Ultra are.  In place of being trained for street corners, so-called massage parlors, or for pole dancing, I was taught how to play golf and tennis in order to mingle with affluent abusers. “Charm School” in Youngstown, Ohio did not teach me what fork to use since food deprivation was a necessary component of MK Ultra’s strategic formula for robotic control. Instead, Charm School trained me to fulfill sexual kinks and parrot programmed messages on cue. Since standing on a dark street corner was never part of my experience, trafficking I experienced was not as obvious to onlookers when standing at various trigger destinations such as near a parrot display on the streets of St. Thomas.

Add my young child to this image, and most people did not look twice at a mother and daughter among tourists at Caribbean cruise ship ports of call.

Nor did anyone interfere when suits with earpieces escorted my daughter and me from trigger-significant State Fair elephant (R) or donkey (D) rides. Perhaps it is because we robotically walked beside them as programmed, unable to struggle or cry out for help.  

In Wash DC, my daughter and I waited for Secret Service escorts at appointed trigger-significant Smithsonian displays such as Wizard of Oz or birds of paradise. Since Byrd was our owner, he often used bird-theme triggers right down to my daughter’s Sesame Street Big Bird attire.  Anyone overhearing key questions by contacts such as “What did the bird say?” never heard the same trigger significance that we did.

Senator Byrd, my owner in MK Ultra since I was 13 years old, appointed handlers who would assure I was in specific places as ordered. My first appointed handler, Wayne Cox, was to double as a trauma base for CIA Jesuit/occult conditioning in addition to introducing me into CIA black ops including Clinton coke lines and body part distribution.

Wayne Cox was a CIA assassin turned occult serial killer who worked mercenary, drug, slavery, and body part black ops. Roger Clinton, Bill Clinton’s half-brother, was active in Cox’s satanic coven sharing the same gruesome role of using occult blood trauma, ritual abortion, and human sacrifice for distribution of body parts and adrenalized blood.

Since trauma is a basis of robotic MK Ultra mind control, my mind was systematically compartmentalized for programming on various military and NASA installations Cox would take me to as ordered by Byrd. Cox also subjected me to an MK Ultra faction of the Mormon church, where technological advancements solidified religion-theme programming.

Missions took on double meaning in CIA complicit churches, and I worked missions as programmed through Mormons, Catholic Jesuits, and Lords Chapel evangelical churches. The common thread weaving through all complicit churches was occult trauma for strategic control.

MK Ultra programmer Lt. Col. Michael Aquino, founder of the occult Temple of Set proliferating on military bases, did not believe in religion or the ‘power of satan’ per se.  Rather Aquino adhered to the power of strategic, scientific application of religion-themed trauma based mind control methods.

TRANCE Formation of America

TRANCE Formation of America is the documented autobiography of a survivor of government mind control. Cathy O’Brien is the only vocal and recovered survivor of the Central Intelligence Agency’s MK-Ultra Project Monarch mind control operation.

They’re Performing Right in Front of You

Primed, programmed, and ready for my next Byrd appointed MK Ultra mind control handler ventriloquist/stage hypnotist Alex Houston, I traveled under the guise of the country music industry carrying out black ops mission on a White House Pentagon level.

Again, no one looked twice at a young blond mother and daughter traveling with an older country music entertainer. I responded as programmed to all questions from outsiders with “Praise the Lord” as was accepted and often expected despite my obvious heightened sexuality and revealing clothes.

It was as though the socially engineered Tammy Faye Bakker image overrode previous conservative church appearance as intended.  Even the fact that I was used in commercial porn magazines by State Department sex slave provider Larry Flynt did not taint the blurred image I’d been programmed to project.

Had anyone looked into my unblinking wide eyes with dilated pupils, they may have noticed there was no smile reflecting in those black holes of emptiness. If anyone had pulled down my daughter’s face mask she was forced to wear in keeping with MK Ultra mind control, they may have noticed her plastic smile lacked micro muscle movements and did not reach her unblinking black traumatized eyes.

Compartmentalized memory consistent with MK Ultra mind control does not allow for spontaneous response, continuity of thought, logic, reason, conscious comprehension, or any concept of time and therefore no geographical distance.

I drove hundreds of thousands of miles across the US, Canada, and Mexico in Alex Houston’s Holiday Rambler Royale motorhome with its custom-built hollow walls intended to transport cocaine and heroin for CIA drug ops. With borders open to free trade of drugs and slaves anyway, no one looked twice at a family motorhome.

When traveling the country music industry, people would ask where we came from or were going to next, and I would always say, “all towns look alike after awhile”.  People simply did not think to question my shallow, programmed responses designed to dismiss conversation.

Real Eyes to Spot Their Lies

Mind control is an invisible menace until we gain eyes to see, ears to hear, and soul to know truth. Knowledge is our defense against mind control, and it is imperative we learn to recognize its many faces. Human trafficking victims do not just linger on dark street corners any more than pedophiles just hang out in playgrounds.  It is time we expand our perspective in order to effectively stop this horrific blight on humanity.

Cash was never paid for services rendered as human trafficking is often part of a bigger picture exchange. When my daughter made headlines since she ‘won’ the grand Ronald McDonald prize giveaway as arranged, few looked beyond the famous costume to the pedophile inside. Inappropriate sniffs, fondling, and propensity for always being among children are red flags for parents to pay attention before their child pays the ultimate price.  Know the signs.

Recognize that mind control does not allow for spontaneous response, a concept of time or distance, or an ability to hear beyond programming. Mind control program closes off free thought, logic, compassion, creativity, inquiry, or thinking beyond the moment. Faces lack micro muscle movement, and eyes often are open very wide and unblinking with dilated pupils. Mind control spans all genders, age, social status, race, and religion. Mind control has penetrated our school systems, churches, militaries, court rooms, and child protective services.

Arm yourself with truth to recognize and stop the many faces of human trafficking.

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