Stop Complying

Stop Complying

WHO do these ‘global reset’ New World Order slave society perpeTraitors think they are? 

Aliens targeting our children with trauma based mind control through pedophilic rape, sex trafficking, and genetic alteration? 

Demons hellbent on terrorizing and controlling the minds of our children through mass shootings, gender confusion, and satanic suppression of the human spirit? 

People maskerading as shape shifting aliens and demons to create a sense of helplessness, hopelessness, and fearful compliance with their global dominance ‘reset’?

By any other name, these people are not like us and do not like us. I know from being forced deep into the Wash DC swamp under their MK Ultra mind control that they are mere people hiding behind their media wizard’s curtain pulling levers to create illusions.  Appearing much larger than the small handful of criminals they really are, trauma is being used to sell the illusion that this UN-elected cabal has the power to control our minds and lives.

In fact, these low vibration dark energy force perpeTraitors only have as much power and control as we give them.  Think about it. 

Stop Complying

People are always asking “what can I do” and the answer is simple: Stop Complying.

Stop feeding the dark cabal’s craving for negative energies of fear and hate.  Lift your head, outstretch your arms, breathe in the air, and you will real-eyes they are beneath you and have no power when you stop feeding them negative energy.

PerpeTraitors fear the strength of the human spirit and power of love.  Love is the light that shines in their darkness and exposes every secret they don’t want you to know.  Exposed in light of truth, the cabal is panicking to generate more fear, hatred, and dark energy force to maintain their illusion.  Keep your love light on, shine your strength of spirit and brilliant mind, and stop complying with their dark plans! Darkness cannot creep in on light.

It’s where we win. Where they lose. Game over.

The cabal hiding behind the wizard’s curtain has yet to realize the veil has been lifted and we clearly see them and their dark agenda!

Awareness is the first step toward positive, necessary change. 

And the first necessary change must be to protect our children.

The pedophile agenda is a trauma based mind control agenda.  Regardless of whatever spin controlled media promotes, sexual abuse of a child prior to age five while their brain is still forming renders them compliant and easily led as is desired for the New World Order slave society.  

Our children are also being targeted and indoctrinated through trauma base mind control in our school systems, media control focused on violence while censoring truth, and fears we impose on them when we comply with dark forces.

Stop masking your fears with compliance and take a stand.  As the old saying goes, if you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything.

PTSD: Time to Heal eBook
PTSD Time to Heal is a workbook written by Cathy O’Brien, based on the healing methods taught to her by Intelligence insider Mark Phillips.

Conciously Protect Your Subconsious

When our conscious mind is frozen in fear, our subconscious is wide open to being led by UN-elected perpeTraitors skilled in mind manipulation.  They know our subconscious has no filter when our conscious mind is distracted.  Our subconscious has no ability to question, reason, critically analyze, or logically comprehend. We must arm ourselves with truth in order to rise above imposed fear and divisive distraction to protect our subconscious from a very deliberate mind control agenda.

I know from experience that truth makes us free.  Methods I used for reclaiming free thought, free will, strength of spirit after 30 torturous years of CIA MK Ultra mind control are easy to self apply and are available to all in PTSD: Time to Heal.  Intelligence insider Mark Phillips was working the highest levels of mind sciences when he discovered pertinent information on mind brain function was being suppressed from mental health, education, and society for the purposes of ushering in a New World Order slave society agenda.  He was outraged. Mark took calculated action and brought this truth to light against all odds by empowering me to reclaim my free thought, free will, and strength of spirit as revealed in PTSD: Time to Heal!

This dark energy force cabal cannot possess nor control the human spirit. They can only hinder our expression of it when we cave into their fear mongering and give them control over our minds and lives. Without free thought there is no capacity to think of our own SOULutions and this is why pertinent information on healing from trauma was being censored

These easy to self-apply methods Mark taught me are secured on my website in PTSD: Time to Heal eBook with a pay what you can IF you can option so everyone can have it now regardless of income.  Financial control is another component of mind control, and it is imperative that we arm ourselves with truth that makes us free in order to stop the ‘global reset’ New World Order slave society agenda.

Implement SOULutions

The very act of moving a pen activates the logic part our brain where imposed subconscious manipulation is brought to light, critically analyzed, and consciously understood.  When we first see the reality of what in the world this dark, global agenda is all about, it appears insane.  It is insane, so why is anyone still complying?

As you write out your fears, trauma, and deprogram the program first, always add a SOULution.  This simple mind trick will open neuron pathways in the brain and lift you from immobilizing negativity and empower free thought.

If your fear is environMental, for example, write it out.  Who told you to be fearful? Write a SOULution such as taking personal responsibility to keep mother nature free of fear pollution. Take a long walk in the woods, leave your cell phones and noise devices at home so you can listen to the sounds of nature.  Nature nurtures.  Breathe in the air to get sufficient oxygen to your brain for critical analysis free thought. Hug a tree!  Hug your dog!  Hug your children!  Embrace life’s true to soul purpose by freely living the love you are.  Celebrate the joy of rising above imposed darkness to clearly see we are by far the majority, truth prevails, and love allways wins!

It is from this place of love where SOULutions are effectively implemented.

Evolve with the knowledge that is our defense against mind control, protect our children, and vigilantly protect free thought going forward. We are alive during this pivotal evolutionary time for a reason. We are the light at the end of the tunnel.  Embrace life in its innate glory, celebrate freedom, and Stop Complying!

PTSD: Time to Heal

Whether your traumatic experience peaks the top of PTSD’s sliding scale the way Cathy’s Pentagon level MK Ultra mind control programming did; or is from the horrors of war; or even if it is simply resultant from socially engineered information control and fears, this book is for you.