Compound Felony

Compound Felony

Survivors are often viciously accused of complying willingly with rape, torture, and unthinkable trauma by those ignorant of mind control’s components.  As a result, healing from repressed trauma is disrupted, reputations and self esteem are damaged, while jobs and careers are often lost.

This judgement compounds the felony of abuse, especially when asserted in court resulting in the all-too-common UNjustice of children being torn from the parent reporting the abuse.  Worse, the children are then thrust into a notoriously corrupted ‘child protective services’ human trafficking op.

When the parent retaliates by raising awareness, advocating for abused children, or running for local or state office in order to restore Constitutional values of freedom and justice for all, their voices are again silenced through public release of the wrongful court judgement.

I know this for certain. I hear from parents and survivors every day, each with their own individual story and always with the same traumatic results.

My daughter and I endured this compound felony within a criminally corrupt system throughout the 1990s as detailed in ACCESS DENIED For Reasons of National Security.

My daughter and I were sexually assaulted, tortured, programmed, and trafficked through CIA blackmail ops.  When Mark and I turned in video evidence of my child’s sexual assault, we were threatened with incarceration for possessing child pornography!

Today, many people have heard of Epstein Island as one of many meeting places for New World Order perpeTraitors to gather and discuss their slave society plans while fulfilling perversions. These criminals do not trust each other, so blackmail films are held on all of them. Additionally, altered excerpts of these videos or a misleading photo can be strategically released on the victims in yet another form of blackmail.

When the FBI submitted altered outtakes of a film into court under guise of National Security,  the judge ruled I could not have contact with my daughter except through supervised visits.

The FBI’s edited version of filmed evidence was accepted in court while the full version exposing abusers that Mark and I held was considered illegal to submit! This manipulation of our courts by the FBI is all too common and must be exposed and stopped for the sake of the vast numbers of survivors currently emerging who are being similarly mistreated.

FBI’s Clinton cover-up agent extraordinaire Brad Garret testified against my daughter saying there is no such thing as mind control on the same day FBI testimony accused Mark Phillips of being a mind control expert! Both conflicting testimonies were accepted and my daughter remained a political prisoner while our hero who lifted us from the Wash DC human trafficking swamp was denied seeing her.

In the meantime, my daughter’s abusers and handlers had full access to her despite her pleas for protection. “Why am I locked up while my abusers remain free?” she cried.

During the 90s, Clinton friend and pornographer Larry Flynt of Hustler magazine was media hyped as the ‘champion of free speech’ as his reward for sex trafficking programmed women through the CIA and State Department. When I turned in evidence of Flynt’s torturous abuse, I was accused by attorneys of wanting the vaginal mutilation carving he depicted in his magazines at Hillary’s behest.

Our court system, from local to federal, is currently designed to perpetuate the NWO funding mechanism of sex trafficking as overseen by the FBI. Not every judge is complicit until coerced, threatened, or compromised for ‘reasons of National Security.” If Judges were held accountable for their rulings, they might think twice before giving in to UNjustice.

It is not just the courts that are revictimizing survivors. I see it every day on social media where snap judgement reigns supreme. Decades of censorship on mind control and pervasive child sex-trafficking ops has taken its toll on society. We all formulate our thoughts opinions and actions based on what we know, and we need to know our knowledge base has been deliberately altered to muffle voices of survivors of this financially lucrative criminal enterprise.

With understanding comes compassion.  Survivors need time to heal, identify all abusers, and know their own truth. People must stop snap-judging and re-victimizing survivors by accusing them of having wanted their abuse!

Hollywood is notorious for child sex-trafficking, satanic abuse, and MK Ultra mind control. High profile victims in the entertainment industry who publicly emerge pleading for help are often triggered back into their victimization to be reprogrammed. When they re-emerge, an ignorant public snap judges them for shaving their head, stealing petty items, dancing naked, hailing Hitler, or whatever their handlers have programmed them to project.

Expose’s of Hollywood casting couch rapes are notorious, yet victims are still publicly judged as initiating their assault for a role despite having been traumatized, drugged, programmed, raped, and filmed.  If necessary, edited versions of those sex videos can be strategically released to destroy public images or maintain control over victims through blackmail.

If a sexually abused child draws a picture of their abuse or acts out, they are either reprimanded for it or, more recently, told it is natural for kids to act out sexually – both of which condone the abuse and blame the child. Children do not think to draw or act out perversion unless traumatically stimulated by an abuser!

Similarly, if a child draws or acts out satanic ritual abuse, they are either reprimanded or subjected to exorcism – both of which allows the abuser to go free while the victim is once again blamed and shamed.

Survivors of abuse all have their own unique piece of the puzzle to bring to the table.  Together we bring the big picture into view, irrefutably displaying the pervasiveness of trauma based mind control, human trafficking, and the plight of its victims.

When one survivor is revictimized through ignorance or a deliberately corrupted justice system, their piece of the puzzle leaves gaps in the overall picture.  At this point, many pieces of that puzzle have yet to be brought in to the whole, which further perpetuates ignorance while victims’ pleas for justice go unheard.

Coercion and mind manipulation take many forms, and it is time we educate ourselves to the effects of trauma on the human mind and how it compounds with injustice. Rather than snap judge, look through eyes of compassion and think again. Listen to survivors. Listen to the children.

Dare to Care.

ACCESS DENIED For Reasons of National Security

ACCESS DENIED For Reasons Of National Security details our journey of survival to become US Government Whistleblowers, and is a testament to the strength of the human spirit and power of love.