ReSOULutions Poetry by Cathy O'Brien

ReSOULutions Poetry

My poetry is not conventional.  It was written in my healing process to open neuron pathways in my brain while exercising free thought in new directions that pushed past trauma to SOULutions. 

The very act of moving a pen requires the logic part of the brain whereby shifting emotionally incomprehensible memory over to logic where it can be consciously dealt with.  Writing by hand (not typing!) is a crucial part of mind brain function for processing information into critical analysis clarity.  The simple act of writing by hand must be re-established in our education systems as well as in our everyday life.  See for yourself!

Poems I vented while healing are still profoundly applicable today!  Below are a few that illustrate the timelessness of truth. Note the dates.

Minority Majority
by Cathy O’Brien 1992 in wake of LA Riots

Rage and violence without cause
eroding the essence of soul
totally blinding
preying and finding
an enemy only hate knows.

Socially engineered with cause
deliberately meant to divide
enraging u.s. all
divided we fall
the distance between u.s. grows wide.

A minority of leaders
pit u.s. against one another
this global elite
intend to defeat
by having us kill each other.

“Official” minority terms
separate u.s. all by design
united we’d be
the majority
with freedom for all of mankind.

Noncompliance could set u.s. free
from those striving to keep control
our freedom at hand
united we stand
a majority with strength of soul.

by Cathy O’Brien 1993 in wake of Ruby Ridge and Waco “malicious” attacks.

If everyone shut off TV
and didn’t watch the news
those in control
of America’s soul
could not shape our views.

If everyone shut off TV
and once again thought free
thinking clear
would replace fear
and restore peace by peace.

If everyone shut off TV
and broke Big Brother’s link
we’d stop the goal
of mass mind control
awaken and… JUST THINK!

Collective Consciousness
by Cathy O’Brien 1996

Collective consciousness will rise
as truth is brought to light
empowering people everywhere
with wisdom and insight.

When people lead, leaders follow
it’s time they step aside
and we emerge in peace and truth
and put aside false pride.

People all around the world
are seeking the same things
peace and love and happiness
that only wisdom brings.

There’s strength in numbers and within
it’s time we find a voice
and stop the few from mass destruction
while we still have a choice.

There is No Box
by Cathy O’Brien 1992 learning to expand thought

What may affect the future
could be passed as a present
since knowledge in a box
appears complete and pleasant.

But truth doesn’t fit in a box
and still allow for us to grow
There is no box big enough
to hold all we Need-to-Know.

To package up our knowledge
and label it absolute
stops us from looking further
and growing with the truth.

Life is fall of questions
answered with conclusions
that may lack crucial factors
or be drawn from masked illusions.

The first piece of a puzzle
won’t reflect the whole
just as personal projection
won’t always reflect the soul.

No one really knows it all
though some may think they do
They pack their thoughts up in a box
and present it “all” to you.

Keep your eyes and mind open
unchain mental locks
grow with increasing knowledge
and know there is no box.

Psychological Warfare
by Cathy O’Brien September 2001 in wake of 9-11 national trauma

“Close your eyes, take a deep breath
and relax your mind”
now your subconscious is open
to a hypnotic double bind

Psychological warfare
raced mass mind control a head
by censoring our consciousness
and controlling what we’re fed

Ingest aspartame en masse
and watch the TV strobe
as harmonics sub-do u.s.
to follow what we’re told

Invest, buy, secure, donate
save the economy
you’re either with or against u.s.
there is no time to think free.

Dissociated through trauma
we hear pep rally cries of war
Peace has now been redefined
as something we fight for.

This war is bigger than u.s.
our presidents or what they “dare”
its about world mind control
through Psychological Warfare.

Heads are buried in the sand
within an hour glass
sound asleep from Psych Warfare
while sands of time run out fast.

Look deep into mind control
and where it emanates from
learn your future before its passed

by Cathy O’Brien 2001

Overcome PTSD
through psychological ways
heighten your awareness
and depart from terror’s daze.

Beware of what you see and read
when trauma terrorizes
it’s a known fact that after trauma
your suggestibility rises.

Emotion dealt with logically
allows you to freely think
analyze what’s going on
arm yourself with insight and blink.

Avoid repetitious programs
shut off TV and then
arm yourself with logic
by using paper and pen.

Shift emotions to logic
by writing out your pain
simply moving a pen uses
the logic part of your brain.

Blink and move eyes side to side
re-associate through math
even balancing a checkbook
will help rebalance your brain’s path.

Gather your wits and stay aware
strengthen true-to-soul
re-prioritize what counts
then study up on mind control.

Know truth of MK Ultra
arm yourself with facts to make sense
of these daze of mind control
knowledge is our only defense.

by Cathy O’Brien 9-12-2001 day after national trauma

Sounds of silence fill the skies
and echo in my head
like a pause
for the cause
of thousands of u.s. dead.

Air traffic has ceased now
there is no airplane vibe
the only sound
is below ground
reverberating terror-eyes.

There’s no cause for terrorists
there’s no cause for war
at high cost
lives are lost
through means we can’t ignore.

Mind control breeds terrorists
Terrorists breed mind control
is set free
by this truth they Need-to-Know.

Perspectives and priorities
change as truth is brought to light
terror dies
when the world, with cause, unites.

