Unraveling Epstein Island

When I came running out of the Wash DC swamp of MK Ultra mind control human trafficking in 1988, no one wanted to believe a word I was saying.

Why would anyone want to believe that torturous child sex trafficking ops are sanctioned by the highest levels of government in order to perpetuate this blackmail/funding mechanism of a global elite few hellbent on implementing what Adolph Hitler and George Bush termed the New World Order?

I had witnessed and experienced it all on a White House Pentagon level where I was forced to do the bidding of PerpeTraitors who were systematically taking over our nation behind the ‘seen’ for decades. This Deep State Shadow Government Cabal ensured their positions of power through rigged elections ever since the inception of electronic voting machines.

Yes, this is the same Cabal who stole elections 2020 and are hellbent on destroying our nation and its freedoms. I forewarned of these ‘daze’ we are currently experiencing in my 1995 testimony TRANCE Formation of America, which was censored by the very perepTraitors I was exposing under the guise of so-called National Security.

I am no stranger to censorship and injustice, both of which have sufficed to allow for the proliferation of child sex trafficking and unthinkable crimes against humanity we are experiencing today. If only my testimony had been heard rather than censored, perhaps then mind control masked as a virus could have been stopped before the American Dream was turned into a nightmare.

Time to wake up! Alarms are ringing and awareness is all it takes to wake up from this nightmare and reclaim our freedom. Truth frees us from fear and arms us with facts necessary to defund New World Order tyranny by stopping child trafficking!

Think on that a moment.

Defund the New World Order-Stop Child Sex Trafficking!

When we protect our children from the pedophile agenda of sex trafficking, we defund the New World Order.

When we dare to know the truth that we share this planet with inhumane dark force energies, we real-eyes child trafficking became the most lucrative business in the world while we slept.

Many ‘news’ events over the years piqued my hopes that justice may indeed prevail, for my daughter’s sake and the sake of the vast numbers of victims and survivors of this dark, globalist slave society agenda. Yet by the time controlled media spun events to traumatize the population rather than educate them, I increasingly came to understand that ultimate justice would be positive change through public awareness.

Dare to know truth- it will set us free.

Intel insider Mark Phillips and I dedicated our lives to raising awareness for 30+ years. Together we walked a fine legal line to survive to expose this Cabal while they tightened their stranglehold on truth, justice, and freedom.

Pulling Together

Now I watch survivors of Epstein Island reel in horror at the injustice of censorship and media spin becoming judge and juror of their testimony and I am abSOULutely compelled to encourage them that true justice is found in their healing. Nothing scares perpeTraitors more than a healed survivor who gives voice to truth.

Imagine if all survivors joined voices, each sharing their thread of the tapestry that brings the full picture into clear view. We would see Epstein Island as a single thread in a fabric of lies weaved for decades that, when pulled, will unravel the New World Order slave society agenda being imposed on humanity today.

Let’s pull together and unravel this tightly woven criminal Cabal. Pulling the Epstein thread will reveal roots of human trafficking that extend through my childhood, into vast numbers of other victims, and beyond.

I survived torturous MK Ultra mind control sex trafficking to and by Bill and Hillary Clinton; healed from the unthinkable when Intel Insider Mark Phillips rescued my daughter and me from the Wash DC swamp and handed me keys to freedom that reverberate through other survivors today; exposed the Clintons, their cohorts, and mentors only to have my testimony censored under National Security; experienced the injustice of my daughter being locked up as a political prisoner due to who and what she experienced while being sex trafficked for blackmail purposes; and I will persist in raising awareness until this criminal Cabal is exposed, defunded, and brought to justice by people united against them.

Survivors, let’s pull the Epstein thread and watch the fall of the Cabal.

Knot So Hard to Follow

Epstein’s thread leads straight to Hillary’s mentor Madeleine Albright. Before Madeleine Albright was Secretary of State under Bill Clinton, she was head of the Organization of American States running drugs, slaves, and weapons throughout the Caribbean. I know. I was trafficked by Madeleine Albright, as was my daughter in the Virgin Islands, Haiti, and more. For years.

Pull the Madeleine Albright thread and it tangles into a knot of so-called charities from Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to The Clinton Foundation to World Vision and to Catholic Charities. Tug harder on the Catholic Charities thread and it leads back around to Hillary Clinton who, despite her stance against abortion, succeeded in opening the Mother Teresa Home for Infant Children in 1995 in an affluent section of Washington, DC.


The Mother Teresa thread ties right back around to her benefactor Robert Maxwell. Was Mother Teresa a Saint as the Catholic Vatican Pope claims or is she a figurehead to divert from the torturous reality of church-sanctioned pedophilia and Jesuit/CIA mind control ops that I, like so many others, was sold into?

Keep pulling that thread on Catholic Charities/Orphanages to find it leads straight to Boys Town. Boys Town, one of many “Epstein Islands” sanctioned under National Security, was often frequented by my handler in MK Ultra mind control, CIA operative ventriloquist/stage hypnotist Alex Houston.

The knot of threads around Catholic Charities weaves back to the infamous Catholic Child Abuse scandal. Cardinal Law, identified by generations of abused children as a pedophile MK Ultra mind control perpeTraitor, taught handlers including my father how to strategically manipulate children’s minds using blood trauma occult ritual. Once publicly exposed, Cardinal Law was promoted to the Vatican while a world of affected survivors reeled in horror just as Epstein Island survivors are doing today.

Keep pulling that Albright/Clinton thread and it leads to George Bush, Sr’s orchestration of tainted “vaccines” to spread AIDS in Haiti by CIA Director Bill Casey’s order. Mass Genocide and manipulation of human procreation was openly discussed at Bohemian Grove-another sanctioned “Epstein Island” of its time-by George Bush among many other identified perpeTraitors.

Hold tight to the Bush thread of this New World Order tapestry, and find it weaves through Democrats, Republicans, FBI, CIA, DOJ, so-called Child Protective Services, National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, and every aspect of society that the pedophile blackmail network creeps into.

Research for Yourself

The more you know the more you see that it is time we embrace truth to protect the future of humanity from predators who are not like us, do not like us, who have targeted our children.

Research for yourself. Dare to Care. Look beyond media spin of who is a “victim” to hear the numerous survivors whose voices are suppressed by diversion and censorship.

I’ve exercised my voice ever since I could think to do so. Time continues to validate my claims despite National Security censorship and media control. I’m not afraid to keep speaking out. It is perpeTraitors like Clintons who are afraid of survivors speaking truth.

When we all pull together to expose this criminal Cabal and stop human trafficking, we will unravel their slave society agenda once and for all.

TRANCE Formation of America

TRANCE Formation of America is the documented autobiography of a survivor of government mind control. Cathy O’Brien is the only vocal and recovered survivor of the Central Intelligence Agency’s MK-Ultra Project Monarch mind control operation.