Voice of the People

Voice of the People

America’s history is repeating itself since it is no longer taught in the US education system or acknowledged by controlled media.  We, as a nation, must know where we’ve been to know where we’re going, or we’re going to be enslaved in a tyrannical, globalist New World Order agenda by those who stole elections 2020.

John Trochmann’s 1995 speech before the Senate Subcommittee on Anti-Terrorism is as crucial today as it was then.  It was delivered in the wake of the April 19 Oklahoma City Bombing, which was among other national traumas such as Waco and Ruby Ridge that were imposed by Deep State/Shadow Government perpeTraitors as a means to control the vast numbers of patriots who were rising up against the NWO.

UN Global Police Force was training on our soil, inspiring militias to form in accordance with our US Constitution.  Like today, every step forward by patriots was met with retaliatory national tragedy since trauma is the primary basis of mind control.  Knowledge is our defense against mind control, whether it be information control or total control of the mind.

Controlled Media, which is the voice of this NWO agenda, repetitively labeled all violence as ‘malicious attacks’ to subconsciously condition patriots to blame militias.  Among those militias defending America’s freedom was the Militia of Montana run by John Trochmann. 

As detailed in ACCESS DENIED For Reasons of National Security Chapter 41 Voice of the People, Trochmann spoke for u.s. all in his inspiring speech to Congress on June 15, 1995:

It is saddening that this opportunity to address the Senate has risen out of the Oklahoma tragedy.  We wholeheartedly denounce this deplorable act of violence.  We have and will continue to assist in any manner to apprehend all persons that may have planned and/or carried out that dastardly deed at whatever level they may hide.

At the present time, we view the militia movement as a giant neighborhood watch. The movement is made up of a cross-section of Americans from all walks of life, with one singular mandate which is public and overt: the return of the Constitution of the United States, and to your oath to defend that Constitution.

The Declaration of Independence gives excellent insight as to why people feel they need to group together and participate in militia/patriot organizations.  This document speaks for itself once again as it did over 200 years ago when flagrant injustices continued “out of control” by oppressive public servants.

We request that this document be entered into the permanent record as a partial support document to our statements.

The following are just a few examples as to why Americans are becoming more and more involved in militia/patriot organizations.

The high office of the Presidency has been turned into a position of dictatorial oppression through the abusive use of executive orders and directives thus leaving Congress stripped of its authority.  When the President over-rules Congress by executive order, representative government fails.

When government defines human beings as a biological resource under the United Nations ecosystem management program, maintaining that state and local laws are barriers to the goals of federal government when the average citizen must work for half of each year just to pay their taxes, while billions of our tax dollars are forcibly spent to bail out the banking elite, while our fellow Americans are homeless, starving, and without jobs, Congress wonders why their constituents get upset.

When government allows our military to be ordered and controlled by foreigners, under Presidential order, allowing foreign armies to train on our soil, allowing our military to label caring patriots as the enemy, then turns their tanks loose on US Citizens to murder and destroy or directs a sniper to shoot a mother in the face while holding her infant in her arms, you bet your constituents get upset.

We the people have had about all we can stand of the twisted, slanted, biased media in America who take their signals from a few private covert interest groups bent on destroying what’s left of the American way. We respectfully request that you rely upon your own investigations, steering clear of the media and their rumor-gossip mills of disinformation.  Although most everyone in the movement has assembled around the First Amendment “freedom of speech and the right to peacefully assemble” we have not forgotten what our founding fathers have stated about the Second.  Former President James Madison- “A well-regulated militia, composed of the body of the people, trained to arms, is the best and most natural defense of a free country”; Former Vice President Elbridge Gerry–“I ask what is the purpose of the militia?  To offset the need of large standing armies, the bane of liberty.”

Why would he call the armed forces the bane of liberty?  Why is the Pentagon waging an active campaign to win over the populace?  Why does the military Civil Affairs FM 41-10 seem to be so applicable in America today?  Paraphrasing “Steps necessary for the overthrow of a nation.  May God be with America as he watches over the shoulders of you who write her laws.  A nation can survive its fools and even their ambitions, but it cannot survive treason from within.  America has nothing to fear from patriots maintaining vigilance.  She should, however, fear those that outlaw vigilance.”

Thank you.

ACCESS DENIED For Reasons of National Security

ACCESS DENIED For Reasons Of National Security details our journey of survival to become US Government Whistleblowers, and is a testament to the strength of the human spirit and power of love.