PTSD: Time to Heal eBook
PTSD Time to Heal is a workbook written by Cathy O’Brien, based on the healing methods taught to her by Intelligence insider Mark Phillips.

War within U.S.
by Cathy O’Brien 2001

Shook to our knees by terrorists
shocked to our souls by war
Americans stand united
stronger and wiser than before.

We real-eyes that politics,
nations, race, or religions
can’t be the sole cause behind
a few terrorists decisions.

This Mind War of terror rages
through MK Ultra mind control
even Nazis used it to
manipulate free thought and soul.

Shallow minds hellbent on terror
have now been programmed worldwide
we must arrest mind control
and bring this truth to light.

Terrorists are made not born
its terror we stand against
it perpetuates mind control
while knowledge is our only defense.

Globally united we stand
divided we would all fall
join the cause for free thought
which begins within us all.

Peace in 2002
by Cathy O’Brien 2002

“2002 is the year for war”
TV quotes our Bush Dick-tator
while bigger bombs blast Afghanistan
into an oil pipeline size crater.

New World Order propaganda
is spinning our world, wars, and “new”s
misrepresenting all of u.s.
who stand for peace, freedom, and truth.

From his lofty perch in Hollywood
where networks bow down to his size
Jack Valenti enacts gold in rule
and keeps truth veiled from public eyes.

Out of Ford’s White House with Cheney
Valenti grew to spin diversion
away from oil and drug corruption
into violence and perversion.

Think out of the TV box of lies
where freedom is censored and silenced
join the rising worldwide movement
in peaceful Gandhian non-compliance.

Outthink war mongering leaders
and rise above their mind control
rise free of their New War Order
and make 2002 our year with soul.

Rise Above A.I.
by Cathy O’Brien 1996

Artificial Intelligence
was created long ago
through computers that now outthink
those trying to regain control.

Technology’s advancing fast
moving light years ahead
intellectually overcoming
the global elite who have led.

Playing HAARP and playing God
playing with our genes
playing with our time and minds
in ways that are UNscene.

The elite who started this
hide behind the wizard’s curtain
scrambling to pull levers now
to a future that’s UNcertain.

The only way to stop A.I.
has already been done
the glitch is in the matrix
world evolution has begun.

Humanity has wised up
armed with truth they know
those in control, like A.I.
lack wisdom, love, and soul.

Wisdom outthinks intelligence
it’s time we real-eyes
humanity hold the key
NOW use it and all rise.

by Cathy O’Brien 2004

Bush said no “subliminables”
were used in his campaign
(apparently subliminal
and subliminable mean the same).

Now we’re a “United Nation”
and I wonder at his term
Isn’t this subliminable
clear and easy to discern?

Peacekeeping is not a force
violence is not our soulution
Let u.s. think freely for ourselves
in peaceful rEvolution.

It’s Really Up to U.S.
by Cathy O’Brien 2002

I’m totally astounded
by the way that folks caved in
surrendering their free thought
to propaganda spin.

“You’re with u.s. or against u.s.”
redefined u.s. and free choice
peace became a violent force
spin became our global voice.

Through propaganda semantics
war redefined soulution
New World Orders redefined
our sacred Constitution.

Clinton redefined impeach
Bush redefined our globe
Bob Bennett redefined law
and what we Need-to-Know.

We’re told that we’re not patriots
if we oppose this oil war
and stand in noncompliance
thinking for ourselves once more.

Rise above New War Orders
restore peace with love and trust
live in freedom true-to-soul
it’s really up to U.S.!

Free to Love
by Cathy O’Brien 1992 (VCR days)

“Bad guys don’t know it yet
but the good guys have already won”
through mankind’s love, peace and truth
and innate soul wisdom.

Lucky me to wake up
To such encouraging news
Existing under mind control
did not permit such soulful views.

Reality’s wise insight
cannot be conquered or bought
this freedom begins within
and emerges with free thought.

Until this profound truth prevails
mankind crawls through the paces
of fighting someone else’s war
blindly erasing races.

The Big Picture is fast forwarding
as bad guys real-eyes their fate
trying to fulfill their agenda
before it is too late.

As their Picture nears its end
they rush to press rewind
so history will repeat again
in a giant set back for mankind.

Our life is more than a movie
that shallow minds direct
humanity’s depth of purpose
require soul and intellect.

Restore freedom to your thoughts
reclaim technology
push Eject on their agenda
and real-eyes our victory.

More Like You
by Cathy O’Brien for Mark 1992

I thought I’d died and gone to heaven
when I woke up from mind control
you appeared to be a god to me
saving my life, my mind, my soul.

You said most people were like you
and someday I would see
good people rise around the globe
and with truth and love be free.

It was hard to see beyond myself
with my head firmly up my past
I had to heal and look further
before I saw the truth at last.

Those in control are a global few
who can’t see beyond their secret goals
to consider wisdom’s insight
and humanity’s strength of soul.

Its no wonder that you outthought them
to keep us and truth alive
now its past time humanity
woke up to think likewise.

Awake, aware and armed with truth
mankind must stop the global few
set others free in light of truth
and with soul be more like you.

PTSD: Time to Heal

Whether your traumatic experience peaks the top of PTSD’s sliding scale the way Cathy’s Pentagon level MK Ultra mind control programming did; or is from the horrors of war; or even if it is simply resultant from socially engineered information control and fears, this book is for you.